Developmental Baby Doll

Developmental Baby Doll


Main features

  • Plush baby doll has satin feet and embroidered face details
  • Multiple textures found on this little dolly will appeal to baby
  • Decorated with taggies trademarked decorative tags
  • Dimensions : 8 inches tall
  • Mary Meyer has been making safe, fun toys for more than 75 years

Verified reviews



I wanted to buy a taggies toy after reading their very catchy marketing. The taggies concept sounds exciting but truth is, babies come across tags in almost every rag toy given to them and they like different fabrics, etc. Back to this toy – it is a cheap doll; poorly constructed compared to a lot of rag dolls out there. My daughter is more interested in the item tag than the tags attached. Colors on the doll itself (the pink for example) are so pale… does not interest my daughter. If you want a good rag doll, get GUND first doll. This is now in my charity pile to donate.

Amie Glad Valley, SD

Just okay

My infant daughter loves all things Taggies! We have several of the face blankets and the large Bear Mat and when she uses these items it puts her to sleep immediately. I was expecting this doll to be made of the same soft fabric. The pants are but the white shirt is a different material. My daughter still rubs the tags but she doesn’t sleep with it and only holds it when she’s in her car seat. Still works but not as well as other Taggie items.

Desiree Jonesburg, MO

Taggies baby doll

These toys are probably the cutest baby toys I’ve ever seen! Excellent craftsmanship, and our babies truly love them. The baby doll is just the right size for our 6 month old baby girl. She enjoys the dolls’ cute, smiling face & I appreciate that it’s made so well and cleans up beautifully. It’s super easy to hand wash, and doesn’t "mat" when it dries. I definitely recommend any Taggies toy!

Lidia Daleville, MS

Awesome baby toy

My daughter has received 2 of this doll as gifts and I kept both! My sister in law recommended and sent some of this brand toy after my niece fell in love with them. The tags on it really do attract their little fingers. The doll itself is soft and lovable. The size is good for even smaller babies, but not too small either.

Amy Lake Cicott, IN

Very well made

I got this for my newborn granddaughter. It is very well made and babies love to play with tags. Cute product!

Ophelia Lake Grove, NY


This is the perfect size for my 4 mth old grand daughter. It is soft and textured which babies love. I can’t wait til Christmas for her to have this new doll. I hope she loves it.

Annmarie Olivet, MI

This is a good idea.

A soft baby with taggies all over it. My grand daughter loves it. She just seemed to like the tags on everything and this baby doll has lots of taggies!

Colette Morris, MN

Cute doll with taggies

I’m not exactly sure what it is but taggies seem to really appeal to babies senses. When I gave it to my 3 month old daughter, she immediately grinned and started to reach for it. She likes to stare at it a lot. I’m sure she will also enjoy the taggies like most babies do when she gets a little older.

Mari Underwood, WA

Weird shape, but still loves the taggies

This doll has a really strange shape. It’s sort of flat and has a bulbous body which makes it difficult for my daughter to hold. She has another dolly that is not taggies that she loves. I wish that the baby companies would start to learn that babies need more contrasting colors, not just textures. If her pants were red or had higher contrast she might take more interest like she does with her other toys. Note to manufacturers: baby girls don’t always have to have pink and purple!!! It’s a good quality, as are all of the taggies products we have.

Nell Edon, OH

Soft and sweet

My mother purchased this for my 6 month old. She is not into dolls yet per say, but loves picking at the tags and pulling on the bows and ruffles. It is very soft and a nice small size for little hands. I like that I can slip a toy tether through one of the loops to attach it to the car seat.

Jesse Sebring, FL

So cute.

My 5 month old daughter loves to touch and stroke the tags on her baby doll. Very cute first doll.

Anita Notrees, TX

The labels provide additional interest for the baby

I am not sure why, but the baby does really does like this little doll. Guess she is really into labels.

Etta Taylor, TX