Diaper Dekor Plus Refill, 2 Count

Diaper Dekor Plus Refill, 2 Count

Diaper Dekor Plus Refill – 2 packCheck out Diaper Dekor Plus Refills for your Diaper Dekor diaper disposal system. These refill liners are powder scented, strong, and easy to use, plus their ingenious design means less emptying. These refills are designed as a single, long continuous liner, which means you can change as frequently or as infrequently as you want – you’re in total control of how much refill you use each time you empty your Diaper Dekor pail. Empty after one really smelly change or wait until your pail is totally stuffed. These refills are ultra-tough on odors, but remember that emptying more often will help keep odors in your nursery under control. These refills are made of 20% recycled materials, so even though you’re using disposable diapers, your refill will be easier on landfills and the environment. If you want to be extra conscious, Diaper Dekor also makes biodegradable refills, which break down faster than the regular refills. Because these refills hold a whopping 1160 diapers – that’s a ton more diapers than the leading competitor – they’ll save you money. Considering you’ll make over 5000 diaper changes over the course of your baby’s life, you should choose the most economical refill available. How do Diaper Dekor Plus Refills stack up against the competition? These refills hold almost twice as many diapers per refill than the Diaper Genie II Elite pail. That’s a lot of diapers! So, what size refill should you choose? First, know which size Dekor pail you own, Classic, Plus, or XL, then check the information on the inside of your pail’s front service door. The size of your liner should match the size of the pail on the inside of your service door. Here’s a handy tip – plus-size refills are compatible with all of the plus-size pails in the Dekor line.Packaging May Vary Please note: Diaper Dekor has recently changed their packaging so the product you receive may not be as pictured. The products themselves will remain the same. It is made of strong material that helps in keeping the nursery clean and free from unpleasant odors. Each refill pack can hold up to 670 diapers and is extremely easy to use. It can help in keeping your baby’s nursery free from unwanted smells and trash. Changing the Diaper Dekor refill is quick and easy. Just pull out the refill cartridge, slip a refill over, and replace the cartridge in the pail. Pull down the refill, tie a knot, and you’re done! Recommended Age: For use with the Diaper Dekor Plus PailFeatures:Huge capacity makes them extremely economical Each refill/bag liner holds up to 670 diapers 2 Pack

Main features

  • Two Pack Value Size
  • Please refer to the label on the inside of the door of your pail. PLUS size refills will NOT fit Regular sized pails.
  • Convenient and economical, the Dekor PLUS refills are easy to use and offer great capacity, holding up to 580 diapers each, 1160 per box.
  • Keep the diaper odor away.

Verified reviews



If you’re buying these, you’ve already got the Dekor Plus system, and know how good it is. You may not know how long the refills last though, because you’re just using the one that came with the system. Let me tell you they last for AGES! My son is 3 months old, and going through 8-9 diapers a day some days (due to his ability to poop before, during and after we’ve changed him) and we are only about half way through our second cartridge. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because there is no red line printed at the end of the roll to let you know you’re about to run out, so always have another cartridge in stock.

Peggy Clinton, OK

Hold diapers but smelly.

We have two of these diaper decors (one for upstairs, one for down). They worked well until our son hit about 10 months. Now after one diaper his room smells awful. I’m guessing it is the bags that are supposed to deodorize in some way and these are not doing the trick anymore. We have to empty his diaper pail daily (maybe that is a reality for everyone) when we used to have to empty it every 3 days (or so). The type/smell/etc. of the diaper waste hasn’t changed so we are not sure what happened.

Debora Abingdon, MD

great product.

This refill is perfectly adapted to the diaper dekor plus bin, easy to use and to dispose of. Good ratio quality / price. I recommend this product.

Francis Converse, TX

Refills go fast.

I find myself ordering these too often. I average about 2 bags of dirty diapers per week and I find a lot of the liner gets wasted because you need to leave enough slack to tie it up. The refills aren’t cheap and I find myself spending more money than I would like for the convenience of having a diaper dispenser.

Bianca Rehrersburg, PA

just don’t take the wrapper off!

make sure you don’t take the wrapper off until you have figured out which way to put it into the pail.

Karen Berryville, VA

Great for the Dekor Plus!

We’ve had a Diaper Dekor Plus for years now, ever since my first was born almost 8 years ago. I love it as a diaper pail, and I love the fact that it would also be great as a trash can. Of course, we’re still using it for diapers since I still have younger children in diapers. And these refills are great for it – they make it extremely easy to use, to empty, and really do help contain the smell. Yes, you could use other bags in the Dekor, but these make it so much easier. These would also work well if you were to be using the Dekor as a trash can, I imagine. It’s also quite easy to change out the refills when the one in use runs out. I’d definitely recommend both the Dekor and these refills for use with it.

