Dexbaby Pregnancy Pillow

Dexbaby Pregnancy Pillow

DEX Products Preganancy Pillow gently cradles your tummy for a better night’s sleep. Also hepls in reduceing painful swelling of legs, ankles and back.

Main features

  • Wedge design
  • Extra-soft
  • Breathable flannel
  • Carefully constructed of fire-retardant foam
  • Also helps support baby during breast feeding

Verified reviews


Terrible and pointless.

I was terribly uncomfortable and needed some support for my baby belly, but this was not even close to the answer to my problem. I’ll say it again because these are the only two words worthy of writing about this product:Terrible and pointless.

Mary Gorin, MO


The DEX Pillow is great. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I am 21 weeks along. The pillow is not overly big and fits nicely under the belly. I tried the fully body boppy pillow, but had trouble sleeping with it and I had trouble with having to adjust it again after turning over. This pillow is easy to change sides with. Before pregnancy I slept on my belly. I find that this pillow has really helped me transition from being a belly sleeper to a side sleeper.

Cecelia Dowell, MD

Not impressed..quite uncomfortable.

I bought this wedge as my stomach started getting bigger to find some comfort sleeping at night. The wedge is very stiff, even after working it for a little while. The angle of it isn’t should be thicker at it’s current thinnest part, because basically, my belly just pushes into it, and it falls on the floor, eventually. It was a waste of money, and a rolled up blanket or pillow does the job way better, and they are way more comfortable!

Gladys Troy, NC

Get the bigger wedge, save your money

Too small. It felt worthless for what I wanted. I ended up buying a 12" 7.5" tall wedge with memory foam that is a lifesaver!

Ernestine Glendale, CA

It’s okay

It is a small pillow, most useful underneath another pillow to give you a little elevation. It’s really too uncomfortable to lay directly on it, maybe if you just wanted to put it between your legs it’d be okay. I don’t think I’d call this a “pregnancy pillow” – it’s too small. My wife needed full upper body elevation and a pillow 1/4 the size of her back (and only 4″ tall) isn’t going to help. However this worked good for just head elevation (with another pillow on top).

Wendi Grove City, PA


OMG this was the best thing I ever bought while pregnant, i used it for holding up my stomach while sleeping on my side it was invaluable. It stopped pulling and stretching of my stomach, kept my legs apart when I put it between my knees. If you are a man reading this with a pregnant wife, get it for her. I promise she will love it and you.

Renee Beech Creek, KY

Must Have!

I bought this pillow on a whim not having much faith since it was only $9.99. It was the best money ever spent! I have always been a left-side sleeper so I didn’t think sleeping while pregnant would be difficult. By my 5th month I my would wake up with my hips aching. Just wedging the pillow under my side would make all the difference in the world.

Carmen Shoshoni, WY

For the price it can’t be beat!

I think we bought this for $8. I was in the market for a snoogie but couldn’t bring myself to pay $60 for a pillow I would only use for a few months. I am 7 months along and I didn’t realize that I needed to ‘lift’ my belly a bit. Works great. A lot more sturdy than I thought. I’m glad it’s not memory foam because I need a ‘lift’ not to sink in. I gave it 4 stars only because I have 2-3 more months to go in my pregnancy.A great buy! A great little size that does the job.

Emily Lake, MS

Not great, not bad

I’m in my 3rd tri and have been sleeping with a snoogle but was finding that my belly wasn’t getting the support when I had my back to the snoogle –so I ordered this. But overall, it’s just ok. It’s very firm so not super comfortable but I still use it. But I’m not sure if I would feel like I needed it if I didn’t already buy it. After seeing the Boppy wedge, I would have ordered that instead because it’s much softer. The drawback to this wedge is that if you wedge too much of it under your belly, it hurts your back –defeating the whole purpose.

Ruth Howland, ME

not comfortable at all

So tiny and hard as a rock. Inexpensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. Not even using. Makes me more uncomfortable.

Lillie Tennent, NJ

Pregnancy buddies!!

