DEX Automobile Baby Bottle Warmer

DEX Automobile Baby Bottle Warmer

Dex Baby Automobile Bottle Warmer The automobile bottle warmer plugs into your car lighter and warms baby’s bottle or jar of food in minutes. Made of durable plastic with adjustable heating band that fits all standard baby bottles and baby food jars. A pressure-activated switch automatically turns off bottle warmer when bottle is removed. LED on/off indicator light. *Not for use with disposable bottles.

Main features

  • Fits All bottles
  • Automatic shut off for added safety
  • Fits all car adapter outlets
  • Fits in cup holders
  • Pressure activated safety switch

Verified reviews



Unless you have 20 minutes to kill while your baby is screaming for a bottle, you don’t want this. I first used this on a venture to BRU for a Grandparent’s Day Breakfast and while Grandma was sitting in on a 529 seminar, my daughter suddenly discovered that she was beyond famished – so up we go out to the car to warm up a bottle! Now, supposedly this warmer can be used with Dr. Brown’s bottles but the combination didn’t work for us. First of all, the bottle has to be positioned in the warmer a certain way so that it presses a safety latch to keep the warmer on. Unless the bottle is a regular generic bottle with a gallon of fluid inside, it won’t keep the heating latch engaged. I had to sit there and continuously push the bottle down onto the latch AND then after 10 minutes, the bottle was still ice cold! I have no idea how to warm a bottle in the car and have no reccomendations, but I will tell you that this mini blood pressure machine will do nothing to benefit the appetite of an impatient child when she’s hungry!

Etta Hamilton, GA

Started fire in our car

We have been quite happy with the warmer until last week. We plugged it in and 5 seconds later it was smoking and burning at the car adapter outlet. My husband right away pulled out the burning plug but it already melted and a metal piece of it stayed int the outlet causing an electric short. So we were not able to restart our car until it was removed by a mechanic. Save yourself the experience of standing on the side of the road with a hungry baby on a rainy day due to this product.

Janis Mine Hill, NJ

Good for traveling, but you should plan ahead

It takes 20-30 minutes to warm a 6-8 oz bottle so you need to aniticipate feeding times. It heats the bottle to lukewarm, but that’s as hot as you should want it anyway. Also it helps to speed it up if you remove it a couple of times and shake the bottle to cycle the milk around. Otherwise you could have scalding hot milk on the outside and ice cold in the middle. Bottles that have bottoms that curve inward don’t press the sensor to heat. I managed to stack some coins between the sensor and the bottle and this fixed the probably. Even with the minor problems I found it useful to have on car trips.

Deidre Louvale, GA

Pretty Good

For the most part, I like this product. The first one I bought died after about 15 uses. The second one outlived my son’s bottle use, and it worked great. You do have to shake the bottle to distribute the heat evenly and test it, but that’s normal for any bottle warmer. Ours worked in about 10 minutes, but it depends on how warm your baby likes their bottle. For $10 I was happy with it.

Tamara Hurley, SD

If You Travel A Lot-You Should Have One

If you are planning even one long trip with your new little one, you’ll be glad you have this, but try it out before you go. It does take a long time to warm up a bottle with this, so you do have to anticipate the need for a bottle. The smaller the bottle, the faster the formula will warm up. It’s a good idea to try it out before you travel so you know how long it will take. One use will pay for itself!

Lily Shamokin Dam, PA

We have made it work but…….

The idea is great, the product is not so great. We have the same reviews as everyone else. The bottles (we use VentAir) do not touch the “on” sensor, and it takes more than 30 minutes to warm our 8 oz bottles. Our son will not take them luke warm, he likes them very warm.How we made it work for us:Clothes pin that we just clip on over the sensor to turn the warmer on.And one hour before our son’s feeding time we start warming the bottle.Very slow process, I wish I would have done more research upon buying this warmer.

Velma Point Pleasant, WV