“Deluxe” Baby Inkless Footprint Kit with White Papers

“Deluxe” Baby Inkless Footprint Kit with White Papers

This “deluxe” baby footprint kit provides everything you need to capture and display the sweet simplicity of your little one’s foot or hand print. The enclosed archival quality imprint paper is treated to capture every fine detail of your baby’s imprints with our mess-free, Baby-Safe disposable inkless wipe and special coated cards Package Includes: * 6 Archival quality keepsake special coated color papers, paper size: 8″ x 8″, blank * 3 Mess-free Baby-Safe Disposable Inkless Wipe * Easy to follow instructions to make print taking easy Suitable for home and nursery décor, child record book

Main features

  • Make a memory, not a mess! Our Baby-Safe Disposable Inkless wipes coats your baby’s foot on our specially treated paper.
  • Dactek’s Inkless kits produce solid black detail prints.
  • No Black Ink on skin.
  • Simply use a baby wipe or wash with soap and water
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


Okay but dried to be smaller than tin

It’s great but even though we cut it in the size of the tin when moist it dried to be smaller so sits loosely in the tin for display. Also, it was challenging to get the baby to put his fingers into the clay. We struggled quite a bit.

Sierra Marshall, MN

nothing “deluxe” about it

I bought this as I was planning to have a home birth and realized the initial footprint isn’t taken like it is in hospital, and I really wanted that first footprint. I liked that it was inkless and came with paper, but to call it deluxe is a complete overstatement. The paper was nothing more than thick printing paper and the inkless wipes left more than just a footprint on the paper – like inkless blots. I followed the instructions and the result was a messy, ink-like footprint on paper. The only saving grace was there were no inky feet to clean off afterward – a simple wipe down with a wet cloth did the trick (though, I’d highly recommend a thorough hand wash if you do handprints). There were other products just like this for far less and I’d have been equally “happy” with those. Would not recommend this product.

Melinda Chatham, MA

Super Easy!

This was really easy to do for my 1 year old. I just did it when she was in her high chair. I did them twice and got a great print for each foot for her 1 year photo book cover that I’m designing. My only confusion is that on ONE of the sheets it is marked as the side to press to the paper, but none of the others are marked AND both sides appear the same so it was hard to tell which side to use. Either that or it didn’t matter….One tip is to be sure and wipe YOUR hands/fingers off or have a second person press the foot or hand to the paper. I have smudges from my hands all over the papers.

Julia De Soto, IA

Good but messy

Ordered this for my new baby’s foot prints – it works great, foot prints are nice BUT it is incredibly messy, we were not able to get nice footprints without messing up the paper. I suggest you do it with another person and a sleeping baby. Our little guy was moving a lot and between me (I was pressing his feet on the paper) and my husband (he was applying the stain) we were unable to get a nice, clean print.

Vanessa Franklin, VT

These are just ok.

These sheets are nice and thick quality paper. However, it is hard to get the print just right. We followed the instructions and liberally applied the ink wipe which resulted in prints that had no definition, just a silhouette. The third and fourth pressing we’re much better but then we were almost out of paper. The instructions should tell you to do the first print on a scrap sheet, or to blot some off before placing the foot or hand on the paper.

Michele Matheny, WV