I had two of these. One on each side of me every night I went to sleep, when I was pregnant. I didn’t like the HUGE pregnancy pillows that take most of your bed and force your husband to sleep on the couch! So, these were perfect!! Easily adjustable and secure. I am keeping them for my next pregnancy! 🙂

Cecilia Anoka, MN

too firm

I tried to use this while pregnant but for me it was too thick and firm. However it did make a great tool for propping up our newborn’s mattress because he needs to sleep elevated due to reflux.

Olga Godley, TX

Not a Wedge to Put under a pillow

This wedge is very small, it will work well for supporting a pregnant belly but is not for sleeping on. I was disappointed that it was so small and firm.

Jessica Surveyor, WV

good value

It’s alright for a little extra belly support or to put between my legs. But, I think there are better products out there. Can’t beat this price though!

Dionne Nicholson, GA

great for the price

bought this for the last 4 months of pregnancy and it really helped comfort levels during nap and night sleeps. does tend to squish into a set position but i liked that. Really nice for the price.

Genevieve Albright, WV

Life saver

I got this pillow and when it arrived I was disappointed. I purchased it intending to use it to prop my torso up at night during my 2 trimester. It was much smaller than I realized and tossed it aside. A few weeks later I started using it between my knees while I slept on my side. I also used it under my growing belly so It wouldn’t hang. I found myself using it behind my back during TV time and also in the car. I used it all the time. Right now, I am letting a friend borrow it for her back at work since she is in her third trimester. I would recommend this pillow to anyone so has back issues or is pregnant. The case comes off so you can clean it too.

Rosemarie Brookport, IL

Getting a lot of use.

My daughter is pregnant with twins and it was getting to be very difficult for her to sleep. This is a very small wedge, but I don’t think you’d want something any bigger or softer to support a growing belly. She was using it mostly on the couch while using a microbead body pillow in bed. When she was admitted into the hospital at 31 weeks in pre-term labor, this was the first thing she asked her husband to bring. She has made it another week and this little pillow gets a constant workout. Sometimes it is under her belly. Sometimes it is wedged into her back. Sometimes it just helps to support the arm that has the IV in it. We are hoping to make it another 4 weeks or more, so I think I got my money’s worth out of this. I’m glad I found something to make her a bit more comfortable.ETA: Found another use for the pillow. It makes an outstanding ramp to launch hot wheel cars! Entertaining a 4 year old in a hospital room is hard, but this pillow has assisted us in doing just that.

Bette Peach Springs, AZ

Just enough

This pillow is smaller than a standard sized bed pillow. It is just enough to wedge under my hip & keep me off of my vena cava (now 7 months along.) It does not solve all of my comfort issues, but it gives me peace of mind that I’m not laying flat while I sleep (which I find myself doing without it.) It seems like it will fit perfectly in my bassinet after the baby is here to elevate her head. And when I’m done using it for that, it will make a perfect knee-separator pillow. I have already gotten my $10 worth & forsee using it for a long time to come.

Agnes Johnson, NE

You get what you pay for

I bought this because it was so much cheaper than a Snoogle, and I needed some support for my growing belly. It worked okay during my second trimester. Now that I’m in the third, I feel that it is much too firm. I have to adjust and readjust several times during the night. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.

Kellie Rehrersburg, PA

Good for larger tummy

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and have been having trouble sleeping with the extra tummy weight so I thought this would help. However, this didn’t really help me sleep better at all, if anything it made it worse. It was very uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll try it again later when my tummy gets even bigger.***UPDATE*** Now that I am 33 weeks, I use this support pillow every night. Once my tummy got bigger, the pillow was no longer uncomfortable and actually helps support my belly very much. Now I can’t sleep without it!

Juliette Monument, NM

Decent wedge, got it for my wife. She was happy 🙂

A decent pillow, wife is expecting and is in her 6th month, and this was perfect gift to her for a good night sleep.

Natalie Waynetown, IN

good support, too harsh

I bought it in my 21 week. I have a L shape nursery pillow, but need another to support my belly. It is a good value. And it does do the support job. The problem is it is too hard for me. I have put it away and expect to use it when my belly gets bigger …

Eliza Dufur, OR