Delta Children 2 Count Nursery Organizer Bin Set, Beige

Delta Children 2 Count Nursery Organizer Bin Set, Beige

Nursery Organizer Bins can turn out to be a great addition to your home as they let you keep your nursery more organized. The two child storage bins come with compartment dividers that allow you to store your baby essentials, including diapers, lotions, and towels in a neat way. These home storage organizers are compact enough to fit under the changing table, making a space-saving storage solution. Changing your baby will be a breeze with these storage bins. Available in beige, these changing table storage bins are sure to match your nursery decor.

Main features

  • 100% polypropylene; 80% polypropylene; 20% cardboard
  • Imported
  • Includes: 2 bins and compartment dividers Compartment dividers make bins perfect for organizing diapers, lotions, burp clothes and other baby needs
  • Both sizes are perfect under changing tables or near changing areas
  • Fresh color will look great in any nursery
  • Small bin dimensions: 10″ x 6″ x 7″
  • Large bin dimensions: 16″ x 6″ x 7″
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Good nursery organizer

This is a very useful organizer set. We use the large one on our changing table, and we can place between 3 and 4 stuffed cloth diapers in each compartment. We also place our rolled up cloth wipes in the middle compartment, and these easily hold 15 or so folded up wipes. So I’ve found these to be a great size for our needs, and useful for theThe one element keeping it from being a 5 star product is the way the interior liner fits. The liner is what has the dividers in it, and it fits inside the outer bin and stays in place by folding the top edge of the liner down around the outer bin. This system could be improved by putting some elastic in the liner, so that it stays in place better. When you are pulling diapers or wipes out, or putting them in, the liner can easily move out of place, folding down into the bin and causing the dividers to collapse inward a little. It is a minor nuisance, but something that could be easily fixed.

Gay Confluence, PA

Ok organizer

Got these today, and they are alright, they are not quite as nice as they look in the picture.They are little material and cardboard bins that fold out, and they have pink material inserts with cardboard separators that go in the bins to create the sections.Could just be mine but my inserts do not really fit properly, but in the end the job gets done. I suppose having the removable inserts is nice if anything spills in there.They are alright but keep in mind you get what you pay for and they are only $9. I will use them, but am keeping my eye out for something a bit sturdier.

Elma Hershey, NE

Nice bins- great for organizing!

I used the larger one (without an insert/divider) for pajamas and the other for lotions and diaper rash remedies. These are great little organizers and they look cute, too. Very happy with the purchase.

Elaine Elida, NM


I love these. perfect size to get all my babies little socks and little hand mittens and little hats in. The smaller one, I use it for all my breastpads and breastfeeding bras.

Tracie Hokah, MN

Fits perfect, easy to stuff full of diapers

I use these bins to store diapers under my daughter and son’s changing tables, and they work very well. I didn’t notice on the description, but the separators in the bin are removable, so you can have sections or just one big bin to put all your things into. This is a nice feature.

Brandy Como, TN

Cheap and ugly

Cheaply made and unattractive. Not quality I was expecting nor does it really resemble the picture. Save your money for other storage options.

Erika Deweyville, UT


This is a great product for the price, they are bigger than i expected and holds a lot of items.

Debora Pearson, GA

Cute Accessory

These are so cute and they match the color scheme for our daughter’s room. I have no complaints…glad I purchased it.

Lois Hubertus, WI