Deluxe Music In Motion Developmental Mobile W Remote

Deluxe Music In Motion Developmental Mobile W Remote

Mobiles can be more than just a pretty decoration in Baby’s nursery. This Deluxe Music In Motion Developmental Mobile comes with brightly colored stuff animals and happy faces to encourage vision development as well as music and rhythmic sounds that help settle Baby to sleep. The mobile offers 12 different images for Baby to focus on as she learns important self-entertainment skills. The remote-control music and sound unit includes classical songs, a lullaby medley and ocean noise. Imported. 9-1/2Lx15W”.

Main features

  • comes with a remote control and wall mount
  • three musical selections
  • Comes with four two-sided toys plus four plush animals for visual that can all be removed for extended play
  • the mobile can be converted to a toddler music box

Verified reviews


Great mobile!

I really like this mobile. It is much better than the ones you can get that match your nursery set. My baby loves to watch this mobile turn and the hesitation helps him to focus and study the images. It is nice to have a choice of 2 different songs sets or white noise. I have had some trouble with the remote working, but I don’t use it that much so it’s not that big of a problem. Also it’s nice to be able to change the toys on the mobile as your child gets older. It helps them from getting tired of it. Great product!!

Tracie Laporte, MN

Baby Loves It!

It’s a very simple design that aesthetically blends right in with her white crib. It’s got lots of variety for the baby with the characters that spin around and the two types of music and white noise. It’s part of our naptime routine and seems to really soothe her. The remote control is so key, too! Am really glad we got this model.

Kathi Sydney, FL

Tons of fun!

This mobile is wonderful! Our daughter loves the bright colored animals, and I love how it is so multi-functional. Having interchangeable pieces is such an inovative idea, and it keeps our little Amy interested. She also has several other toys made by Sassy, and we have been happy with all of their products.

Winifred Piedmont, WV

Great mobile!

My son loved this mobile! It is recommended that mobiles be removed from cribs when baby is 5 months old, but the toys from it are removable and now make great playthings for him. They rattle, squeak, etc., and he just loves holding them and biting them.The remote control did not work unless we were about 3 feet away from the crib, so that was not worth it.While there are some nice music selections, the overall quality of the music sounded sort of muffled and scratchy. But, my son did not seem to care.Overall, this is a good product that’s very attractive to babies, and the mobile parts can be used as toys after the mobile is taken down from the crib.

Kristy Hot Springs, VA

This mobile ROCKS!!!

Our daughter is, was, and still is enthralled with this mobile from the time she started sleeping in her crib. She LOVES the toys that rotate on this, and as she has gotten older upon waking she is even smiling and "talking" to them without them moving she likes the mobile so much! At night we put it on one rotation with the ocean sound and "knock on wood" she always falls asleep NO JOKE. We rarely if ever use the remote, but it does work. The music is a little tinny for my husband and I, but she absolutely adores it. The way the music/waves fade is great at bedtime. And the way the mobile pauses to let little eyes focus is just right. I was a little cautious when registering for this because I thought it to be a little pricey, but with the selection of 3 sets of toys to hang for different ages it is well worth it. I would highly recommend this mobile!

Chelsey Carriere, MS

Great Mobile

This is a really wonderful mobile. My now 10 week old daughter loves it. I really like the fact that it hesitates so the baby can focus in. The music is real nice, and the white noise seems to lull her to sleep. The remote control works up to four feet, which is enough to activate it again from the bedroom door. The swivel arm is great, moving it out of the way.There are a few drawbacks though. Yes, it is very difficult to get the battery in, but it is doable. The lowest noise setting still seems to be to loud for the two music options, for my daughter to sleep. The biggest drawback is that if you accidentaly bump into the moblie it makes a lot of noise, with all the plastic pieces having little balls inside, to wake the baby. But, i still highly recommend this mobile, just be careful not to bump into it or the crib while the baby is sleeping.

Lindsey Jackson, NH

The best mobile

We love this! The toys are wonderful. Our six month old now has the animals on the mobile and uses the others as toy rattles. Once she outgrows it, it can be just a music box. After her naps we turn this on and she plays in her crib for 10 minutes or so. Works great. Batteries lasted a while and even then the mobile worked but we changed the batteries because it stopped responding to the remote. Remote works from across the room as long as it can hit the receiver. We are REALLY happy with this. Not as cute as some of the wind up ones, but WAY more functional and much nicer than those weird symphony ones and their strange shapes and toys.

Sonia Saint Charles, AR

Awesome Mibile BUT…

This is a great mobile. My daughter loves it and so do I. I like that there are 3 different looks as she grows. And i like the remote, though i don’t usually have to use it because it plays long enough for her to fall asleep. As far as the reviewer who said it doesn’t fit the crib, that is valid. It doesn’t fit the top rail of our crib, but we just put the mobile flat against the slats in the crib and screwed the other side through the slats. It has worked fine for us, just make sure it is tight.the reason i had to give it only 3 stars (and the only reason) is that we had to return it 3 times to get one that worked! and we called Sassy to see if they could help us with it and they never returned our phone call! I wasn’t very impressed. But Babiesrus was great about taking it back and they never questioned us for returning it 3 times!

Andrea Freelandville, IN