Dexbaby Breathe Free Miracle Mat

Dexbaby Breathe Free Miracle Mat

Improve airflow in the crib! This breathable crib mattress topper enhances air circulation around baby, creating a safer sleep environment while making the crib a softer, cushier place. What’s unique: unlike conventional, solid foam mattress pads, it’s made of airy layered mesh that enhances ventilation, keeping baby cooler and preventing overheating. Place under the fitted sheet. Lab tested for safety. Imported. Fits all standard cribs and toddler beds Machine wash, line dry

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 100% breathable mattress topper
  • Improves comfort
  • Superior ventilation
  • Machine washable
  • Lab proven safe

Verified reviews


Yeah for this mattress pad!

I had mistakingly purchased a hard mattress for my first. She never slept in the crib. My 2nd refuses as well. I added a mattress pad which worked a bit, but I worried about the breathability. Someone on babycenter suggested this pad. From the picture, it looks very thin. Not so! It’s actually a very nice thickness, added a great deal of cushion & gives me more piece if mind. Baby has begun to sleep for several hours comfortably in the crib.

Amelia Arimo, ID

Not what expected

I believe picture is misleading. I was expecting a foam mattress top and was surprised to see its a 1 1/2 inch net like pad. I have not yet used it, so will have to see if it works

Hannah Bledsoe, TX

Not soft at all, makes noise

I bought this to add a little softness/ thickness to my son’s crib now that he is two. Unfortunately, it had an awful chemical smell and was not soft at all. It was like a thick, mesh fishing net that made crackling sounds. I immediately returned it and do not recommend this product.

Rebekah Garrison, TX

Great companion to QuickZip crib sheet sets

A friend recommended QuickZip crib sheets for easier sheet-changing, and I love them. They require a mattress pad that doesn’t have sides, though, and this one works great. It provides a little bit of (safe) cushioning, and is super easy to change out (I have two in case of middle-of-the-night accidents). Others mentioned texture/sound issues — I found those to be very minor and they disappeared after the first washing.

Nina Austin, MN

Hard Crib Mattress No More

Baby crib mattresses are hard as a rock to help reduce SIDS, but now that my son is older (about 8 months when we got it) we put this in his crib and covered it with the fitted sheet and it helps soften up his sleeping area. It has helped him get used to sleeping on his own and he doesn’t sleep with his face buried in anything at all, but I still am happy knowing that this item is very breathable and still a safe option to have. I have also put it in his pack and play and again covered with a fitted sheet (although a touch big, I had to fold part of it under the PnP pad), and it helps him take his naps in there as well.I would definitely recommend to those parents who have babies who have trouble sleeping on their own.

Marci Frankfort, IL

no more sweaty back for the babe!

we struggled with temperature for our little one. his back was always sweaty, but with a lower room temperature, the rest of his body would be chilled. and any little increase in temp. would make his entire onesie basically, this was a great purchase. not a drop of sweat! like others have said, it does add some cushion to the hard crib mattress, which is a bonus.i’ve also washed it once, and it held up well. i definitely recommend this!

Sharlene Center Rutland, VT

So glad I found this! Comfy baby. easy to care for.

A must have! I love this mat. My son is so much more comfortable. It’s machine washable and dries quickly.I started suspecting my son was less than comfortable in his crib. After nighttime nursing sessions in our bed, he would roll over and fall asleep (little snores and all). I would move him back to his crib and watch him on the video monitor toss and turn for a long time. I thought I’d try to find something for his crib that mimicked our bed (we have a Tempurpedic mattress) to see if he’d sleep more soundly. This fit the bill perfectly!!Ever since my son could roll he’s been a tummy sleeper. This mat makes me feel so much better about that. Instead of him being face down on a vinyl mattress (or whatever it is they make crib mattress covers out of), he’s got an airy and breathable cushion under his face.

Nicole Irvington, IL

breathable fake foam!!! we love it!

