Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set, Blue

Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set, Blue

Kick closet clutter to the curb with this 48-Piece Nursery Storage Set from Delta Children! Featuring everything you need to bring order to your baby’s space, this set boasts 30 velvet hangers, 12 closest dividers, three small bins, two large bins with lids, plus a six-shelf hanging organizer. Each item is designed specifically for kid-sized stuff with a durable construction that can handle heavy use.

Main features

  • 100% polypropylene; 80% polypropylene; 10% cardboard; 10% metal
  • Imported
  • 30 slim design, flocked velvet hangers; 12 closest dividers that allow you to divide clothes by size or color
  • Three small printed bins; Two large printed bins with lids
  • One six-shelf hanging organizer; All materials are BPA free; Spot clean bins & hanging organizer with mild soap and water; Dimensions: Hanging organizer: 6″L x 10″D x 39.5″H; Three storage bins: 6″L x 10″D x 6.5″H; Two storage bins w/ lids: 10″L x 10″D x 10″ H
  • 3 small storage bins for holding small items
  • 2 large storage bins for storing larger items
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews



Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can to avoid VELVET HANGERS! They are the worst thing EVER invented. It’s so hard to get clothing on and off those hangers. With baby hangers, and clothing being small and hard to manage to begin with… It’s just TOO much HASSLE! With babies you want everything around you to be easy, because babies are very difficult. I would recommend finding a different set without velvet hangers, or perhaps purchasing individually.

Jenna East Wilton, ME

Good deal for the price

Everything was very nice and well put together, the picture makes it look like it comes with alot more than it really does but it looks great in the nursery and helps keep everything organized!

Cecile Anton, CO

Great set

Our closet is much more orderly with this organizer. Nice quality and color. Plenty of hangers too. Glad we bought this,

Meghan Roosevelt, OK

the color

I ask for pink, it came on blue, is a bit small and the boxes does not make sense the way they place the open strip. I am using it but I wouldn’t buy it again. Rather buy on babies r us something else

Gabrielle Prospect Heights, IL

Will do

The colors don’t exactly match, more green than blue. The hanging baskets could have been a little bigger, but happy with overall

Margery Walton, KY

Worth it for the hangers

I purchased this item mostly because of the hangers. When you factor the cost of other baby hangers like these you realize these are the better deal. The hangers alone are worth the price – especially if you can buy them through amazon warehouse deals , which is what I did. The baskets and hanging shelves are cardboard covered by very cheap fabric but they are usable and are cute. The clothes tag dividers are great and given the warehouse price an added bonus. Basically if you need hangers for your baby clothes and if you can find this item in the color you want as a warehouse deal – BUY IT.

Jami Idleyld Park, OR

Nice set

This is a good, very affordable, storage set. The boxes are easy to fold out. My only dislike is that the hangers are velvety, which makes it difficult to take the baby clothes off (as opposed to a plastic hanger). However, I’m sure some people like that better since the clothes have less of a chance of sliding off and falling.

Tamara Stites, ID