dexbaby Dex Baby Food Processor Top Loading

dexbaby Dex Baby Food Processor Top Loading

Dex Products Baby Food Processor Top Loading makes preparing baby’s food easy and convenient. Now parents can make food, store and serve it in one bowl.Why You’ll Love It: It allows parents to spend more time with their baby and less time in the kitchen. Stainless steel blade processes baby food evenly. Make food, store and serve it in the same bowl. Prevents spilling and splashing.

Main features

  • Lets you make, store, and serve meals in the same bowl, which means less to clean and more time for baby
  • The bowl and blade are designed to quickly and evenly process food
  • Safety features prevent splashing and spilling
  • Save time and money with a baby food processor
  • Motor starts spinning only when all components are in place

Verified reviews


Good processer for the job

I like this little processor for mixing up small quantities of food. True, it doesn’t hold a ton, but I does what I bought it for – I make a few days worth at a time.- Holds about 8 oz of food comfortably at a time (so it mixes well, etc)- I think this is a good size to make fresh food and to try new foods (without making a bunch if it’s not a hit!)- Pretty easy to clean- Just 4 parts, so easy to assemble and use- It’s not super heavy duty, so I do chop things up a good amount before putting them in thereAll in all, I think it’s worth it. I didn’t have a regular food processor and for me a blender just didn’t work quite right and I thought it was harder to get the food mixed.Some hints I also found when investigating making baby food are:- After mixing if you want to freeze any, just use ice cube trays. Each cube is about 1 oz and once they’re frozen, pop them out and put in a zip-loc for storage.- If you’re just getting started, I thought this website was useful and had good ideas – – wholesomebabyfoodGood luck!

Myrtle Pixley, CA

Nice food processor

I think that this food processor is a bit small for when you want to do big batch of food but I love it because :1. It gives a really smouth purees2. It’s easy to clean (diswasher !!!)3. Usefull even with toddlers who are not always comfortable with meat.

Jewell Bigfork, MT

Weak, dangerous, and poorly designed

My mother purchased this for me from TJmaxx or Ross or something. I’ve learned to be very suspicious of baby products from those places- seems like they’ve usually had some sort of issue and no one will buy them any more and sometimes those issues are dangerous like with this product.I think this blender is pointless. One could do much better buying a small food processor from Target or something. This Dex one is also cheaper at walmart online. This blender is weak, doesn’t blend very quickly or efficiently. I’m horrified to read the reviews and learn about the plastic ring which I cannot find in mine! I guess I fed my baby plastic! Mine’s been sitting in a plastic bag ready to go to Goodwill. Maybe I should just throw it away.It’s a piece of junk that ends up in Ross because it’s a poorly designed product. Do your baby a favor and buy a BPA free one somewhere else, and freeze your baby food in tiny Pyrex.

Elda Greenbush, MA

Never Turned On

I ordered this online because I couldn’t find it in the stores and it arrived without a working motor. This is the 2nd baby food processor of two different brands where I’ve had trouble with the motors. I decided to use a manual food mill instead (which can be ordered from and has pretty good reviews, too.

Keri Brownsboro, AL


O produto é prático e do tamanho ideal para preparar as refeies do beb. Facilita bastante nas viagens onde vc mesmo pode preparar as refeies de seu filho.

Lilia Coalfield, TN