DEX Products Closet Cubby

DEX Products Closet Cubby

The dexbaby Closet Cubby is the perfect solution for organizing your baby’s closet. It neatly stores baby’s clothes and essentials, while making the most out of the wasted space. The Closet Cubby features 3 large cubbies, a cubby with a center divider, and 2 smaller cubbies with a front mesh lip, and 8 roomy mesh pockets on the sides. The variety of shelves and pockets make it perfect for items of all shapes and sizes, from clean burp clothes and clothes to shoes and toys, and everything in between. And since it holds over 50 pounds, you can pack it full. The Closet Cubby securely hangs from any closet rod.

Main features

  • 6 Reinforced Shelf Cubbies
  • Top shelves perfect for small items
  • 8 Roomy Mesh Pockets
  • Hangs from any closet rod
  • Holds over 50 pounds

Verified reviews


Works great.

Easy to install. Well designed. Puts more stuff within reach of small person. Looks much better than cardboard boxes on floor & stuff piled on chair.Encourages small person to make own choices about clothes. Small person likes this.Will not support items heavier than clothes/shoes. We steer toys away from it.Also not recommended for climbing. At least not by mommy. Small person thinks it’s worth a shot but has consented so far to remain earthbound. If you have a daredevil, you probably have more to worry about from other products. Like shelves.Nice basic thing at decent price.

Neva Geneva, NY

Nice organizer

This closet organizer seems like pretty decent quality, so far I’ve had no issues with it. I really like the mesh across the front of the top two "shelves," wish it was across some of the others, too (but it works fine without).

Jessica Springview, NE


I’m returning this because it’s a cheap-o. The shelfs, besides the very bottom one, don’t have a hard base, so they just sag and distort the whole thing. Don’t get it.

Victoria Tollesboro, KY

So far…ok

I have the Munchkin organizer and I love it…sturdy thick canvas. I needed one more so I got this because of the high reviews. I am not impressed with the material at all. It is a thin flimsy vinyl material. I haven’t used it yet because we are moving this weekend but when I do I will follow up my review. Just first impression…not impressed with material.

Anna Middlebury, CT

trim looks a little tan

I thought the trim was more of a yellow but looks a little more tan. But perfect for my daughters sweaters and so forth.

Celeste Mohawk, TN

Sturdy and spacious

The velcro along the top goes from end to end and is a couple inches wide so it’s thoroughly secured to the closet bar. I uploaded an image and you can see that mine is loaded up with clothes, sleepers, blankets, hats, socks and accessories in the pockets.The storage areas are pretty deep so I didn’t have any trouble fitting everything in! The to two bins have a mesh barrier to keep socks or mittens from falling out. The divided bin is sewed in that way so it is not adjustable/removable.I’m very happy with it! It holds so much and is very large.

Lynn Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Great Product

I’ve been using this in my newborn son’s closet for two months and I haven’t seen any problem whatsoever with it yet. I have a bunch of receiving blankets, socks, little hats, shoes, baby towels and wash clothes, among many other items and it hasn’t fallen or buckled from weight. It holds a lot of things. It’s definitely a good product if you want to save some space or if you’re just not sure where to put all the random items. I don’t hang my baby’s clothes (or have the time to!) so to me having it hang in the closet isn’t a problem.

Gretchen Barnesville, GA

very sturdy

I love the wrap around attachment at the top. I use this for my 7 month old’s blankets and clothes. I put small wicker baskets in the bottom shelves to keep the smaller items from falling out and it still stays up. I bought another one for my older son’s Shoes, socks and underwear.

Katharine Woodgate, NY

Wonderful organizer

I love this! Such a great organizer with many different sized, spacious cubbies. Also love the side pockets, and the velcro on this thing is hardcore. I’m so glad I went with this and would definitely recommend it. Only deceiving thing was the yellow trim — in person it looks more beige/natural, not yellow. This really didn’t matter to me though.

Jaclyn Alexandria, OH

No complaints

I have no complaints at all on this product. It is of good quality and is exactly as described. VERY useful in our twin daughters’ nursery closet.

Helen Avon, CT

Exactly what we needed

These are good organizers: very sturdy, strong velcro at the top. The pockets are very handy, and i love the smaller shelves with the netting up top for socks.

Patricia Wheatcroft, KY

well organized

I like the pockets on the sides of this, making the whole thing more functional. Perfect along with the double rod extender for our nursery closet.

