DEX Products Grab N Go Bottle Warmer BWC-01

DEX Products Grab N Go Bottle Warmer BWC-01

For a warm bottle anywhere you go with your hungry little one, the Grab n Go by Dex Products provides a reusable, instant source of heat – anytime, anywhere. No plugs or batteries necessary; simply slip the heating pack into the bottle bag and click the activator disc on the heating pack to quickly warm baby’s bottle or food jar. To reuse, fully immerse in boiling water for at least 15 minutes to insure all the crystals liquefy.

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  • DEX Products Grab N Go Bottle Warmer BWC-01

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Dex Bottle Warmer Grab `N Go

I haven’t used this one but I like that it’s really compact & fits my diaper bag.

Barbara Wellborn, FL

This is So Cool!

I own two of these and have found that they are very nice to have when out and about with baby. This bottle warmer can chill and warm a bottle! Although the instructions don’t mention this, I have found that you can chill the gel packs (in their liquid state) in the refrigerator. When you are ready to head out, you can wrap the cold gel pack around a chilled bottle and then place in the blue insulated cover. This bottle warmer works slower than the one you use at home, so plan on warming the bottle 5 to 10 minutes ahead of a feeding. This is so much better than feeding your baby an “icy” or not chilling your bottle and worrying about the milk going bad. Once used, these gel packs are in a hardened state and must be boiled to get them back to the reusable liquid state. I have found that you cannot skimp on the boiling time and that you must be gentle with the gel packs while they are cooling. If they get handled too roughly or bumped while cooling, the gel packs will harden up again. I think that this must start the chemical process working the same way clicking the metal disk does. While this warmer is not perfect, what else are you going to do with a cold bottle while at the doctors office, on a plane or at the mall? (I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a stranger to warm my babies bottle for me.) I don’t really understand the science behind this warmer, but I think it is so cool.

Rosemarie Shamrock, TX

Not practical

I was attracted to the idea of having a bottle warmer that doesn’t require electricity or a car adapter. But, while traveling, you don’t always have the ability to boil the product. And then, it takes a LONG time to heat up the bottle. Babies often can’t wait that long. My newest technique is simply to use tap water already at my baby’s favorite temperature and put it in a thermos. The thermos keeps the same temperature for several hours (or I make the water really hot if I think that I won’t be using it until later in the day). Obviously, not helpful for those using pumped breastmilk, but much less hassle for those using formula.

Susie Mc Intire, IA

Great value! A lifesaver!

I bought this after purchasing after being out during the holidays shopping and not having anywhere to heat her bottle while at the mall. This thing is great. I can be anywhere and heat her bottle. It compact and works fast. I don’t leave the home without it.

Penny Imperial Beach, CA

Good Idea, But….

I own one of these things and have used it once. To be perfectly honest, it is rather a pain. Yeah, it’s cool that it heats up and all, but boiling the thing for 10 mins to get it back to its gel state sucks. It is also not very lightweight. I don’t know about you, but with the amount of stuff I have in the diaper bag, the last thing I need is this thing weighing me down. I have found that keeping a clean bottle, a bottle of water at room temp and some powder formula (save your scoops) work the best for feedings on the road. And if you are at a resturant, it is far easier to just ask for some warm water. Then you don’t have to come home and remember to boil this stupid thing. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Madeleine Mexico, NY

Must Have

We never had a problem with this product. It was easy to use and served its purpose. Yes, you have to plan ahead by 10-15 minutes – but if you’re a parent – you’re good at that! I highly recommend this bottle warmer.

Letitia Rural Ridge, PA

Not that great

Very useful if you can transport it without “clicking” the disc that activates the warming solution, and if you do it is useless if you are somewhere without a stove and a pot of boiling water. But it does warm bottles really well, just have to learn to be extra careful with it.

Deanna Brookland, AR

Great for occasional on-the-go use, not as main warmer

I only need to use an on-the-go bottle warmer sporadically in the week, and only to warm up a single room-temp bottle at a time, so this works great for me. Any more often than once a day, and this would be totally inconvenient, as the warmer insert needs to be boiled for 15 minutes to be usable again, which means you do have to be home for that, and it does need to cool off afterwards.Heats up to a safe temperature very quickly, and keeps warm for about an hour (residual heat for a few more hours afterwards). Not as hot as boiling water, but does the job (in a little more time), and super convenient when we’re out and about.Only two cons: the time and effort it takes to make it usable again, and the weight of the warmer – it’s like carrying an extra (small) bottle of water, which unfortunately does add up with everything else already in the changing bag.Pros: compact, very portable, usable anywhere (doesn’t need batteries or anything else to work), fits most bottles, and I love that the instructions are printed on the heating pad, so you don’t have to remember them.

