Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra

Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra

This ultra-safe bed rail will help kids and their parents get a good night’s sleep. An array of safety features ensures parents their little ones are safe in bed, including an anchor strap to keep the rail firmly in place and a stabilization bar for added security. The extra-tall design fits any mattress and a safety lock keeps the rail positioned where you want it. Made of a breathable mesh fabric for comfort, the rail also features no-scratch edges to keep furniture mar free. Assembles in minutes without tools. For ages 2 to 6 years. Imported. 48Lx20W”.

Main features

  • 48″ X 20″

Verified reviews


A good bed rail

We love this bed rail. It’s very easy to set up. Now I don’t need to worry that my daughter might fall off the bed.

Rosalia Eaton, OH

Updated: Seems sturdy, fits a king size mattress

Just installed this on a king size mattress set. It was not easy finding a bed rail that I thought was safe enough or easy enough to use for that size mattress. The way that this bed rail was designed, it is easy to install onto any size mattress.My husband and I co sleep with our 3 month old and while my husband and I enjoy sleeping under the covers, my baby does not because he still has to be swaddled to sleep well at night. We got the bed rail so that he could sleep on the edge of the bed instead of the middle and not worry about him rolling off the bed (and he does roll, both ways, and can roll all the way over from back to tummy and onto his back again).First of all, it was delivered very quickly. I have Amazon Mom and selected free 2 day shipping on this item. It was delivered the day after I placed the order!The product itself was very simple to put together. I put it together myself without my husband within 5 minutes. My husband installed it onto our bed within 5 minutes as well.This seems to be a very sturdy rail. I love the mesh, because I don’t have to worry about him burying his face into it if he does roll over. It’s very tall as far as keeping a kid from rolling off of the mattress, I imagine I will have lots of trouble with this when my son learns to stand, but then again if he is in a twin or full size bed the mattress may be thin enough to make the rail height more significant. It is very long rail, and works great on our king size mattress, so I know as far as length goes it will work fine with whatever bed we transition the little one to.The only downside to this is the length of the rail (and my arm span) makes it difficult to unlock and fold down. My arm span is just long enough to reach both locking mechanisms, so my hand dexterity is compromised when I attempt to do anything at that range. The length is not a problem for my husband by himself, but I most certain will require assistance if I ever needed to put the rail down.I highly recommend this rail, just for the ease of assembly, installation, and of course the shipping speed was excellent.Update: About a week after I wrote this review my son started fussing while swaddled at night, so he started sleeping free and loose. As a result, he can now roll around in bed and has rolled right into the bed rail. I have had to move him away from the bed rail, and have found him in a variety of positions. He has had his face pressed against it, he has been on his back and right against it, he has been on his stomach and right against it, and he has been on his side with his back to the mesh. I’m pleased that the bed rail has not budged at all. My son easily weighs around 16 lbs at this point, and I have no concerns about whether or not the bed rail will hold his weight and keep him from falling. I’m extremely pleased with this product.

Beverly West Green, GA

We like it so far!

We’ve had this rail for just over a week now. My son just moved into a “big boy bed” and I did a ton of research into which rail would be best for us. This one seemed to fit the bill. We have a mattress/boxspring combo so happily didn’t have the issues that the people with platforms etc have in picking a rail.It’s certainly sturdy and with that middle stabilizer bar in place, doesn’t move ANYwhere near enough to let him fall through. I cannot imagine how kids are going through to the floor if this is installed correctly and using that middle bar.Some pros and cons below. Don’t be fooled by that it seems like there’s more cons than pros. Not true. I’m just wordier with my complaints. <lol>Pros:–It’s sturdy and nice-looking. We DID install that middle bar as other reviewers recommended. I definitely think it’s a good idea. I can’t see how it’s as stable without it.–You can lower it down to make changing sheets etc super easy. I love this. I also lower it when sitting in the rocker next to the bed telling a story or singing to him – otherwise I can’t see him, nor he me! It’s also mercifully quiet when you raise it back up and snap it into place. I have a SUPER light sleeper and he doesn’t stir when I do that.–The mechanism to lower it works smoothly and well, and I can’t find a way that a child, alone, could do it him/herself.–It seems quite safe and serves its purpose well. This is my favorite part really – that it is SAFE and stable and keeps him from falling out.Cons:–You need a decent amount of room from floor to top of boxspring (I think another reviewer said 18 inches?) in order to be able to have this flush against the side when lowered. We don’t. So it doesn’t go flat to the floor, but stays on an angle. As another reviewer note, when like that it makes a “ladder” for the child to get to the bed. I don’t like that – I don’t want him climbing on the thing at all, so I mostly leave it up now. I lower it mostly when tucking sheets. Disappointing – I loved that it could be left down, but that’s a fault of my bed, NOT of the rail.–We found it a tad bit confusing as to how to properly tighten the anchor thing. In fairness, it had been a long day and maybe if we were “fresh” it would’ve been like “ohhhhh duhh!” or something. Putting it together was a snap, but we hassled with the anchor thing a bit. Got it, though (it’s really NOT hard) and now it’s nice and sturdy. I also agree with the other reviewers in that you really SHOULD use that middle bar. We have a rather low mattress and that bar falls JUST below it. So we lucked out in that the bar isn’t against him in any way.–One nit-picky thing, but one that I think the company really needs to look at, is that after just a week, the mesh in the top corner is sort of slightly bubbled out from my 3 year old putting his foot there. Seems like it should be stronger or better held inside or something. Now don’t misunderstand, it’s not ripped, it’s not way out, it’s just not totally smooth in that area anymore. Again, seems like mine can’t be the only kid who puts their foot on it, or elbow, or whatever. (That, primarily, is the reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, by the way.)That’s kind of it I think. Works as it should – goes on relatively easily – looks nice – most of all seems super safe. That last bit is all that really matters.