Kris Hanover, MA

great product for a great price

The velcro is extremely strong and it feels really secure in our soon-to-be baby girl’s closet. We are using it for baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. if you have plans to put heavier items on it then it might be a different story. So far, this has been an excellent storage unit and maximizes unused space in the closet.

Deann Cabins, WV

Works perfectly.

This closet cubby works great! I’m using it for my sons cloth diapers. It is a rather heavy load, and it is holding up well. I love the side pockets. I’m thinking we will be buying another one soon.

Lupe Mount Auburn, IL


Awesome awesome awesome product! I been using it for about 4 months, I put all my baby girl’s clothing and towels and no problem!

Dorothea Fillmore, UT

perfect for nursery

so far, it has been perfect for our baby items! lots of room to store assorted items. looks neat and organized!

Ines Oakley, CA

Nice quality closet storage system.

For the price, you cannot BEAT this!!!It attaches with a thick pad of velcro across the top, wrapped around the closet clothes rod. It is so secure, you can really pack some weight into the compartments and it doesn’t even show signs of budging. The price can’t be beat, especially for the quality.Pleased overall. More than meets my needs.

Mia Pinopolis, SC

Great storage

I bought this for my son’s nursery and it is great. Definitely helps me with storage space since the closet is small.

Jeanette Somerset, WI

Holds lots!

I bought two of these to organize my baby’s closet, and they’re fantastic! All of his sheets, towels, washcloths, and several of his blankets, books, stuffed animals, feeding supplies, bibs, and so on all fit in these. The ONLY down side is that they are too long to allow a second closet rod halfway down for more hanging room. But these provide so much storage space (and look cute too), that it’s not a big deal. Babies R Us and Target also have these (a dumb-ed down version) for more expensive. Buy them here instead!

Melinda Kell, IL

So far so good

I am using this for my cloth diapers and some other baby items. It installed easily in the closet and seems to be holding up fine.

Helga Harborcreek, PA

I have 2

I have two of these side-by-side in my son’s closet. It is perfect for baby clothes and other baby items because it helps your organize, see and access all the itsy-bitsy things easily.

Margo Dell, MT

Nice and sturdy

This has some strong Velcro so you can really fill it. I ordered one for my nursery and I’m getting a second for my toddler’s closet. It has a lot of storage and really hangs on tight to the bar. The fabric is also strong and not flimsy. It’s a great deal and is definitely useful. It’s not big enough for adult clothes in my opinion unless you use it for undergarments, scarves, etc but it’s perfect for kids.

Brandy Hope, IN

baby clothing

this fits in the closet very well the material is so strong and great….. very well made so much room and spaciouse

Ma Scotland Neck, NC

Works Great!

I bought two of these for my baby’s closet and have been very pleased. This version was cheaper than the "nursery" ones, and I like the pockets on the sides for organizing.

Mallory Garibaldi, OR


it’s a nice closet cubby, though nothing fancy.It has velcro at the top to attach to the closet’s bar which is great. The velcro is extremely strong and the cubby hasn’t fallen once, even though it’s fairly heavy.Great price, great quality. I would definitely buy it again.That said, before you buy it, make sure it’ll fit nicely in your closet. The closet of my son’s room is pretty small and after i put this in, i don’t have room for too many clothes hangers. Not a huge deal for me at this point, but I just wanted to throw it out there.

Gracie Pontotoc, TX

Excellent product.

The product exceeded my expectations, the velcro is indeed very strong and it is a very sturdy organizer. I’m very pleased with it. Totally recommended.

Inez Lebanon, OH

Love it

This is great for my daughters room. Good quality, enough pockets. Well worth the price. Can’t say anything more.

Loraine Macon, VA

Love it!

Great closet organizer. Bought this to hold baby clothes and what-not. Very pleased. The cubbies are good sized (almost too much height in each, but then I’m stacking the world’s smallest onesies) and they seem to hold their shape very well. The top cubbies are perfect for socks and other things as the front will hold stuff in the compartment. Fits our large wooden closet rod nicely and hangs straight. I would recommend!

Sonya Dripping Springs, TX

Flimsy shelf bottoms but it gets the job done

Helps keep my toddler’s closet organized, but the shelves are only supported in the front, leaving the back part of each shelf saggy. It’s not a big deal though, because I don’t put anything heavy in it and mostly use it for her tights, shoes, bathing suits, etc.

Elsie Burfordville, MO


Easy and inexpensive way to organize closet. Holds a lot and hangs with very sturdy Velcro. Just received it so hasn’t been used for very long yet.

Tisha Big Run, WV