DexBaby Safe Sleeper Convertible Crib Bed Rail for Toddler with Reinforced Anchor Safety

DexBaby Safe Sleeper Convertible Crib Bed Rail for Toddler with Reinforced Anchor Safety

The DexBaby Convertible Crib Bed Rail was designed with MOM AND DAD’S PEACE OF MIND and the SAFETY of their little one at the center. It is an exciting, but nerve-wracking transition as your baby becomes a toddler. Because safety is the number one concern, DexBaby set out to design the the ORIGINAL CONVERTIBLE CRIB RAIL and has remained the sturdiest system on the market. The reinforced anchor attaches directly to the crib spring ensuring that the railing does not shift or buckle. STRESS-FREE ASSEMBLY: When the kids are running around the house before bedtime, this will inevitably be your first opportunity to set up the new railing guard. We understand this and created the bedrail assembly to be stress-free and quick. No tools required. CREATE MEMORIES THROUGH NEW ROUTINES: Sitting with your child while reading bedtime stories is so important. We didn’t want a crib rail to prevent these sweet times, so the rail is designed with a two-hand release giving you a quick means of lowering it. Don’t miss these important moments. BEST QUALITY MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS: What good is a great design if the parts used to build it are sub-par? There is nothing worse than thinking you’re getting a deal only to find out YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The DexBaby convertible toddler bed rail uses the highest quality nylon and mesh, plastics and metal so you can use it for each of your boys and girls. EXTRA TALL FOR THICK MATTRESSES: Crib mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, so rather than build a crib railing that only fits small ones, we designed the BRCC to adapt to even the largest beds. LIFETIME WARRANTY: For more than 20 years DexBaby has stood behind the quality and safety of every product. And as the inventors of the Convertible Crib Bed Rail, we would not sacrifice our integrity with a poor design and crummy components. We’ve sold over 500,000 units of this crib rail and confidently stand behind it.

Main features

  • DUAL REINFORCED ANCHOR SYSTEM provides unsurpassed safety and ensures the integrity of the convertible crib rail. Steer clear of traditional railings with inadequate fasteners.
  • YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – Built to endure toddler after toddler, the DexBaby crib guard rail uses sturdy metal and fabrics that will not fray or tear. Design, safety and quality are our cornerstones.
  • FOLDS DOWN FOR BEDTIME STORIES – The side rail two-hand release design makes your child’s transition from crib to toddler bed a wonderful opportunity to begin a nightly routine of bedtime stories.
  • ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES – Our patented convertible crib bed railing design ensures a simple, intuitive, stress-free installation. No tools needed.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – With over 500,000 units sold, DexBaby confidently extends the peace of mind you need to make a wise buying decision.

Verified reviews


Connect it UNDER the springs

I followed the instructions for this rail and dropped the mattress on top to find–not surprisingly–a huge bump in the mattress where the arms stretched across. It looked horribly uncomfortable so I pulled the mattress off, attached the arms underneath the springs, making sure the supplied velcro straps were nice and tight, and set the mattress back down again. No bumps. Nice and comfortable. After 3.5 months the velcro hasn’t slipped or loosened at all, and that’s with a crazy 3 year-old climbing over the rail and shaking it like a monkey in a cage. I couldn’t be happier with this product.*UPDATE* – Now it’s almost 2 years later and the velcro still hasn’t slipped even a millimeter. If I could give this product 6 stars I would do so without hesitation!

Madeleine Las Animas, CO

could be better

This does the job that it needs to do, but it could be engineered a little better. The fit is a little tight even secured on the longest setting ending up squishing the mattress some. There are other aspects of the products construction that could be better thought out.

Misty Mount Wilson, CA

was a waste of money and time for us

Not compatable with all convertible cribs, anchor clamps were too narrow, and was unable to attach the frame of the bed. The customer service for the company is not as good as most. They had me send pictures of the anchor clamps and my child’s bed, and then did not reply for months. When they did, after we had already figured out a way to get it to somewhat work, they stated that it is not guarenteed to fit all convertable beds, although the box did say it did. We had to make adjustments ourselves to get it to work. I am not sure if it would ever work as described. It is at an angle, and my kid just saw it as a fun barrier to jump. Somewhat flimsy. Not a good deal.

