Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Pail System

Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Pail System

Why did we choose the Diaper Dekor Plus over other diaper pails? Because our testers found it contained odors better and was the easiest to use! No yucky pushing, twisting, or otherwise messing with dirty diapers; just step on the hands-free pedal and drop the diaper inside. Plus, it’s a terrific value: the liners are economical, and it lives on as a trash can once your diapering days are done. Finally, we like the Diaper Dekor Plus’ streamlined, contemporary look. Because the best diaper disposal system is the one you notice least! Holds an average of 40 diapers. Disposable refill included. The Diaper Dekor Plus’ rubber-sealed door does an excellent job of locking odors inside. No filters or batteries needed. Child and pet safe; diaper pail can only be opened via the foot pedal Liner refills are economical, averaging out to just a few pennies per diaper. The Diaper Dekor Plus includes one refill (enough to hold approximately 335 diapers). Diaper Dekor liners are easy to remove and replace. To empty a full diaper pail, open the door, cut the liner above the full bag using the built-in cutter, and tie a new knot. Diaper pail is made of durable, scratch and odor-resistant ABS plastic This diaper pail holds an average of 40 diapers (depending on diaper sizes), which means you don’t have to change refills as often The Diaper Dekor Plus measures 13 1/4″L x 9 1/2″W x 21″H

Main features

  • Simply step on the pedal and the lid opens. Drop your diaper into pail and you are done!
  • Super capacity Dekor holds up to 60 diapers before emptying.
  • Unique trap door design prevents odors from escaping into your nursery.
  • Use anywhere in your home or as regular garbage can after diapers are done.
  • Popular with dog owners, for kitty litter or in the garage!

Verified reviews


We love this. No smell.

Our baby still sleeps in a bassinet in our room, so we put the changing table and diaper pail in our room too. Friends had told us that no matter what diaper pail we used, there would be a dirty diaper smell in our house. We haven’t found that to be true. There is no smell so far (baby is breast fed and formula fed), and changing the bag couldn’t be easier. We use the biodegradable replacement bags and feel good about not sending our disposable diapers to the landfill wrapped in plastic.

Consuelo Unionville, OH

Best diaper pail out there!

This diaper pail is great. There is no smell when it’s closed, and the refills last a long long time and aren’t very expensive (especially if bought on amazon). I no longer use this since my child is older but I think I may continue to use it outside for our dogs. Multi-purpose – mama likey! Highly recommended over weird and messy Diaper Genie.

Elda Seal Cove, ME

Well designed, compact size that still hold a lot!

I got this diaper pail because I saw it on a friend’s baby shower registry. I’d planned on just getting a regular garbage can. SO glad I got this instead. The double flip open lids ensure that none of the odors get out. The weight of the pail is also sufficient to keep the pail feeling sturdy while not being too heavy. The oval shape also means you can fit a lot of diapers while it seems to take up less space. I love the refillable bags. Makes it so easy to take out the dirty diapers and you can save on the plastic by compacting the dirty nappies before cutting the plastic to tie it off.

Annabelle Paradise, CA

Looove this diaper pail!

I researched diaper pails FOREVER before finally deciding on this one. The biggest selling point for me was that it can be used with regular 13 gallon trash bags so you don’t have to continue buying refills. That being said, the Dekor Plus came with one refill when I purchased it, and that refill lasted 2 whole months with a newborn. Newborns go through the most diapers/day so I was very impressed. The system is super easy to use, and once you’re done buying refills it’s very easy to use with regular trash bags. It contains odors well and has a pretty large capacity. We empty it about once/week, and that’s a LOT of diapers. My husband, who was very skeptical about even purchasing a diaper pail because he thought it was an unnecessary “hype” item is even sold on this diaper pail. He loves that our sons dirty diapers don’t have to go in our garbage can! Highly, highly recommend this diaper pail. Just buy it! You won’t ever regret it! I will say to go ahead and spend the extra $$ and just buy this one though because it’s quite a bit larger than the other Diaper Dekor diaper pail.

Valeria Georgetown, TX

works great to control odor

This is the only diaper pail I’ve used but it really works. I will say that the front door feels a bit flimsy, so I have to be careful to close it tightly after emptying. There is no odor from this pail as long as it is closed up properly. We don’t use a lot of disposables so they sit in there for a while…still, no smell! I remember when I was shopping for this, I was so confused about how the liners worked, but there is a very easy set of instructions on the pail and on the liner refills. The liner is one huge plastic bag with no bottom, so you tie a knot. You use scissors to cut the filled bag away, then tie a new knot. I guess this method might reduce the problem of a single bag falling down inside the bin. Wouldn’t want to clean that up.

