Dex Baby Dura Bib Big Mouth

Dex Baby Dura Bib Big Mouth


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Love these Bibs

This type bib is great. We have purchased 5 of these bibs for our little one and he is now 2 and is still using them. They catch the food and allow for easy cleanup. Throw them in the washer when dirty and done.

Cassie Pacific Palisades, CA


Catches food in the pocket and very easy cleanup. Unlike other pocket bibs that are a pain to clean, this one unsnaps so you can clean the bib as one flat piece of material…genius! The snap neck is great too because my toddler pulls off other bibs that have a velcro enclosure. Highly recommended.

Yvonne Potts Camp, MS

Great Bib!

I bought two Dex Baby Dura bibs for my 14 month old son. These things are great. I did not experience an off "chemical" smell as others have reported. These bibs are flexible enough to move with my son as he wiggles in his seat, but durable enough to catch large and small spills. Since using these bibs so much more food ends up in the pouch than on the floor or in the highchair. They even came in handy last weekend when my son barfed up his breakfast and it was all contained in the pouch without spilling. The laminated canvas makes clean up super easy. No more cloth bibs in our house!

Gina Sylvania, OH

Washable, unsnappable – what more do you need?

Like many parents, we thought it was better to have cloth bibs – until we realized how much laundry it generates. These plastic bibs are great for catching food and easy cleaning. We have three different images which gives our daughter a chance to decide what kind of animal will help her eat. While the bibs probably won’t last past one child, the snapping closure that opens up to let you clean all the nooks and crannies make this a great buy.

Danielle Killawog, NY

smelly plastic and not comfy for baby

Our son cries when he we try to protect his clothes with these bibs. They smell like chemicals and the fabric is so stiff, it puts our baby in a bad mood for meal time.

Lenora La Grange, KY

These are the best bibs on the market, hands down.

These Dex Baby bibs are the best bibs ever. They are sturdy and wipeable. I throw them in the wash now and again.The pocket stays in place and catches just about everything. I bought an off-brand version of one of these and I wish I hadn’t. The snap came right off. Make sure you spend the extra money and get Dex.

Marcy Albany, WI


This style/brand of bibs is the best one I have ever found. We now own three and I plan on purchasing more in the future. I love that you can toss them in the sink and scrub them with soap/sponge to make sure they are super clean. I know they recommend wiping them dry, but I toss them in the dryer on low (this may shorten their lifespan but it is worth it to me for the convenience factor…hasn’t hurt them yet). The only thing I wish they would change which is by no means a deal breaker is I wish the back was the same as the front. That being said it is still absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

Rita Ceiba, PR