DEX Products Sound Sleeper SS-01

DEX Products Sound Sleeper SS-01

Ensure your baby—and you—enjoy more restful sleep with the Sound Sleeper Audio Relaxer. Featuring 10 soothing sounds—womb, bird, brook, buoy, ocean, rain, seagull, summer night, thunder and wind—the Sound Sleeper masks annoying household and street sounds that can wake Baby. Select a single sound, a combination of sounds or the random mode. Imported. 5-yr. manufacturer’s warranty. 2-1/4Hx4-1/4Wx8L.

Main features

  • 24 different sound combinations
  • Calms baby to sleep with a wide variety of nature’s sounds
  • Headphone jack included (headphones not included)

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money…

I bought this before my daughter was born thinking that the “heartbeat” sound would be soothing for her. I liked this better than the teddy bears with the heartbeat sound because it also had other soothing sounds that my husband and I might enjoy as well.I hated every sound it made. The heartbeat was loud and annoying. All the other “natural” sounds seemed very unnatural and mechanical. My baby slept much better when I stopped using this. If you want nature sounds, I suggest you invest something other than this product.We now use an old clock radio tuned to AM static and it works better than anything else.

Madge Melbourne, KY

Could not live without!!!

This is just fantastic. We previously were using the lulaby bear but the darn thing kept messing up. We went through three of them before finding this. Here is the break down:Good1. Can have it play all night or use the automatic shut off.2. Tons of sounds to choose from3. Small, fits in our playards little rack where we keep diapers and such. Also easy to pack when staying somewhere overnight.4. Has the option to plug in to save money instead of wasting batteries, but the battery option is nice to have two since you do not always have an outlet everywhere.5. Can program it to play one sound, play two sounds at the same time (such as rain w/ thunder), or you can choose the option for it to play sounds at random.6. Easy Easy Easy to use. I never even read the instruction manual.Bad:1. It does not go real real loud.To give an example of how loud it goes. If we turn it up to full volume and close the bedroom door we can hear it (it is on the far side of the room away from the door, our room is an average master bedroom) if there is not another sound going on. But if the T.V, dishwasher, dogs, or shower is running anywhere in the house we cannot hear it. That is more than enough for us, especially since it is right next to our babies crib and as long as he hears it we are happy. Also when we go to bed and all things are off in the house we have to turn it down to its lowest volume otherwise it is too loud. I hope that helps!!

Jordan Bellvue, CO

Warning – batteries CANNOT be used with this unit!

Overview:I bought one of these about a year ago and it’s fine. It included batteries and it really helped out when we needed to travel. The current version is worse in many ways, and I do not recommend it.PROS:> It’s a nice size, and easy to use.> It does what it says> It’s fine if you have an outlet and your power never goes out.CONS:> The power cord is now PERMANENTLY attached and cannot be unplugged.> The battery compartment CANNOT BE USED. That’s right, YOU CANNOT USE BATTERIES WITH THIS UNIT. If you want to travel, or if the power goes out, this machine is useless. On the older version of this machine, if you unplug the power cord, the batteries can be used. However, if the power goes out the batteries do NOT take over automatically.> This is noticeably quieter than our old version of this machine. While the volume buttons both goes up the same number of times, our old sound machine feels like it has 2-3 louder levels. This new machine stops getting loud at about half the volume of our old unit. As a result, it is barely loud enough to drown out background noises in a house.> One oddity: There is a “demo” switch on the bottom, and when traveling it often gets hit, which causes this unit to turn off after a few minutes. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a hassle.WOULD I BUY THIS AGAIN?> No, I would not recommend this item.—————-For what it’s worth, the serial number on our old machine is 0409 and the new one is 1412. Otherwise they appear identical. I am disappointed that the new one falls short in so many ways.

Bertie Hymera, IN

It would be great if you could hear it…

The AC adaptor and sound selections are great, but the sound is way too low, even on the highest level. I foolishly bought this, knowing that others thought it was too low…but it really is SO LOW you can’t hear it 4 feet away. Turned out to be a 20 buck paperweight for me.

Maryellen Rio Medina, TX


Awesome! My daughter loves loading it up with dirt. Rolls really well on hard flooring.

Ila Columbus, MT

Loved this sound machine!

Was surprised at all the bad reviews. Got this sound machine about 2 weeks after the baby came home and now 3 months later it’s turned into a MUST have. Just logged on to buy a second for the grandparents house since he will be over there more when I go back to work.

Leona Carey, ID

We take this everywhere

My baby originally didn’t care much for the constant noise, but the older he got, the more easily he was disturbed by environmental noises. By the time he was 4 months old, passing cars with loud mufflers drag racing past our apartments would wake him from his naps. This does not drown out drag racers, but at least the constant white noise allows my little man to drift back into sleep more easily when he is disturbed.We take it with us on weekend trips to lend a more familiar feel to the environment. It seems to help him settle down and get to sleep more easily than when we forget it. Also, as an extra benefit, it eases my mind about my baby monitor. Sometimes my monitor quits working, and with this making a constant gentle noise, I can always tell when my monitor is working fine or when it has lost signal.