Shana Lansdowne, PA

We WERE Skeptics!

My husband and I thought all diaper pails were ridiculous and a waste of money … Until our son got a bit older and his diapers started stinking So bad we couldn’t take it and HAD to try Something! SO we did tons of research and chose to try this one and we are SO thankful we did and wish we would have gotten it MUCH earlier! It really did eliminate the smell in the room and we LOVE that you can lock the lid so the kids can’t try to open it and throw things in there that aren’t suppose to go there (toys, cell phone, etc) 😉 AWESOME diaper pail!!!!!!

Natasha South Strafford, VT

Perfect for cloth diapering

We love this diaper pail. We use it for our cloth diapers. It keeps odors at bay and is easy to deposit dirty diapers with the foot pedal that lifts the lid. We can fit about 1 to 1 1/2 days of diapers. We only wish it came in a slightly bigger size.

Michele Cedar Run, PA


Keeps the nursery from smelling bad, easy to use one handed while changing baby. The bags are easy to change if you read the instructions.

Ernestine Norwich, OH

Great Pail for Cloth Diapers

I use this pail with 2 reusable liners for my cloth diapers and have found it to be superior to using a simple wet bag on a hook. When I have a wet diaper in one hand and a baby in the other, it’s super convenient to be able to step down and drop rather than trying to unzip, dump and rezip a wet bag. I found that while using zippered wetbags, I was often leaving the bag unzipped – either because my hands were full or I was frazzled and simply forgot to close it. These frequent mistakes lead to an unpleasant smelling nursery. While the smell issue was preventable with some additional care, the Dekor pail made keeping my nursery fresh SO much easier. I recommend the Plus size (thought I have not seen the ‘regular’) as it is relatively compact but not so low that I need to bend down to dump the diapers (I’m 5’6"). I think the standard sized pail would have been too short. Capacity wise, the Plus is more than I need for 1 day’s worth of diapers.

Mayra Bunker Hill, IL

Great for cloth diapering

My mother had originally bought me a diaper genie. We didn’t know it wouldn’t work with cloth diapers because of the crazy way the bags are cut. (I personally think this is a waste of plastic concerning the bags, and the cutting mechanism takes up a lot of space in the actual diaper pail…) My husband saw this at BabiesRUs and we took it out of the box to check it out. It seemed like it would work with cloth diapers so we bought it. I’m glad we did, because it has been a great addition to our cloth diaperig regime. Instead of using the included plastic bags, I put a Thirsties diaper pail liner in there. It fit perfectly, and then the dirty cloth diapers and wipes are simply pushed through the door on top. Smell doesn’t seem to be an issue, since the top is sealed with a rubber gasket, and it works way better than having just a liner that we had hanging on the door – husband complained of smell after only one day.The only issue I have is that the door seemed to be getting a bit stuck this morning, not wanting to fully close – and we’ve only had the pail for 2 days. Maybe it’s just in the way that I had last opened the pail – I’m going to check it out further. If it is a design flaw, I’ll return it and keep searching for that “perfect cloth diapering pail”.

Amelia Ossining, NY

No smell

This does tha job. It really does keep the smell at bay. We used this with our first child and now ordered a new one for our second.

Carol Culloden, GA

contains smell well, doesn’t look bad

Bags don’t hold nearly as many diapers as advertised, but we like this pail anyway. It really does contain the smell well. We’re going to try the regular garbage bags that fit this pail though, instead of buying the more expensive refills.

Sonia Swartswood, NJ

It’s everything you ever wanted in a diaper pail!

I read all the reviews and must have researched for weeks prior to buying. I had the fancy diaper genie and it broke in under a year, plus I was sick of buying refills. Then once our child started stage four diapers, the diaper genie was too small. We tried a regular garbage can and that was awful!! No matter how much baking soda I put in there the room reeked of icky diapers. So I agree with all the good reviews here and want to add one thing. You can use a regular tall size garbage bag with this diaper pail and it still works awesome!! No smell ever! And it holds a lot of larger sized diapers but not too many, if you know what I mean. I know this is a little pricey but waayyyyyu worth it.

Marian Shongaloo, LA