Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer, Green

Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer, Green

Do you feel overwhelmed by baby clutter? The Delta – 24-Piece Nursery Closet Organizer is the perfect way to jumpstart your little one’s closet. This all-in-one starter kit includes everything you need to organize all your baby’s clothes, accessories and more. The stylish design gives your baby’s closet a chic look while keeping things organized and within reach. This versatile baby closet organizer includes 15 hangers, 6 closet dividers, hanging storage organizer, and 2 medium-sized storage bins. The slim, notched, velvety firm grip hangers help keep tiny clothes in place, while maximizing rod space. This reconfigurable baby clothes organizer allows you to reorganize baby items according to the changing needs of your growing baby. The storage bins can be used for toys and other accessories. The easy to access hanging storage organizer provides a location to keep often accessed baby items like bath time and changing supplies.

Main features

  • 100% polypropylene; 80% polypropylene; 10% cardboard; 10% metal
  • Imported
  • The slim design of this hanger takes up half the space in your closet than most hangers on the market and is made of high quality velvet with notched edges so clothes stay put
  • Great organization tool for separating newborn clothing by month or size or however you want
  • Nursery organizer comes with 3 easy hooks that will fit most closet rods
  • These bins fit perfectly in the drawer compartment of the hanging storage organizer
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Great buy

I ordered this to obviously get the nursery closet a little more organized. While we are not cramped for closet space, like some of the other reviews, it definitely has helped to get things in order. A few things:- it is fairly sturdy, but is definitely not made to hold or store anything heavier than clothes or blankets; I can see the whole apparatus warping, bending, or sagging if you try to store, say, a box of diapers- the green is more of a bright green, not a sage green (how it looked on my computer screen when I ordered it); it’s not a terrible color, but it is not as muted as you may think- the velvet hangers are fantastic! Wish I had more! Keep in mind that 3 of the 15 hangers you get will be needed to hang the organizer itself- the one drawback is that, because of where I have to hang it, there is a significant amount of space between the wall and the organizer, so it ends up swinging if I bump it too much, but that’s more of how my closet is built than a flaw of the organizer; I will most likely have to find a way to anchor it, which is fineYou definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this thing. Highly, highly recommend to anyone looking to utilize a smaller nursery closet or free up space in a bigger closet.

Dena Walshville, IL

I like it!

It helped me a lot to organize her closet. I got extra parts from the burlington factory (same brand – cheaper). the hangers are nice and sturdy.

Kara Vanderbilt, MI


I messed up with my cupboard length (make sure you measure before you purchase) but that was my fault so not blaming the product. It was sturdy and looked cute, quality was good for the price. Recommended!

Ursula Brantley, AL

Nice nursery organizer

For the price you pay this closet organizer is pretty nice. I like how it just hangs up, and the cardboard inserts that go in the shelves actually come out, as do the hangers at the top, so you can chuck the material bit in the washer if you need to. Since baby things will inevitably get messy this was a bonus!The drawers are also collapsible, so if you do not want to use them they fold up pretty flat. I also bought a 2 pack of organizing bins from delta that match this, and they fit right on the shelves. All in all I am pretty happy with it, great for a small nursery where you need to squeeze space in wherever you can!

Elnora Austin, NV

Exactly as shown

A bit flimsy but it does the job. Great price, works in our smaller closet. We have gotten lots of compliments on it although shleves cannot take much weight

Marie Itasca, TX

Excellent Product – Awesome Price

I first purchased the Babies R Us version (which is similar, but not identical) of this unit two years ago when my daughter was born. Baby #2 is on the way and is inheriting Baby#1’s room (and closet organizers) so we purchased this one. I first saw the cream-colored version in Target in another state, but didn’t buy it and couldn’t find it locally. So far, it’s fantastic and totally worth the price (I actually think it’s better quality than the ones sold by BB R Us). The canvas shelves are sturdy and I love the convenience of two extra drawers for socks and miscellaneous things that have no other home. The hangers are also REALLY nice. Definitely worth the price.

Julia Shelbiana, KY

Really cool!!

We have 2 of these. They give lots of storage options and maintain good order on the closet. They seem to be well built but i definetely wont put a bowling ball there!!

Elsie Opdyke, IL

this worked great

I love this set. I got it for my sons nursery this is perfect set. Ilove how easy this is to hang and put together a must have.

Angel Lupton City, TN

Very cute and very useful

We just opened this and set it up in the closet that will be the baby’s. It made me so very excited! I am very happy that I got so many things before I knew the sex of the baby, that way I can use it later or lend it to friends no matter the gender. The organizer is the perfect size for our closet, which came with some built-in shelves and only left some much room for long things on one side. It is very roomie, and with the different shelves and two drawers it is perfect to have folded items and small items like socks. The hangers are just big enough and very good with the bit of velvet. The separators, I dont think are that important, but it is true that all organizers have them, so, I put them up there (and then had a hard time thinking "so, if this jacket is for 6 months do i put it between the 3-6 or the 6-9 months separator?? but I guess one will just use it as a guide of how the items go gradually growing with your child and you will navigate through them as needed). Overall very happy that I got it!

Margot Bates, AR

Nice closet set!

This is a great set for our little girls closet. The only thing I didn’t like was that you have to use 3 of the hangers to hang the organizer. It would have been nice to use those 3 hangers for her clothing.

Zelda Little Meadows, PA

A great help

We live in a 100 year old home with teeny tiny closets, this is a huge help to maximizing our space!

Adela Ridge Spring, SC

Perfect for nursery

We live in an apartment & since we knew we wouldn’t extend the lease, we went pretty lean on furniture. So having a chest of drawers, this closet organizer really did the job of holding and organizing all my babies clothes. Been 8 months or so of us loading this thing pretty good and it’s still holding up really well. Especially like the 2 full size drawers and the baby size velvet hangers.

Enid Summit Station, PA

Very pleased!

This closet organizer worked perfectly for me. I needed it to take a very small, ineffective closet in the baby’s room and make it functional, along with creating useable space. I got the bonus of it looking good in the closet too! I was a little skeptical of the pink color – if it would be too much but it really helps to boost the look of the closet space with some color so I’m glad I didn’t choose to get the beige one. The organizer is very sturdy, the drawers are easy to maneuver off the shelves, the pockets on the side are perfect for socks and shoes, the hangers hold little outfits in place very well, and I really like the dividers! The set comes with stickers to put on the dividers so you can quickly and easily divide baby’s clothing by months (0-3, 3-6, and so on) with very little effort. I was also concerned with how much the organizer would be able to hold on those soft shelf areas where the drawers wouldn’t be…I can say it holds quite a bit! I used that space for onesies and swaddling apparel and it is holding quite a bit of weight and it’s easy to see where everything is. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing to make more use of a nursery closet – it will do the job!

Lacy Orange Grove, TX

Not for every closet

I love the hanging organizer and the cloth baskets. They work great and keep all my baby’s clothes organized and easy to find. We have a thick wooden hanging bar in our closet though…and the hangers didn’t fit on our bar! I had to order a different style that fit better. The separaters didn’t fit either because of the large bar, and I was bummed about that. But otherwise it’s a good set. Our bar is probably about 1.5″ in diameter.

Jesse Lando, SC