Marissa Tecate, CA

I would buy one again

This is good for the price. Its a decent white noise machine for a baby. My daughter has slept much better since we got it. I keep it on all night as well at during her naps. Satisfactory product. Might get one for my sons room.

James Potts Grove, PA

Great sleeper for baby

We use this for every nap and every evening sleep with our now eight month old. We’ve used it since she was 2 weeks old. There are several different sound options but we’ve gone with rain or ocean each time. The volume is plenty loud. I recall that I’d read complaints from others regarding the sound, but it doesn’t take something that loud to calm baby and keep her asleep. This works perfectly fine for us. The cincher was that it plugs in and doesn’t need batteries. Great product.

Kelly Girard, KS

Could be louder

I like the option you have of keeping it on for more than an hour (all day if you’d like), but I wish it could be louder.

Celina Hayden, ID

Great womb sound quality

This product has a great womb sound, very clear without obvious loops in the sound. Only wish it had white noise option as well……

Claudia Poland, NY

No complaints.

It does what it says it’s going to. We leave it on all night, on the rain setting. Not sure why people say it’s not very loud, if you wanted it louder you could put it closer to the crib..?! You can get really creative with the sounds. It allows you to combine them which is unique.

Muriel La Loma, NM

Have used it every night for over 1.5yrs, still working like new.

We had twins just over 1.5yrs ago. We received this as a gift at our baby shower. Within two weeks of the twins being born they were sleeping in their own cribs and this was on the “ocean” sound. It has literally been on EVERY night for over 1.5yrs and is still working like new. We even take this with us when we travel. I would highly recommend this as we have not had a single problem with it the entire time we have owned it.

Luella Marbury, AL

in love

I wish I would have bought one of these for myself like 10 years ago. We use it 3 times a day and I use it when I take a nap :)So many sound options and it’s holding up nicely.

Joann Cisco, UT

Good basic noise machine

Bought this for my boys who share a room. They take turns on which settings they will sleep to each night. We even take it with us on vacation as it provides a feeling of home when sleeping in a hotel room.

Kathy Walnut Cove, NC

It helped my baby stay asleep

My son was a very light sleeper and any little noise would wake him up. I bought this thinking that it wouldn’t work but was worth a try. It actually did help him to stay asleep. He would sleep for hours at a time as long as the machine was on. It actually helped me to relax too bc we slept in the same room. I don’t like things hanging on this crib so I liked that this machine can be put anywhere.I put it on the floor under his bassinet then on a short stool next to his crib. I haven’t had to use it lately but I keep it close by just in case.

Terri Ritter, OR

Still using this with my 13mo old!

My daughter is 13 months and we still use this every night. I read a lot of negative reviews about it breaking, making random sounds, etc. and have not experienced anything like that in the 13 months we’ve had it! We set it on her dresser right next to her crib and although we sometimes switch it up, usually we use the ocean sound. When she was a newborn I used the heartbeat but after a couple of months I stopped using that one. I love this product and would highly recommend it!

Madeleine Holden, WV

It’s a worthwhile investment

I wouldn’t quite describe this as a “must have” but ours does get its fair share of use. As others have said its a plug-in or battery operated sound maker. It plays womb sounds, rain, thunder etc. We often turn it on at bedtime to drown out other household noises. Plus, we notice our daughter seems to sleep better with music/white noise in the background. My only criticism might be the volume. Sometimes even when we have it up as loud as it will go certain sounds are barely audible unless you are right up on the machine. If your infant is a fussy sleeper this product is worth a try.

Rachelle Helmetta, NJ

I like it, but……

I like this noise eliminator, but I have some issues with it. However, I think I am going to keep it. Here are some pros and cons.PRO- It is small & inexpensive.-The volume seems loud enough.-The rain sound is a nice white noise.-It will run continuously or for 60 minutes, your choice.CONS–When I purchased it I was under the impression that it could be plugged in OR run on batteries. I was wrong. The batteries are only for the demo setting and the unit must be plugged in to work.-I was also under the impression that I could mix any and all the sounds I wanted. For example I wanted to mix womb with rain and maybe add some birds… You can’t do that. You can only mix two sounds together and you can only mix the ones on the left with the ones on the right. So, you can’t do womb and rain. I was really bummed out about that part.-Next, the unit resets every time you turn it off so if you have created a combination you like you have to do it again every time you turn it on.-And the volume resets too. So, if you’ve found a volume you like you need to re-establish that volume each time.

Lilly Silver Lake, WI

An absolute must for baby’s room!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I bought one of these for his nursery. He is now 19 months old and it plays every night while he sleeps. He prefers the ocean sounds with buouy. It is very soothing and serves to dull noise coming from other rooms that might disturb him. There are tons of sound combinations, a volume control, and best of all, there is an adapter, so you need not spend a fortune in batteries. It travels well, so we never have to go without it.Now that I am pregnant again, I have a bought another for the new baby. I absolutely love this product. Five stars, without question.

