DEX Products Baby Wipes Warmer

DEX Products Baby Wipes Warmer

Pamper Baby with a nice warm wipe when it’s diaper-changing time with this universal dispenser. The versatile wipe warmer/dispenser holds all brands of wipes and is guaranteed to lock in moisture so they don’t dry out over time. A low-voltage, built-in changing light makes diaper changing easier—even at night! Plus, a viewing window assures you’ll never run out of wipes. Warmer is top heated to keep wipes from browning. Imported.

Main features

  • Fits all wipe brands and locks in moisture
  • Convenient Changing Light
  • Top heated for quicker warming, Viewing window shows when to refill wipes
  • No drying out or browning of wipes – guaranteed!
  • Wipe warmer dimensions: 10.5″W x 7.5″D x 4.5″H. Lifetime Warranty

Verified reviews


Thought I couldn’t live without it…

until we moved and this was packed for four months. We didn’t think our daughter would be able to stand a cold wipe, so we rushed out and purchased this right after she was born. It was used religiously up to the point of moving. For the last four months she has had nothing but room temperature wipes and hasn’t complained at all! 😉 Yes, it’s wonderful to wipe her little bottom with a warm wipe, but this isn’t a MUCH NEEDED product.

Adela Greenbush, MA


This product is NOT a waste at all….You just have to read the directions! IT says right in the booklet that after you put the wipes in the warmer you have to add a 1/2 a cup of water over the top of the wipes and turn on the light and wait for it to warm the wipes. (If you put the water at the bottom of the machine and turn it on then the top wipes dry out and the bottom wipes are saturated). The wipes do cool however a few seconds after pulling it out of the machine..but then again how long are you planning to hold the wipe in your hand? Pull out the wipe and wipe the baby’s tushy and throw the wipe away and pull out a new one. Make sure that you close the top of the machine when you are not using the warmer to keep the most recent wipe warm and moist. Register for the item, if you like it then great, if you don’t you don’t lose anything….

Ramona Lake Helen, FL

Skip the rest, buy the best

I read a lot of reviews before buying this diaper-wipes warmer, and I’m glad I did. I actually bought a different brand first, then read horrible reviews about it and returned it without even testing it. On the strength of the reviews here, I bought this wipes warmer, and have never regretted it. It keeps the wipes warm, moist, and comfy. Our baby loves it, and it makes changing her diaper much easier when she is mellow and happy.If you have a very cold house, this warmer might not be warm enough, but it’s still bound to be better for your baby than room temperature wipes. My baby was born in early April when it was still snowing, so this wipe warmer was a lifesaver. Now that it’s June, it’s not as necessary, but we still use it and our baby still prefers warm wipes to cold.The window that lets you see how many wipes are left gets condensation and fogs up, so you can’t really see how many wipes are left (also wipes are white against a white background, so it’s hard to see regardless), but I am still giving the product 5 stars, because it is rare that something so affordable will bring so much happiness to your newborn baby!

Lucile Hamer, ID

I love this warmer!

I especially love this warmer for the middle of the night changes. Cold wipes are shocking to the baby’s skin and cause a lot of upset. These warm wipes are soothing and not shocking.Follow the instructions and add 1/2 cup of water over the wipes each time you fill the warmer. This keeps the wipes from drying out. The nightlight does not show much light, but does the job.

Trisha Wheeler, WI

Great purchase – must have for new moms

This was well worth the money. I was looking for a top warming model due to all the negative comments I had heard about replacement parts of other types and the inability to find the refills, browning of wipes, etc. This also had some negative reviews… but I must say… the people that reviewed it negatively must have gotten a dud or didn’t follow the instructions well enough.I took another mom posters suggestion to keep a sqeeze bottle full of filtered water (i refill it with the brita pitcher) by the wipes warmer to sqeeze in every time you add new wipes. That keeps everything moist and works well. Also when I add new wipes I add them to the bottom – so I never have old wipes wasting away. I use the Kirklands wipes that are bought in bulk from Costco… and am able to fit about 80% of the package in there without problem. The left over ones I also used a suggestion from another poster “mom” to put them in a freezer storage bag (the only bag big enough to fit them) and keep them nearby. I have this sitting on top of the Prince Lionheart, “Diaper Depot”… and since it’s bigger than the space alloted in the depot for wipes, it leaves space below the warmer for the left over wipes. 🙂 The only thing I would mention is that the light really isn’t that great. I have the lamp light in the changing room on all the time, so in comparison it doesn’t even match up. The other thing is that I read a bunch of people that wrote the latch locks broke… mine has been great and has had no issue with that – so I guess take your own risks… but for me this was a great buy! My little girl cries less with the warm wipes than before with the cold ones on her bottom. I do have the warmer placed an inch from the changing table (its on a diaper depot hanging on the side of the changing table), so they don’t have time to get cold before they hit her bottom. But if you don’t have a set up like that I can see how they would get cold fast.Either way – worth the money, and the decrease in late night changing screams! 🙂

