DEX Products Wipe Warmer Space Saver

DEX Products Wipe Warmer Space Saver

Pamper your baby with warm, cozy wipes. Baby will thank you with less fussing and crying. The space saver wipe warmer dispenses warm, toasty wipes with no browning and no drying out – guaranteed.Our innovative vertical design saves valuable space on your changing table or dresser. Use the built-in changing light so baby won’t be disturbed by bright room lights. Lights shut off automatically after 10 minutes. Viewing window shows when to refill.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Vertical design saves valuable space on changing table
  • Built in changing light so baby won’t be disturbed by bright room lights
  • Lights shut off automatically after 10 minutes

Verified reviews


It’s OK…

I wouldn’t recommend a wipe warmer for anyone, really not necessary. By the time you get the wipe out and wipe your baby’s bottom, it’s really no warmer than taking it out of a normal wipes case. It is nice to have the wipes upright to take up a little less room, but not really worth it.

Kristin Pine Level, AL

Warms slightly

I used to own a Prince Lionheart warmer, but the power cord became corroded and it could no longer be used safely.I like the vertical design of this warmer, but it is bulkier than I expected. I also like the opening where the wipes come out. I don’t have a problem getting them out with one hand, and the lid opens and closes easily. One downside to this warmer is that it warms the wipes but only slightly. I realized the difference between this one and the Prince Lionheart is where the warming element is in the unit. This warmer is warmed from the top down, which is how they prevent the browning. Due to this design, only the top couple of wipes are slightly warm. I prefer the high warming temperature of my other warmer. Once the wipe is removed from this warmer, it is practically cold before I wipe my son off. I do like this warmer because I don’t feel like the power cord will be a problem like it was with the Prince Lionheart warmer. Safety is my top priority, so with that the Dex warmer is a winner for me.

Annmarie Summerland, CA

Not So Hot Baby Wipes Warmer

I’ve been using this warmer for 8 months and am not impressed. The wipes are lukewarm at best, they don’t pop out well and I often have to shove my hand into the container to retreive them (easier for me with a small hand, however my husband has a very difficult time!). The pin attaching the door to the unit is always sliding loose and is very awkward to push back in. The entire unit slides all over the dresser top when I try to pull a wipe out, as well. I do appreciate the little light, which turns off after ten minutes, although the button could be easier to push in (again, because the unit slides around, you can’t have an armful of baby and expect to turn it on easily). I would not recommend this warmer and, if I weren’t against being wasteful, would get rid of it yesterday. When we’re ready for baby numero 2, you can find this one at my local thrift shop although I wouldn’t recommend getting it there, either, even if it IS a good deal)!

Ronda Harmony, IN

Works well with a few issues

This works well for its purpose. However, sometimes wipes get stuck and make the door hard to close and obviously they will dry out with an open door. Water also accumulates at the bottom so you have to be careful when you change wipes or it is easy to make a mess.

Hannah Bremen, IN

Great Wipe Warmer

I have had 3 wipe warmers and this is the best one. The other ones were the horizontal type and I got this for my new baby to save space. It fits perfectly into the compartment on his changing table, and I find the wipes easier to access through this front-facing door than in the standard warmers. As some other reviewers have said, the wipes don’t get extremely warm in this warmer, but I find that’s mainly true only of the wipes that are left hangimg out of the slot. All wipes are warm enough to take the edge off though and I would rather not have hot wipes that burn the baby’s bottom. No problems with dry wipes either, but then we use ours on a regular basis so I don’t know how it would be if you left them in unused for a while. Highly recommended!

Geri Carlton, GA