Delta Children Portable Mini Crib, Cherry

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib, Cherry

This Delta 3 in 1 foldable portable crib offers the ultimate in style, safety, functionality and convenience. A smaller item altogether (uses about 35% less space than a full size crib), it’s perfect for smaller spaces such as apartments, second homes or a night at the Grandparents. The crib features a 1 ” waterproof mattress and adjustable 2 position mattress support that allows the crib to be used as a bassinet, changer and/or play pen. Hooded caster wheels allow it to be moved easily from one room to another and because it’s compact it fits easily through any doorway. When not in use the crib folds up to a mere 6 “es wide in minutes and can be stored away easily in a closet or under a bed. It’s lightweight, very sturdy and built of solid hardwoods featuring a gorgeous (non toxic) finish. This crib meets or exceeds all JPMA and ASTM safety standards and contains no lead. Minimal assembly required.

Main features

  • Lightweight multi purpose crib; Folds flat for easy travel and storage; Stylish, compact and versatile in design
  • Stationary front and back rail; 4 Casters; Strong and sturdy wood construction
  • 2 Position mattress height adjustment; Use only the mattress supplied by Deltas Childrens Products;
  • JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM; Assembled Dimensions: 39″(W) x 25″(D) x 3725″(H)
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Why didn’t we register for this instead of a cheap bassinett?

Shortly after the birth of our second son, our cheap bassinet was recalled. At the same time, our son was ready to progress to a crib, but wasn’t quite ready to share a room with his older brother. We wanted to continue to keep our baby in our room until he could sleep through the night, but needed an item with a small foot print.This crib is compact, assembles, collapses and sets up easily (I, a 5’3″ woman assembled it and then carried it up three floors by myself).The crib bottom can be set at two heights, has a drop-side, collapses in half, and holds up to 45lbs. One thing to note, the crib does not have locking wheels and our 23 month old can easily pull his 7 month old brother around the room with ease.We’re presently working on solution to this issue. Most likely we will remove wheels & cover leg ends with felt.The crib is classical in styling and is sturdily built. We love this crib and kick ourselves for not registering for this instead of the bassinet.Oh forgot to mention that when the crib is in its highest setting (bassinet), with the drop-side down, the crib can also be used as a changing table.

Roxanne Willard, KY

Great one year crib

Perfect size for grandma’s house. Easy to put together. Nice wheels and size to wheel around the house. Smooth ride.

Constance Virden, IL

Great product but the mattress and mattress support could be better

The crib is adorable but I have two concerns. First, the mattress is very thin (1″) and doesn’t seem to have much support. Unfortunately, the product only supports a 2″ mattress so the LA Baby Portable Crib 2″ mattress is the only one we could purchase to fit the crib. (The LA Baby mattress fits perfectly but we wish it were firmer.)Second, and more importantly, the board that supports the mattress seems weak. Two plastic pieces prevent the board from folding down. The board itself appears like it could break but we ultimately decided it would be strong enough for our son.Delta – two improvements please! Support a thicker mattress and improve the mattress support board and hardware.

Bettye Waldoboro, ME

Compact and Portable

I needed a compact and portable crib now since my little one outgrew her bassinet. It’s compact and seems durable. This only thing I would change is the mattress– it’s a thin– but the baby sleeps on it with out fussing so I guess it does the job. Overall, I really like this crib.

Wendi Torreon, NM

Good crib!

It’s small and compact to fit in our tiny apartment. Some of the pieces look like they don’t quite match up visually. So, even though it’s sturdy, those pieces make it look a little cheap. Would recommend this crib though!

Leeann Dyer, IN

Practical bed + Value for money

Nice looking, good material and is surprisingly well made for its value. My 10 month old weighs about 10kg and is around 75cm long – there remains plenty of room for her. Since this crib is portable, I also use it as a play pan and push it to the kitchen/living area while I am doing house chores. This crib can be assembled by one person but I would highly recommend two people in order to do the job quicker.

