Dex Products Travel Wipes Warmer

Dex Products Travel Wipes Warmer

The Dex Products Travel Wipes Warmer keeps your wipes warm anywhere you go. The ultra compact design fits in your purse or diaper bag. Car adapter is included so you can even warm wipes while in the car.

Main features

  • Home and car adaptors included
  • Holds over 20 wipes
  • Wipes stay warm and moist when unplugged

Verified reviews


BIG waste of money….

This and the ultimate wipes warmer where two of the things that I purchased right away because I had read all of the reviews and everyone said they were “lifesavers”. Well, out of all of the items I have purchased these two were the BIGGEST waste of money and are more of an inconvenience than anything. This warmer needs to be plugged in to stay warm and when unplugged does not stay warm for long. If using these items make sure you always have a warm wipe because your little one gets use to the warm wipes which is not always so convenient when your on the go or traveling. My advice is save your money and buy something your baby REALLY needs.

Rena Pinconning, MI

Not Necessary

This product is definitely not a neccessity. The wipes stay warm once unplugged for about an hour only, and it’s way too big for a travel case. There is also a too-long cord that hangs off of the case, it’s really annoying. It would have made more sense to have it unplug directly from the case.

Sallie Soldier, KY

can do without

As a new mother, I wanted to get everything that would make the baby comfortable. As the months go by, I realized that there are some things I could have done without… this is one of the things. Quite frankly, I think it drys out the wipes, and only warms the first two on top.

Cathryn Roseville, CA

Great wipes warmer for travel and in home uses.

We use a munchkin wipes warmer at home. My baby had really bad diaper rash during the 2nd week, so we switched from disposable wipes to using cloth wipes with a wipe warmer. Then we started to travel a little bit when he turned 1 month old and we quickly realized that we needed a wipes warmer for him when travel. This Dex Baby travel wipes warmer is a great product because it can be used in the car and to a wall outlet. We have ours plugged in at all time. When we travel, we plug it in the car and plug it to the wall outlet when we arrive at grandma’s. It holds about 5-6 wipes (we use wash cloth) at a time – we roll up our wipes and not stacking them. All the wipes stay equally warm for a long time because the heating surface is on the top. We are planning to use this at the day care beginning tomorrow as well. We make up a bunch of cloth wipes and store them in the munchkin wipes warmer and transfer 5-6 to this Dex baby to be sent to day care daily. It is a great product and we definitely wish we’d known about this product earlier.

Martha Suring, WI

Too Slow

Takes too long to heat up the wipes, and then they lose all their heat as soon as you pull them out of the container, before I can even get them right over to my baby. Waste of money.

Ruthie Somerdale, NJ

wrong item sent

i intended to use this for a trip to texas in december. my baby hates the cold wipes here in miami, so i figured that he would be very unhappy when we got somewhere where it was actually cold. I eagerly waited for 2 weeks to receive my travel wipe warmer… and when it arrived it was the space saver wipe warmer instead. 🙁 needless to say, i am returning it. I’m sure it is a fine product but it is not what i ordered and wont do me a lick of good since i need it for travel. hopefully when i order again they will send me the correct product.February 4, 2012 I got my correct travel warmer in time for my trip. baby loves it. I love it. it keeps the wipes really warm, much warmer than the larger warmers. the only complaint is that there is no wipe dispenser thingy at the top to seperate the wipes, so if you pull one they all come, but this really does not bother me too much.

Tessa Joseph, OR

Wipes are warm!

My son used to scream at the top of his lungs whenever we had to change him. Holding the wipes in my hand for a minute or two to warm them up didn’t seem to help. Someone suggested that I get a wipe warmer. Boy am I glad I did. Now, he is more content and even laughs and smiles while being changed. I love the warmth of the wipes so I know he does too! Even though it’s the travel version, we use it in the nursery and refill it as needed. If I want to take it with me, I can just unplug it and go. I highly recommend.

Lori Tamuning, GU

EVERY Mother needs one of these!!!! Best on the market!

I registered for this travel wipe warmer and a regular size wipe warmer when I got pregnant. I received both this warmer and a full size one (of a different brand). THIS WIPE WARMER IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST ON THE MARKET.We take it with us everywhere we go. It keeps the wipes moist, warm and it is small and compact. The only down fall to this product is that since it is travel size it does not hold a full case of wipes. However, it does hold about 3 to 4 days worth. The thing I love about it is that it does not dry the wipes out like other warmers.It comes with a car charger and an outlet plug-in so you can virtually take it anywhere with you. We do not even use our regular size wipe warmer because it doesn’t compare to this one. I would recommend this particular wipe warmer for any mother. It is an inexpensive but wonderful gift!

Tammi Marianna, FL

Works well but cracked after 6 months

This warmer works well and holds a good amount of wipes, but has cracked on the top after 6 months. For the money it has worked well though, and still works. Would probably buy another one if the crack gets worse. Easy to open and close with one hand and doesn’t take up much space.

Latasha Canaan, NY