Dex Baby Dura Bib Crum Catcher – Geo Bib, Blue

Dex Baby Dura Bib Crum Catcher – Geo Bib, Blue

The Dex Baby Dura Bib is the only bib that your baby will ever need. It has a patented “catch all” pocket that prevents messes and unsnaps and wipes off easily for quick clean up anywhere. For added convenience, it can be thrown into the dishwasher or the washing machine. Materials: Face is 100% polyurethane, Backing is 73% polyester and 27% cotton

Main features

  • The only bib you will ever need!
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free of Phthalates, PVC and BPA
  • Adjustable neck snap and Sturdy snaps
  • Recommended age : 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Great bib, but cheaper at big box stores

This is a wonderful bib, but you can get it 20% cheaper at major retailers like Buy Buy Baby (and if you use BBB’s 20% off coupon, then it’s even cheaper still).

Helena Essex, VT

Love this bib.

The perfect bib! Quality, thick material. A snap at the neck makes sure my 13m old cannot pull it off, and the snap pocket at the bottom, which is so important to catch the bites that miss his mouth, makes cleaning a breeze–when done eating, just unsnap the pocket to clean the bib as one flat surface…no more cleaning inside a pocket and hoping you get into each little crevice! When my other brand bibs wear out, I will only buy more of these.

Gwen Edna, TX

Easy to clean, Quick dry

This can be washed in the washer, but I hang dry it. I usually just wipe it down with a sponge and hang dry it.It has a deep pocket and catches a lot of food that is spilled. My 10 mo son sits in a high chair with a tray, I just tuck the lip of the bib under his tray and it catches almost all the food that misses his mouth.

Rosemary Centennial, WY

it does the job

I used it for about one year, until my kid decided he doesn’t want to wear bibs anymore. Loved it! Caught crumbs, pasta, and milk. Saved me a lot of washing.

Jeannine Castell, TX

Best bibs ever.

Really. These are the best bibs. They’re sturdy, and the pouches stay open on their own. The bibs actually lie flat until you snap them into place to form the pouches before using them, which means you just unsnap them to dump the leftovers. They’re easy to clean. The instructions say to wipe them down, but I’ve also found that if I just throw them in a regular cold laundry load, they come out clean and nearly dry. If I wash them by hand, it takes a while for them to dry. They’re really wide, so they give good protection to our little guy’s clothes. They snap in the back, so he doesn’t rip them off like he doesn’t rip them off like he does the Velcro ones. Also, the snaps don’t wear down with use (food, washing, chewing…) like Velcro does. If you’re looking for a super compact bib, this is not the one, but if you’re looking for a super effective bib, this is it.The only downside I see to these bibs is the not so great designs on them. This is by far the best looking one.

Beryl Ingold, NC

Good heavy duty bib

I bought this to replace a JJ Cole bib that I had bought for my son which broke. This bib is made of a thick material and I like that it has a snap closure because he tends to pull the velcro ones off. We don’t use the pocket because it is so thick I never know where to put it (under or over the high chair tray) but that is ok because it just snaps open or closed. I’m not crazy about the patterns available but there aren’t many options in the way of snap bibs.

Sierra Covington, TX

Wonderful bib

We loved this for months but now at 12mo my son has figured out he can just pull really hard and it’ll unsnap so it’s useless.Being able to unsnap the pouch for cleaning is genius, though.Edit 4/13: I bumped my review from four to five stars. My son learned to unsnap it at 12 months but we’re still using it two months later. He keeps it on until he’s done and then takes it off when he’s finished. Not ideal, but livable.I wash it in the washing machine periodically and drip dry.

Rose Caney, KS

Perfect durable bib

I ordered one for each of my twins – finally, a bib that my kids can’t pull off! They’ve tried, but the snaps are good. The pocket snaps are great; I just unsnap and wipe down, no gunk in little crevices. It does a great job catching liquids too. Easy to clean, thick enough to be long-lasting, but still ‘flexible’ enough to tuck neatly around your baby in the chair.

Meghan Burns Flat, OK