Dex Baby Dura Bib – Bad to the Bib – Various Styles, Daddy’s Lil Rebel

Dex Baby Dura Bib – Bad to the Bib – Various Styles, Daddy’s Lil Rebel

The Dex Baby Dura Bib is the only bib that your baby will ever need. It has a patented “catch all” pocket that prevents messes and unsnaps and wipes off easily for quick clean up anywhere. For added convenience, it can be thrown into the dishwasher or the washing machine. Materials: Face is 100% polyurethane, Backing is 73% polyester and 27% cotton

Main features

  • The only bib you will ever need!
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free of Phthalates, PVC and BPA
  • Adjustable neck snap and Sturdy snaps
  • Recommended age : 6 months and up

Verified reviews



Dura-bibs are the best…I have had some for five years and they still look great. The ones I put in the dryer…NOT so great, so be sure to hang them to dry, LOL)I love to use them as “feed bags” in “emergencies,” like when I just have to get somewhere with 2 small kids early in the morning…I put them in the car seats, their sippy cups in the doors, and their Dura-Bibs around their necks, filled with Cheerios and raisins or dried cherries. Works great!I needed a few more since we have two kids in bibs now, and this Born To Spill design makes people laugh everywhere we go!

Elsa Temple, TX

Too Cute For Words

I was a bit skeptical about this bib but, thought it was different so I went ahead and purchased it. As soon as I opened the box I was way more than pleasantly surprised. It is a perfect size for my 9 month old as well as having the perfect “give” to it. I do wish that it was coated on both sides however, its overall appeal makes that a minor point. The snaps make cleanup a breeze. I’ve yet to wash it so, hopefully it holds up.

Liz Acme, PA


Cute design. But I have to say bumkins is better (lighter). This bib is rather heavy and when folded is bit bulky in the bag. The pocket might be better in catching the crumbs though, but since my baby still on pureed food so have to wait to find out.

Cecile Timmonsville, SC

Mom Likes It, Tyke Likes It

We went through some bibs before I broke down and ordered this rather expensive one. It’s worth it, with a few things to consider. First the pluses, we wash ours with the dishes so they don’t need laundering. We have 2 and wash them between meals… I need to get one more to make life easier. They look cool. They keep the kiddo clean. Now the minuses, the piping and reverse side of the bib, including the part on the front of the pouch, are absorbent and do not dry quickly. They can mildew if not washed and dried quickly. The artwork can be scratched by scrubbing off dried food. Still, the best bibs that I’ve been able to find except for Summer Infant Bibbity (those are the bomb). I wish they would coat the entire thing and used some waterproof piping. That would get a 5 star review from this mom.

Geraldine West Farmington, ME

Our favorite bib

Our son is almost 3 now so we don’t even use bibs that much anymore, but over the years we tried all of them! I found these bibs to be our favorite because they snap open for easy cleaning. Bibs without a pocket often mean a mess on the baby’s pants and floor, and bibs with a pocket that doesn’t snap open the food gets caught in the depths of the pocket and becomes disgusting over time.My only complaint is that most of the patterns on these bibs are ugly. This one with the guitars is the only one we really like.

Francis Mansfield, TX