Margot Tarzana, CA

great bed rail!

The installation was simple and it’s VERY sturdy! We love that it swings down to open up the bed. It’s higher then most rails (which we love) and have yet to have a problem with it! A great purchase 🙂

Beth Thendara, NY

Does NOT work on all convertible cribs, even those with a metal spring base

This product was created to work on convertible cribs that have an open metal spring base for the mattress, as you can see in the photograph. Well, my crib has an open metal spring base for the mattress. So after reading a zillion reviews for several crib rails, I ordered this one–people only seemed to have a problem when using it on woodboard based-cribs. Well… this didn’t fit my crib at all. First, the installation rods/anchors conflicted with the metal folding "arms" that raise the spring base up or down the crib. My husband managed to wiggle the anchors in anyway. But once the gate was installed, the mattress didn’t fit anymore. The problem seems to be the metal rods that go under the mattress, and the plastic hinges on the outside of the rail. Both the rods and hinges raised the mattress at least a couple of inches over the base. The mattress didn’t settle in and there was this huge space under it, which would have been not only uncomfortable (as the mattress was not level) but also unsafe for my toddler. I think the issue might be that the mattress in our crib rests directly on the metal base, and not on the wood frame around it. I.e. there is no wood "lip" or "raised border" around the mattress. At any rate, it didn’t fit and it’s going back to Amazon. 🙁

Michell Jerome, MI

Great bed rail for Graco Lauren crib

Our convertible crib (Graco Lauren) doesn’t have a bed rail available, so we tried this one and it works perfectly. It was easy to attach and is very secure. We feel much more comfortable with our toddler sleeping in her bed now that she won’t roll out. We’re very pleased.

Ester Childs, MD

Great Purchase

My 21 month old daughter started attempts at climbing out of her bed, so we had to convert her crib to a toddler bed earlier than expect. This bed rail made the transition smoother- as she can’t fall out of bed when she’s sleeping. She has no problem climbing in and out via the side spaces to get out of bed, and it’s easier to raise and lower the rail (although a bit noisy, so I have to do it before she falls asleep). It attached easily to her toddler bed as well, and is very secure. Definitely a good purchase for new toddler bed toddlers!

Summer Martha, OK

Works great with our convertible crib.

We purchased this after the bed rails handed down to us didn’t fit as they were for a twin size bed. We have two convertible cribs by Summer for our twins which have a wood board . My husband was able to install them by screwing it to the boards. They work great and keep our kids safely in bed.

Ashley Russell, MN

Definatley Helps.

This will keep your child from rolling out of bed. It is easy to install, fit onto and use on our common brand crib.

Elaine Ayer, MA

Love it

Great product. Easy to install. Keeps my toddler safe in his crib that we converted into a toddler bed. Would recommend if you are looking for a bed rail.

Margery Mc Connellsburg, PA

Five Stars

easy to instal and keeps him from falling out. great product.

Selena Madison, AL

works well

Happy with this gate. It holds well under the sofa cushions. We bought it to make the baby safe while he sleeps in his favorite place, the livingroom sofa.

Bernadine Summitville, IN

Easy to install

Our son wasn’t ready to go without a rail, and we purchased this. It works easily. Installation took a few minutes and we had to move the mattress up a level to accommodate it. We then also had to put a step stool next to the bed to assist. Keeps our son from falling out.

Chandra Eagle Lake, TX

Serves its purpose

Great! Works perfectly for my crib converted to toddler bed, i give it 4 stars because of the material, i thought it was fabric and its like a mesh material but works fine though my two year old is safe sleeping with it.

Sabrina Red Bluff, CA

Great product, portable, just not very tall

This is a great product for travel it’s easy to unassembled and re-assemble and when unassembled is rather small and easy to pack. There are great options for firmly attaching to a crib if needed. The one drawback I would point out is the actual height of the rail itself, some mattresses these days are extra thick and when you use this rail on such a mattress it doesn’t come up but may an inch above the mattress itself.

