Designs Organic Baby Carrier Backpack Color: Grey

Designs Organic Baby Carrier Backpack Color: Grey

BP2CN Color: Grey Features: -Product Type:Backpack -Color:Tan -Distressed:No -Material:Fabric. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:4 -Overall Width – Side to Side:7.5 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:15.75 -Overall Product Weight:1.8

Main features

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Attaches to shoulder straps of baby carrier with two velcro straps
  • Solid bottom to keep its shape
  • Attached bottle holder. Two front pockets
  • Dimensions: 14″ (36cm) high by 14″ (36cm) wide by 4″ (10cm) deep

Verified reviews



I love my petunia pickle bottom ergobaby carrier. I use it allllll the time. Seriously, my son is eight months old and I haven’t bought a stroller. I wanted a backpack to be able to carry some supplies when we went out, so I went with the ergobaby back pack. I think any backpack would do, but this one is nice, cute, and I’m happy I purchased it.

Ernestine Pinehill, NM

Where’ve you been all my son’s life?

This thing is great! I don’t know how I got by without it when my toddler was little. Now that #2 is here, lugging around a diaper bag is just too much. This is sturdy and has tons of pockets: 2 cargo pockets & a zip on the front, one hidden zip on the side (hide your wallet there!) and two zips inside the main compartment plus a mesh side pocket for a bottle or sippy. I can pack this thing pretty full: diapers & wipes for two kids, toys, sweatshirt and still have room to stow things we buy. One thing that was unclear to me when I read the review was whether it actually attached to the Ergo and it does. You can also use it as a stand-alone bookbag. The straps stow away behind a smooth canvas backing so they aren’t in the way at all. One reviewer said she was trying to figure out where to put her kid. This literally made me laugh out loud. This is not a baby carrier. It is an accessory. It may be used w/o the Ergo but only as a backpack. Please don’t put your kid in this or I’d have to call CPS on you!! 😉

Sonia Goodsprings, AL

Very lightweight!

This bag is small & very very lightweight. I love that about it.Surprising I can fit quite a few things into considering it’s size. It can be carried comfortably for long periods of time. It does not cut into your arms or back. My husband loves this bag better than my JuJu Be Packabe because it’s lightweight & the straps don’t dig into your arms while carrying it for long periods of time. I wish it had a lighter fabric on the inside, mesh pockets & a bottle pocket too. There are only 2 pockets on the inside, however u would not be able to see them with out inspecting the bag. The bag can also be attached to ur Ergo baby carrier & attached to your stroller. All in all I really am happy with this bag. I have not tried to put it on my Ergo yet.

Jaclyn Argyle, MO

More comfortable when worn alone.

I bought this backpack to use as a day pack with our ergo carrier for travel/hiking. I could never get it properly adjusted/attached to the ergo. It left me feeling unbalanced when using the back carry. The biggest load I put in it was around four lbs, but even the lightest of loads made for an uncomfortable feeling. I actually did much better with my son in the back carry and the backpack worn on my front. It matched the galaxy ergo carrier perfectly, and has plenty of storage space. The water bottle pouch is a bit narrow/short and I had NO instructions to help me attach the backpack and youtube wasn’t much help.

Leticia Owego, NY

Nothing Special

I ordered this just before my third daughter was born and have been using it for about seven months.It’s really just a canvas bag. It doesn’t have much structure to it. Very saggy. In fact, once it’s loaded up it’s so shapeless and bulky that we don’t attach it to the carrier. It doesn’t hang evenly on my back because everything shifts around so easily.The outer pockets are great! They are the perfect size to hold something like my DSi XL. The other one is just large enough for my wallet and checkbook (without a checkbook cover). The buckles are very sturdy, but the straps do tend to loosen up at times. I have to tighten them every couple of weeks- no biggie.The interior pockets aren’t good for much. There is NO padding in the back of this carrier so what ever you toss in those little pockets kind of presses against your back. I tend to carry mine on one shoulder so that isn’t a huge hassle. They’re a decent size (my Epi-pen two pack and allergy meds fit in one of them), but once you have stuff in them they’re just kind of in the way. The tiny zippers are also a bit difficult to locate and operate with one hand (It’s dark in there!). I tied neon pink ribbon to mine.The large shoulder straps are very comfortable- exactly like those on the carrier. That also means that if you’re using it as a backpack while using a front-carry (also known as “The Pack Mule” LOL), you have massive strappage all over you.The main compartment is very, very large. I can fit more in there than I would possibly ever need. This would be great, but there is just no structure in it. It’s like a child’s preschool backpack- one giant pocket. I hate having to stop and dig for the things I need.Sadly enough, I don’t think this backpack is really made for daily, rough use. The stitching that holds my shoulder straps in is already coming undone. The straps are triple-stitched so they won’t be coming off anytime soon, but it was still disappointing to see gaping seams in such a pricey, bare-bones bag.I do LOVE that it’s machine washable. Having a bag that I can just toss in the wash when the inevitable formula explosion happens is wonderful! I’ve never understood the concept of non-washable diaper bags.I think I would have been better off getting the travel pouch (which wasn’t available at the time) and the changing pad (which I just ordered). Between those two items, I can pack everything I need for my three kids and they’re neatly organized at arm’s reach.This might be a good bag for someone who feels the need to carry back-ups and back-ups for their back-ups, but for a light traveler like me it ends up just being bulky, saggy over-kill.

Rhea Saint Joe, AR

Good little backpack

Fits with my ergo or can be used alone. Could also attach to a stroller. Decent size, but I wish it were just a little bigger. Seems good quality. Lots of pockets, incuding zippered interior ones. A tad pricey.

Denice Chillicothe, TX

Not for me

Did not have enough structure for my taste. It was ok otherwise. Also not a great cup holder. I did not try it with the carrier.

Josie Camak, GA