Cleo Lester, IA

As a bottle warmer it stinks, but…

I bought this to warm bottles that were currently being kept cool with ice packs. In that case, the thing did not work. It got warm enough to knock the chill off the milk, but didn’t come close to making the bottle warm enough that my son would actually drink it. However, I switched my approach so now, if I know I’ll be giving the bottle in an hour or less, I’ll heat the bottle at home and put the already warm bottle in this bottle warmer to KEEP the bottle warm. In that case, the thing works like a charm. I do the same thing to keep baby food warm. It really does stink if you’re trying to heat something that’s cold. I imagine that if the bottle started out room temp, it might get fairly warm. And if the bottle or food starts out warm, this will keep it warm. For that last reason, I love this thing. I use it at least weekly. But for an actually warmer… to make something warmER, it stinks.

Alma Kingston, WI

Don’t Bother!

We go to a lot of outside events (car shows) where a bottle can’t be warmed so easily. I bought this bottle warmer after reading the ratings and thought that I could prevent the metal disc from activating itself. The first time I used this warmer I was very careful how I placed it in my diaper bag and I was also very careful not to bump my diaper bag. When I went to use it, I was very surprised to see that it activated itself. I did give this bottle warmer a chance………I tried it about 6 times and it only worked one time. Needless to say, I returned it to Babies R Us. If you do decide to go against this rating, please keep your receipt. I think you would have to put this warmer in a steel case before placing it in your diaper bag in order for it not to activate itself! It would be a great invention if it wouldn’t activate itself! I also wouldn’t mind boiling the bag if the product would work.

Liliana Prague, OK

Good thought for a product but it’s a pain in the butt

I bought this so that I could warm bottles for the baby and because it came recommended from another mom. I like it at first, sure it was a pain to have to boil after each use to reset the heating mechanism but for the convenience, I didn’t think it was too bad. I’ve had it for a few months now and I really dislike it and am going to return it if I can.Problem #1–You need to plan to use it because it will take up to 20 min to warm a bottle fresh from the fridge and a little less if it’s at room temp. If you baby likes a warmer bottle, then it can take longer. So, if you baby isn’t on a really predictable schedule, this isn’t the warmer for you.Problem #2–I packed it in the diaper bag and then went to go use it only to find out it had been activated. The activation disk is very sensitive to being bumped or rubbed and will activate the heating crystals easily. So I was scrambling to find away to heat the bottle at the mall with a screaming/hungry baby. I ended up having to find a place to breastfeed which isn’t easy if you have a baby that is a messy/distractable nurser, there is not a private enough place for these kiddos!Problem #2–It’s heavy. It will definitely add weight to your diaper bag that is noticeable and it’s not petite in size.Problem #3–the annoying problem of boiling it after each use takes on a whole different level of annoying when you have to spend 20 min boiling it when you haven’t even used it because it was activated by accident….stupid sensitive activation disk!Problem #4–Not a big deal, but if you have older children this becomes a cool toy. They get amazed to see liquid turning to crystal and getting hot…this is just as annoying as it getting accidentally activated!So for the amount of times I have actually used the item (twice) v. the times I’ve had to boil this item to use it (at least 10!) I wouldn’t buy this or recommend it to anyone.

Tanisha Scott City, KS

Lifesaver if you know what to expect

This gets the bottle very nice and warm without being too hot for my baby. It works well each and every time if you know what to expect. Here’s what to expect- 1. It will take 30min so plan ahead. 2. It will keep it warm for up to 3 hours in the sleeve so you have some leeway on when to click it hot (click the button early!) 3. If you drop it or it is in a bag getting bounced around, it might click on accidentally. It’s not the end of the world because it will keep the bottle warm until the baby is hungry. 4. You have to boil it in hot water for 15 min each time after you use it to reset it.I have the Prince Lionheart and this one. The advantage of the Price Lionheart is that there is a handle with velcro that keeps the handle together so you can hang it on the stroller or hold it easily. The Dex cover is more malleable and I prefer this one but my nanny prefers the Prince Lionheart cover. The heating mechanism is a different shape too. The Prince Lionheart has a circular part that goes under the bottle but yet it is not as long as the Dex. All in all, the heating mechanism on this and the Prince Lionheart one works about the same.

Lara Jonesville, VT


1. Too heavy to lug around in diaper bag.2. Too big to fit in average size diaper bag.3. Gets activated with the slightest bump – not good if baby is not ready for a bottle!4. One time use then you have to pull out a pot and boil the thing, then lay it to cool.I wouldn’t have bought this product if I had known what a pain it would be.

Petra Wauregan, CT