Mamie Philadelphia, PA

Has saved our daughter so many times!

We started using this bed rail for each side of her bed (don’t forget to order TWO- it only comes with one) since she left the crib. We believe this has saved her from falling countless times. She is old enough now to even tell us so. She doesn’t want them off, even though it makes climing in and out of bed more of a hassle for her. Excellent product at an excellent price!

Olga Carpenter, WY

Used this for my 8 month old daughter who liked to sleep in my bed

Woke up one morning to my 8 month old falling off my bed. I caught her, but was thoroughly scared. I bought this and haven’t had an issue since. The rail is sturdy and my baby is safe.

Clarissa Hillsboro, NM

Returned it…

I bought this for when we transitioned my daughter from her crib to a twin mattress. I returned it after trying to make it work for a few weeks. No matter what we tried, we could not get the rail to fit snug enough to the bed… there was always a gap. The metal bar that goes across through the middle pushes against the mattress and creates a gap. We always had to stuff the gap with blankets and even then I felt that it was hazardous if my daughter were to get stuck between the mattress and this bed rail. It got to the point that my husband and I both thought that it would be safer for her to fall out of the bed than to get stuck at night inbetween the mattress and bed rail. We returned it and haven’t missed it, she did fine with just putting a row of pillows along the edge of the bed… thankful for the free return, but wish I saved myself the trouble and just used pillows in the first place.

Benita Farlington, KS

The Family Bed

We practice the “family bed” and started to use these when our son out-grew his co-sleeper. It works well for what we need it to do. We also take it on trips because it is easy to it to disassemble and reassemble.

Noreen Lewis, WI

Not tall enough for a pillow top mattress

This bed rail is easy to put together and install. It would be perfect if it was a few inches taller. It claims to fit all mattresses, but it isn’t tall enough for our pillow top mattress.

Kaitlyn Milledgeville, TN

Great Item & Easy Setup

I really like this product. Nine pieces total to put together. Took me 15 minutes to put it together, probably could have done it quicker by my 2 year old niece was helping me. Very sturdy and safe. I felt very comfortable allowing her to sleep on her own in a twin size bed. She liked it as well. Feel confident buying the product. It is well worth the money!

Clare Poplar Bluff, MO

Own 1 already, came back for 2 more for our vacation home…

This gate is easy to put together and does a great job keeping a co-sleeping toddler safe! We plan to use it on his twin bed in the future. Our first bedrail (this one!) is 6 years old and still going strong.

Alejandra Blakely, GA

I highly recommend this product!

I purchased these since I was expecting a new baby and didn’t want to buy a new crib for a couple of months. So I started my not quite two year old daughter in her big girl bed and wanted the peace of mind that she wasn’t going to fall out. I have one edge of the bed against the wall so I only had the purchase one. Obviously the price is great. That being said it’s still a high quality product that works well. I like that it can fold down easily to make the bed or change the sheets. My daughter has never fallen out of bed so it does the trick. I’m not in love with the appearance since it reminds me a little of a hospital bed. But overall it’s worth it since it’s a temporary thing that is keeping my daughter safe.

Reyna Forest, LA

great design and hold, cheap material

this bedrail was very easy to get together, maybe 10 mins total [read directions, set out parts, etc…] but only 5 mins to actually put it together. and once you do it once, it’s much quicker the second time.i really liked the design. sturdy, simple, folds down. tall enough for a deep mattresses but not for pillowtops [tried it on different beds]. seems like the frame would last.however, the material part will not. the white material and mesh is very cheap. the one i bought had to be returned because it was sewn incorrectly which resulted in part of the mesh not being attached to the vinyl[?] material. the mesh itself is not like you’d find on current pack and plays, it’s much cheaper and seems like it would rip or tear if anything pushed or got caught on it. the white material itself is thin, and seriously why white? don’t they know it’s for kids? ecru, off-white, something other than white which is bound to get dingy.overall, i am going to eventually purchase another one because it’s better than the others out there. but, i’m hoping we won’t have any problems down the road with wear and tear. don’t know if it’ll last, although for the price i’m guessing that’s what you get.good, not great

Angelina Clinton, LA

Not for platform bed or any bed with a lip around it

Product should clearly state can’t be used on a platform bed, or any bed that does not need a box spring. Rail must clear box spring or lip by a significant amount in order to work. Had to return the item and had to pay a restocking fee. Really Annoying.

Alma Murphy, NC

Great length!

The sleeper bed rail is a great length for the queen size bed we have our daughter in. We know she will not fall out as it is sturdy and secure.

Winnie Penrose, CO

Stays in place, easy to lower for making the bed

We used this on a full size bed. Our house was for sale and had showings, inspections, etc continuously for a month so I had to make sure the bed was made every day. It was very easy to lower the rail to make the bed. It stayed securely in place. I’d recommend it.

Lucile Lamar, MS


I love this rail. I’m a bit of a safety nut. This rail is the best I’ve found by far. It’s longer and higher than most, and seems to fit more applications. I would definately buy again.

Krystal Flagler, CO

Measure your bed (top of boxspring to floor)

20 inches high sounds great, but its too tall (by about 4 inches) to fold flush against the bed – so either we leave it up, or trip on it. You would need a very high box spring for this to work…As rails go, it’s a rail. Sturdy enough, long enough to protect most new bed sleepers.But the design is tough…

Minerva Raymond, CA