Ilene Orient, SD

A must-have gadget for New Parents

My wife and I bought the DEX Products Sound Sleeper sound machine when we read inHealthy Sleep Habits, Happy Childthat this would help our new born sleep through the night. We have been using it for the last 6 months and we are very satisfied with its performance.It has several sound options, but we primarily use the “Rain” sound at maximum volume with the sound machine sitting on the floor next to our daughter’s crib. This drowns out the small sounds that might wake her, while not activating our our voice activated baby monitor that sits waist high next to her crib.This sound machine also has a sleep timer, but we never use it.If you have a baby, you should really consider purchasing this sound machine.

Sheila Villa Ridge, IL

Works great as a sleep machine. Wish it didn’t reset on power outage

This is a great little machine. Sure an iphone or other radio could do the job but, sometimes it’s nice to have a dedicated device that does one thing and does it well. The only complaint I have (which is small actually) is that I do wish it would continue playing the same sound after a power outage. At it is, it defaults to the first sound when the power returns.

Lois Cambria Heights, NY

Used for 2 years and still loving it!

We bought this when our baby was just an infant since his room shares a wall with our tv room. It is extremely easy and intuitive to use. We mainly use it on the ocean setting which is plenty loud. I do not need to turn it up all the way to watch tv in the next room. It will also drown out the shower, the toilet (also next to his room), loading the dishwasher, and moderate talking. It will not drown out our dyson, the doorbell, or the dog barking. However, some of the other options are quieter (I.e. the heart beat and rain are much quieter). The ocean sound is very realistic and has much better sound quality than the competitors version at my mom’s house. I like that I can leave it on all night or have it automatically turn off after an hour. We usually use it plugged in but have found the battery option invaluable for traveling. In fact, my husband and I like it so much for traveling we take it even without the baby! It drowns out all those weird noises in hotel rooms. Downsides for us, it doesn’t really have as many options as they make it sound like- there are only like six main sounds and then extra sounds that go over the top of those sounds. But do you really want a random bell tolling or bird squawking to wake up baby?! Finally, we have used this three times a day (2 naps and bedtime) for two plus years without a single problem! We are buying a second one for the next kid!

Ginger Kittery Point, ME

Poor sound quality

I always take the product reviews with a grain of salt, but I clearly should have paid more attention on this one. The sound is really mechanical when you turn it all the way up, which you have to do to hear the darn thing. It also loops, so once my brain picked out the pattern through the baby monitor I couldn’t sleep!

Ophelia Moosup, CT

Own 2 of these

We bought our first one for our daughter 2 years ago and it is still going strong. We bought a second for baby #2 and have had no issues in 6 months of constant use. I take these everywhere– travel, grandma’s house, etc and they have seen some abuse from our toddler. It has a nice volume range and gets pretty loud on the highest setting. Overall, this has been a fantastic product because our house can get pretty loud. It drowns out noise nicely and we are glad to have them in both the kids’ rooms. Wish I had one for my room!

Faith Hamlin, KY

Sounds stays on all night!

This was my one thing I wanted in a sound machine. I have bought the little lamb that has soothing sounds, but it only lasts 20 minutes or something like that. I didn’t realize that when I bought it, we were wanting something that played the sound the whole time he slept to block out noises from outside and help him sleep.Great features:The sounds can be played sperately (rain, thunder, waves) or can be combined with other noises (rain and thunder).It can play for a short time or all night.Volume controls – can play very softly or loud enough to cover up noises of me cleaning while he sleeps.Has held up for going on one year so far with no problems! We play in every night and during every nap – he has slept 11 hours a night since he was 4 months old!

Lula Norton, VA

Great product

Several of my friends own this machine and I decided to try it when I was moving our baby into his crib in his room out of our room. It is great, we turn this on to the "ocean" sound and he sleeps so much more peacefully. Noises don’t wake him up as easily when we use this. Highly Recommend for little ones!!!! We turn it on and close the curtains and he knows that it is time to sleep.

Helena Englewood, FL

Great affordable product!

We use this for all night sleep with our 4 month old. We used to have a sleep sheep but we needed to turn it on every time our baby stirred to help ease her back to sleep. We looked for an all night sleeping machine but all were so expensive. This one is great and inexpensive! For those reviews that say its not loud enough- I have a trick! When you first turn it on, it does not go to the volume level you left it at. It always goes to a mid level volume. So every night I turn it on and press the volume up button a few times to make it louder. Hope this helps people.

Kelly Portland, PA

love this!

got it elsewhere, but I love this! It even lures me to sleep. Not a fan of the Womb sound, but the others are great.

Sonia Careywood, ID

Great for background sleepig noise

We love this for background noise for our toddler to sleep with. He has had a ocean waves machine since the hospital where he was born, and I swear he sleeps better with it. It has really helped us establish a great sleeping pattern with him, which means mom and dad sleep better. I love that this one plugs in, our previous one worked on batteries which drove me nuts when they died in the wee morning hours and I would have to stumble in to replace them. I only wish this had a better way to mount it on the wall out of playful fingers reach.

Allene Wisner, LA