Jeanine Hunlock Creek, PA

nice addition

I registered for this item but when I didn’t receive it, it wasn’t one of those MUST items I purchased to prepare for the baby’s arrival. I thought of it more as a marketing gimmic and not really a necessity. After my son was born he hated diaper changes (the winter weather didn’t help with the coldness of the wipe). I purchased this and now he doesn’t scream.By the time you pull the wipe out and use it, the wipe is no longer warm but it does stay at room temperature. I gave it four stars b/c the top wipe is usually dry and the light is more of a feature to locate to warmer, it doesn’t give off light like a nightlight. Otherwise, I’d say this is well worth getting, especially for the winter.

Kelly Groveland, FL

Not THAT Bad

The only time I’ve had brown wipes is when I’ve been out of the house all day long. My main gripe is that this wipe warmer won’t fit an entire refill of wipes, which leaves me to keep the leftovers in the open bag, and that’s the only problem I have with wipes drying up.

Tori Redfox, KY


We returned the Lionheart warmer and got this instead. This one works MUCH better. It actually keeps the wipes warm and is easy to use. The light can be handy although we dont use it much. Its also easy to see if you are running low on the wipes rather than get suprised when you pull out the last one. If you need a wipe warmer, this is the one to buy.

Judith Hartline, WA

I’m glad I have this warmer!

I can’t believe there is so much controversy about bottle warmers and wipe warmers! If you choose to get one, this wipe warmer is great! The heating element is on top, which makes it safer than other models. This also ensures that the next wipe (the one on top) will be the warmest…that makes sense! I haven’t used the night light yet, but I may in the future. Besides, this model doesn’t cost any more than the one without a night light.When we are out, obviously my baby gets treated with cold wipes, but at home we always change her in her nursery with warm ones. I am glad to have this “luxury” for my baby. I am pleased that I can avoid cold wipes especially in the middle of the night or after a particuarly bad BM. It’s nice to be able to provide a little extra comfort.I use pampers sensitive pop-up wipes, and sometimes two pop out instead of one, but it’s really no problem…how many times do you use just one wipe anyway? I’ve had no issue with dry wipes because I read the directions. I just add water whenever I add wipes; it’s a no-brainer! If I’m going to be out, not using wipes at home all day, I unplug the warmer–according to the directions. I keep my warmer by the changing pad, and I always have very warm, moist wipes to tend to my baby…just like a gentle wash-cloth!

Eileen Lewiston, CA

Don’t know what baby bottoms would do w/o it!

Baby wipes are cold!! I feel much better wiping down my baby’s little bottom with a nice warm wipe. Definitely not a necessity but a small luxury for the bebe.

Dora Perry Hall, MD


This warmer is great. I looked at many reviews before I bought this one. It warms from the top which is a good feature. I have went through about 10 refills in wipes and so far so GREAT! It says you should add up to 1/2 cup of water everytime you put new wipes in. I have no idea why!! The wipes stay perfectly wet with no water added. My baby sleeps through the night so I go from 8pm until 7am without using the wipes and they don’t dry out one bit. No browning either. I didn’t use a warmer with my daughter and my son is now 3 months old. I was always told not to get one because then the baby would cry and scream when you had to use a cold wipe (traveling, shopping, visiting, etc.). Then, I used some wipes at my brothers house from a warmer. The expression on my little guys face made me have to have one. He loves it. Before the warmer he never cried or fussed with the cold wipes, but he would jet his arms out to the side and his legs out straight at the first touch of the cold wipes. Not any more. Worth the cost!! One thing though…don’t rely on the built in light to give you a lot of light. I don’t need to use it b/c as I said earlier my baby sleeps though the night 🙂 but I do use it to check how many wipes are left. I can turn it on and see how many wipes are in there. That is another benefit of this little machine…being able to see when you are running out of wipes. I purchased the Wal-Mart one ( I think it was Lionheart or something like that). I brought it back right away. It is very handy to see how many wipes are left.

Lilia Hume, VA

Dries the wipes out

This particular wipes warmer really does a job in drying out the wipes. I am adding water every day to keep them moist, and I am only filling it with a half packet of wipes at a time.The Ultimate Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart is a slightly better product. It has a moist pad at the base which does a better job of keeping the wipes moist, and the dispenser opening is slightly more rigid so you aren’t pulling 3 wipes out with every reach.I know this will come in handy as winter approaches, if I have the patience to continue using it.

Jan New River, VA

Warm but dries out wipes

This would be nice for warming wipes, however it always dries them, especially toward the top. I always end up using a wipe half way down the stack to make sure it’s moist enough but then it’s cool to touch.

Trudy Bryan, TX