My 6 month old son has spent most of his nights in our bed and as awesome as it is having him so close I wasn’t sleeping much and the little sleep I got was very uncomfortable. SO we got him a crib WooHOOO but he was used to our very soft bed (I know for safety reasons crib mattresses are as hard as rocks) so after much searching we found this mattress pad and my son and I are very happy with it! It’s like a memory foam pad for babies!

Audra Big Horn, WY

Great little addition to our baby’s crib

Our little guy was getting hot and sweaty on the side he laid on in his crib. We have a nice mattress, and then we put a breathable fitted topper on it, but the mattress was still hard, and he was still kind of sweaty. This pad was the fix. The description says it’s 3" thick, but I’d say it’s more like 1.5" thick. It’s a spacer fabric, which means it uses stiff, wide spread thread to create an open woven fabric with thickness (much like how they make some comforters and such), and it’s perfect for the application. We put it under the fitted mattress topper and it works well. The Mattress is softer, it’s breathable, and our little guy sleeps better because of it. It was a great find.

April Sheppard Afb, TX

Softens mattress and makes mattress breathable

Our baby’s mattress is as hard as a rock, and this topper definitely adds a little cushion for the little guy. The main reason I got it though, is because he loves to sleep face down with his face squished into the mattress. It makes me nervous, but now I feel better knowing that his face is in this breathable pad and that he can definitely breathe through it.

Marva Talmage, CA

Great for older babies

My 7 month old daughter has torticollis, and I thought this might relieve some of the pressure on the right side of her head, preventing a soft spot. It’s a great size and she seems to love it. However, I only feel comfortable using it because she never sleeps on her stomach, and she can roll. SIDS is not caused by suffocation but, as I understand, a build-up of CO2. This would still cause that, were a baby to sleep on her stomach with her face in this.

Mindy Knoxville, IA

Makes the mattress more comfortable, but not sure it helped.

My daughter was not sleeping well for quite some time. We decided to try this mattress pad when she was about 9 months old to see if it would help. It was more comfortable to me, but it did not seem to improve her sleep. It has a nice mesh top that did seem to breathe very well. I noticed is that is seemed a bit noisy. It made crinkling noises a lot. It was worth a try, but didn’t work for us.

Nichole Patterson, NC

Eased our Minds

Our son is a tummy sleeper and used to put his face down for periods of time while sleeping. This product helped alleviate some of our fears about his sleeping position. It also seems to keep him cooler while sleeping.

Ora Altona, IL

Adds padding without foam and doesn’t cost a ton.

I love that I can feel safe putting this in my child’s crib and not be constantly fretting if he can breath or not. My son has been a tummy sleeper for a long time, so I didn’t buy this until after his first birthday to keep his crib as firm and flat as possible. I’ve washed it a few times and it’s held up with no problems. I love that it doesn’t have foam in it, as we spent extra money on a natural mattress and I didn’t want a pad with urethane to negate that. My only complaint is that while it adds some cushion, it isn’t terribly “soft”, but I guess I could have spent a ton on money on a wool topper… but then I’d be wondering if my tummy sleeper could breath or not. So this is a pretty good trade off. There are also mornings when he wakes up with a mesh imprint on his face… He doesn’t seem to care though.

Suzanne Bedford Park, IL

Makes crib more comfy

My baby sleeps with me a lot since he wakes so frequently in his crib. This pad has increased the length of time he’ll sleep before waking. It is breathable so I don’t worry about it being too soft a surface.

Milagros Forest, VA

Peace of mind!

I wish we knew about this thing before we brought our baby home from the hospital. We spent many sleepness nights worrying she would not stay on her back. This works really well!

Luz Great Barrington, MA

wish it was thicker

Sufficient enough for me to not go through the hassle of returning, but I still wish it was just a bit thicker.

Gladys Pierpont, OH

Works well enough

Crib mattresses are incredibly hard so baby was frequently waking up in the middle of the night. This padding helps just enough to let her sleep through the night, but I wish it was thicker. I still think the mattress is too hard and this padding may not work for all babies.

Eunice Huntington, OR