Delta Children’s Products Vintage Chic Jenny Lind Changing Table in Oak

Delta Children’s Products Vintage Chic Jenny Lind Changing Table in Oak

Looking like a fine piece of furniture, this honey oak dressing table will enhance the beauty of the nursery and provide a safe, convenient place for all of a baby’s changing needs. Featuring turned spindle styling, this changing table has two shelves underneath for easy storage, a vinyl padded top, and a comfortable safety strap. Easy-to-clean surfaces wipe down with a damp cloth. Made of safe, nontoxic oak, it coordinates beautifully with any room’s déor, and perfectly matches the other Jenny Lind honey oak nursery furniture items.

Main features

  • Jenny Lind changing table with wood construction and oak finish
  • Two open shelves for easy access
  • Turn-spindle rails and safety belt for secure operation
  • Mattress pad for baby’s comfort
  • Stands 41″ H x 36″ L x 19.5″ D in dimension
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Splurge for a better table!

I bought this for my 6 week old daughter because the price was nice and the table was attractive. I tried to put it together and I could not figure it out! It does not seem very sturdy at all and I would be worried putting her on it. I am returning it back to the store. My sister has the same table and her’s is fine. Maybe I just picked up a bad one.

Terrie Three Oaks, MI

Okay for little babies……..

I bought this for my son. I thought it was a good product for a fair price. He has been using it for the past 8 months with no problems. But just yesterday I saw a sticker on the side of the strap that said the table had a 20 lb weight limit! I was surprised. My son almost weighs that and I don’t want to buy another table now. Next time I will buy a more substantial one for more money that can be used longer.

Letitia Powell, TN

I love this changing table

I love this changing table. This changing table has lots of space for keeping babies things handy. You can put everything you need like diapers, rash ointment, powder, wipes tee shirts ,burp cloths on one of the shelves and still have room for a few toys. It has ample room to change and dress the baby without any problems. You may want to get a thicker changing pad though. I have never had a problem with this and I used it for two kids.

Sheena Amargosa Valley, NV


My husband and I bought this changing table in the “cherrywood”. It wasn’t hard to put together–my husband put it together in a 1/2 hr or so. It provides ample space for diapers, burp clothes, blankets, and other items you may need on it. The table comes with a simple foam mattress, which is easily wiped off with a cloth. We’ve been using it everyday for nearly 16 months, and still good as new. No problems encountered at all.

Juliette East Nassau, NY

A great changing table for the price

I bought this changing table with the matching Delta Jenny Lind crib from another store (shop around for the best price). When they arrived, my husband and I set up the changing table first. It was very easy for us to set up (although I think it would be quite difficult for just one person to do). I did feel like the wood was going to crack at times, as in some places it must be strained to fit together while you tighten the screws, but it held up in the end, and is actually much sturdier than it looks like it is going to be when you take it out of the box. Are there nicer, sturdier products out there? Absolutely, but you’re going to pay for the difference. Overall, we are very pleased with the value of the product for the price.However, as a side note, the oak crib did not match its “matching” changing table. The changing table is a nice reddish oak, while the crib was very blonde. We took the items back to exchange for a matching set, only to receive another unmatched set. Please be aware of the color differences if you are considering purchasing the set.

Millie Fisherville, KY

good value

This is a good solid dressing table. We received it because my in-laws found it at a consignment shop, so I can’t comment about other reviewers’ concerns regarding assembly. The table serves the purpose and is a good value for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dressing table. We didn’t feel that we needed a fancy dressing table and instead opted to purchase a more expensive crib, which is really the focal point of the nursery. The dressing table has two shelves that are quite convenient for holding supplies. I placed baskets on those shelves to hold diapers, etc.

Bridgette Avoca, IA