Dixie Jonesboro, LA

Perfect for grandparents who need crib for visiting baby

As others here have noted, this is NOT a crib you want to close and open daily. For our needs, however, it is perfect. When visitors arrive for a week or so with a baby, we can leave the crib open the whole time, converting a spare room into a safe and baby-proofed room. We’re at an age where our kids are marrying and having babies.This is great to have on hand if you have limited space and don’t want the bother of a large crib to store. If you have any back problems or shouldn’t move heavy items, the light weight will be a benefit as well.We did find it a bit tricky to put together but we aren’t the best DIYers. It didn’t take long to figure out once we got our brains in gear and all necessary screws and bolts, even a wrench, are included.Once completed, it has been a breeze to store and use as needed. For extra ease, we do keep it covered and relatively dust-free in between visits from friends or family so that we only need to wipe it down with an environmentally safe cleanser before using it again. Of course, we also clean it regularly while the baby is visiting and before storing it again. Just common sense hygiene, nothing extreme.For the parents’ peace of mind – and ours- we also have thePhilips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitorwhich can be easily viewed from any room, helping to keep an eye on baby. I highly recommend this if you want to keep track of a sleeping baby and relax in a room that isn’t right next to the baby’s room but also hear the slightest peep or just do a visual check on the baby. This really helps calm first- time parents’ nerves…and ours.With the crib and the monitor, you have the basics for converting an office or tiny den into a temporary nursery. Of course, you’ll want a waterproofed mattress cover but after paying a bargain price for the portable crib, that is no big deal.

Vivian Gotebo, OK


I got this to have a crib at my mom’s house when we were visiting. Its not bad. I like that it can be folded up and stored when you’re not using it. But it is not sturdy enough for larger babies. By the time my son was 9 months, we had to get rid of it because he could almost knock it over and could easily escape from it. Its okay for younger babies, but once they can stand, you will need something bigger.

Vilma Canalou, MO

Ok for occasional use, I would not use it daily as your only crib

I live in a Manhattan apartment that is small on space. I liked the idea of a mini crib that I could wheel around my apartment that also could fold flat. I have had this crib since 2009 and both of my kids have used it occasionally. When I received it, I immediately thought it wasn’t sturdy enough for everyday use past the age of where a baby can pull themselves up.The Pros:- It is easy to wheel it around. It does fit through doorways.-You can fold it flat if needed,- It is lightweight and easy to pick up, if neededThe cons-The mattress is thin. If you use this crib daily you will probably want to invest in a thicker mattress. However, my kids did sleep alright in it when I had them in there.- The way the board holding the mattress latches down onto the crib made me worried that if my child were to jump up and down in it, they could possibly break it and fall through the crib. The crib just doesn’t seem that sturdy once a baby gets to the stage where they are grabbing the crib bars and jumping up and down.-I didn’t use a bumper because they arent recommended by safety standards and I would find my baby sleeping or crying with both legs sticking out of the crib, with the crib bar between their crotch and their head sometimes wedged into the side of the crib. This happened enough to where I was worried about the baby getting hurt so I relented and bought a breathable bumper to keep their legs in the crib.Soon after buying this crib, I bought a smaller regular crib – a stokke, with wheels and adjustable sizing, and I was very happy with that. In fact, my two year old is still sleeping in her stokke crib. I moved this Delta mini crib to my inlaw’s house and used it for naps when we infrequently visited so it did not get heavy use. It worked great for that purpose. But I would worry about it holding up for daily use. Especially, when your baby gets to the active stage around 10 months. Instead, I would recommend getting a pack and play for travel use and getting a sturdier regular crib for daily use.

Ashley Grundy Center, IA

Great space saver

My daughter is now 19 months, we got this crib when she was too big for her bassinet around 6 months. She loves it and it takes up little room in our apartment. I would 100% recommend that you buy a new mattress for it though, the pad it comes with is too thin.

Deena Selmer, TN

Terrific for small apartment

High quality and attactive, this is the perfect crib for our 6mo old now that he outgrew his bassinet. The key features are:- attractive wood- sturdy- narrow enough to fit through doorways- easy to move from room to room (key for us, since baby doesn’t have his own room)- nice mechanism for the 2 heights- attractive cherry color (I had to order from Walmart, since Amazon only had natural color)Based on other reviews, I bought a thicker mattress (only 2″ allowable), and I also recommend getting a bumper, eg:Breathablebaby Breathable Bumper for Portable and Cradle Cribs, Bluesince the baby seems more comfortable with a visible barrier, and so his hands don’t get stuck in the slats.For a small apartment this is MUCH better than a full size crib.

Iris Clarion, IA

Nice product, not great.

I had a heck of a time assembling this crib, and I was following directions. It probably took me 1.5-2 hours, and at the end my husband had to come rescue me before I threw it out the window. The instructions are glued to the mattress board – which makes it difficult to see and assemble at the same time. Once put together it seemed very sturdy, wheels around easily – but take note that there are no wheel locks. So if you’re on a wooden floor with a slant, BE CAREFUL or baby will take off in the crib!I did purchase the 2.5″ mattress pad available on after reading reviews, and am I glad I did! When I saw the 1″ mattress included with the crib I couldn’t imagine trying to get a child to fall asleep on it! Especially if it’s their “full time crib”…which it is for our child!I am pleased with the crib, especially for the price. But must admit, if I could’ve afforded a higher quality, larger, stationary crib, I would’ve bought that instead of this. But so far, no serious issues have arrived with this product.

Ivy Silver Star, MT