James Rock, KS

Seems durable

We’ve had this a week or two and it’s holding up pretty well. Our toddler has been shaking it and crawling over it, but it’s definitely stood up well so far. It was a great option for converting our crib to a toddler bed with less expense than buying the conversion kit (which wasn’t still available).

Lolita Hanover, WV

Sturdy and secure

We found a way to wrap crib bumper around it so that there is only an opening at the bottom. He feels more secure. Great product, love that it folds down to change bedding.

Rhonda Coon Valley, WI

nope! not working out

worked good for short time but my son fell out of it few times!!! I attached everything the right way but it still did not work, i just bought new bed!! its not strong at all for toddlers

Lynne Frenchville, PA

Nice product for convertible crib.

Fits out Delta convertible crib. Pretty easy install. Works great at keeping child from falling out of bed. I don’t think it can be transitioned to a big bed.

Laura Port Washington, NY

not really for cribs with a board as base.

I bought this product because other reviews and because it said it was compatible for any convertible crib. Not entirely true. My crib has a board for the base and in order to get this to work i have to drill two holes in the board. I don,’t own a drill. Needless to say this has been sitting in my closet and my toddler is still sleeping with me. Once i get a friend to loan a drill or figure out a way to poke holes in the board, i am sure it will work just fine.

Raquel Catawissa, PA

Our family loves this bed rail. It gives me …

Our family loves this bed rail. It gives me the sense of security that our two year old is not going to fall out of bed in the night. It also leaves enough space on either side that he can crawl in and out of bed by himself!

Lawanda Kingston, NY

just what I needed

I got another one of this brand with straps and not bars. This was only a few dollars more and more stable, better latches to swing down, and sits straighter.

Beryl Bradley, ME

A good transition

This product was easy to install, changing bed sheets was also easy. I would recommend it to others. Daughter loved her big girl bed.

Millicent Eunice, MO

Excellent for our 2 1/2 yr old

We ordered this when we converted our 2 1/2 yr olds Restoration Hardware crib to the toddler version and it’s so sturdy for our incredibly active boy. He pulls on it, yanks it and it doesn’t budge. Excellent for the price!

Kathrine Glencoe, AR


Worked great on our Serelle convertable crib/changer in one. My one-year-old will nap in there now. exactly what we wanted.

Ma Hampden, WV

Love this

I was not 100% ready to move our toddler to a big girl bed, but this rail helped easy my fears. It went on super easy to the crib and required no tools at all.

Kathy Prescott, MI

Great choice for toddler beds

We didn’t want to have to buy the attachment for our convertible crib ($80!!!), so we shopped around for a rail that would fit onto a crib. This worked really well. I would recommend putting it all the way at one end or the other though, otherwise there is no space for sitting down on the edge of the bed. The rail is sturdy and easy to assemble. We had some issues attaching it to our crib, but that was an issue with the spacing of the bars on the crib.

Jeanne Mount Angel, OR

Great but does not fit ALL

It actually did not fit in the back of my crib to tie it down. We had to kind of make shift a way to make it stay. But once we did it worked out well. My daughter loved it. She feels like a big girl and has not fallen off the bed with this on it.

Latasha Haverford, PA

Bed Rail Does Its Job

Easy to install. Sturdy, stays in place. Keeps my toddler safe. He can easy hold onto it and climb in and out around it. I’m glad I purchased this bed rail.

Valeria Saint George, SC

Great Convertible Bed Bedrail!

We initially bought a bed rail at Babies ‘R Us that we thought would work on our convertible toddler bed, after all that’s where we bought the bed and that was the smallest size rail they had. It didn’t fit! And I had accidentally thrown away the receipt. Anyway, next we came to Amazon and got the dexbaby convertible bed rail. It fits great! Though we had to put it to one side, so she can still get in and out of bed. There’s no way she could comfortably get in and out if we put it in the middle; it’s just not small enough. I’m so happy to have a bed rail for her bed. She no longer falls out of her bed and ends up sleeping the night on the floor.

Jeannie Baker, NV