Sarah Green City, MO

Great refills, Amazon has the best price

We’ve been very happy with our Diaper Dekor Plus system. Amazon has the best price on these in my area compared to purchasing these at Target, Buy Buy Baby or Babies R’ Us. These really do keep the smell down. I have not noticed any bad odor in the babies room so the smell stays in the diaper dekor. The refills are super easy to change out. Took us a second the first time we refilled them but the instructions are on the back of the box and inside the trash can. I have not used the bidogradeable ones as I’ve read from other reviewers that they aren’t good at keeping the smell down like these do. These have a soft powdery odor (good smell) to keep the stink down.

Leslie Amsterdam, NY

Great product

These are great. My baby boy is eating solids now and his diapers are stinkier (crazy stinky sometimes!) but these bags and the Diaper Dekor pail hold it all in. The only time I smell the dirty diapers is when the bag is almost completely full and I open it to drop in another diaper. I’ve worked as a nanny and have used many different diaper pails and this one has been the best.

Karen Marble Falls, AR

Does ok

I rated this bag a 4 because my hubby loves, loves this. He likes that it can be torn off at the size you need, creating less waste. I personally think I’d be bettr off with a regular trash bag and a trash can. I don’t think a stinky diaper would sit well in any trash. The best thing to do is toss in dumpster every time. This trash can was fine when my baby was newborn, but his poo’s weren’t stinky then anyway. He is 16.5 months and I’d NEVER leave a stinky in his trash can or his whole room would stink.

Karin Montebello, CA

Work perfectly and dont smell!

Love the Diaper décor and these refills! Our baby is only 6 months but they hide the smell of the diapers and hold a decent amount. I empty the bin every 4 days approx. Couldn’t be happier with this product!

Elisha Cantonment, FL

Best Diaper disposal system

This is the best diaper disposal system and these refills are great. You can use these for weeks without having to change the refill and it holds tons of diapers. Even better, it completely controls the horrible smell.

Kathi Bairoil, WY

good product

We use Diaper Dekor trash can in our baby’s room. And we reorder refill bags every once in a while. It’s easy to use, but the most important it holds the smell!

Winnie Biscoe, AR

Refill review?

Not really much you can say about a refill other than they were exactly as described. A refill for the Diaper Dekor Plus.

Robbie Jerseyville, IL

Does the job

We are still in the non-odor stage of diapers so this far, this diaper pail works great. The price and the functionality were both what we were looking for. It’s not the most stylish but it does the job. It’s easy to change the bags too.

Natalie Bynum, MT

good refills

Easy to use and cheaper than other brands. Contain smells pretty well. but not perfectly once you get to the toddler stage. Wish they were even longer but these last pretty well.

Marlene Pennsburg, PA


Excellent product, easy to install, easy to use, smells like baby powder, last for a long time before you need a refill.

Bessie Cherry Tree, PA


I am liking the decor but it definitely lets a little of the smell out each time you put something in. I have to be better about taking the bag out every 2-3 days. I liked the idea of the diaper sausage with the genie but this is so much less wasteful.

Kerry Hollowville, NY

Tie a tight knot in it!

These are great, very easy install, lasts a long time with one kid. Just keep a second box laying around, having spares is great. I wish they would put a mark on the roll, different colored dye or something at a certain mark, so you know when your almost out and need more, kind of like the paper receipts that have a dye on them from a credit card swipe. Oh, and always, always make sure your knot it tight, just double check, it wont hurt to double check!

Frances Rochdale, MA


Just an incredibly designed product and worth every penny. We live above a restaurant, so there are only certain days we can put our trash outside (NYC) – so sometimes I’ll empty the diaper pail, tie up these bags and the bag will sit in our hallway for 24 hours and there is ZERO odor.Now, when the bag is full in the diaper dekor itself – you’ll smell diapers when you open and close the lid – that can’t be prevented. But these bags, once tied, are odor proof.

Kate Boyd, TX


I really like the diaper dekor plus, and the refills are easy to put in once you figure it out. They also keep the odor contained. I just wish they weren’t as expensive.

Lakesha Magnetic Springs, OH

Last forever!

I had the diaper genie before and then it broke. My sister suggested I get the Dekor based on a recommendation given to her. SOOOO MMMUUUCCCHHH BETTTTEERR!!!! And these bags last forever! With the genie i felt like i was putting in a new bag every week. My first dekor bag lasted about a month!

Yesenia Kilmichael, MS


It’s a great product as well as the garbage can itself!! Very durable, easy to fill in!!! It’s the best thing ever. I highly recommend it!!!

Sheree Grulla, TX

Still going

One refill lasts around a month in my house. I haven’t had any problems with tearing and we pack each bag FULL!

Gloria Needham, MA

Like Dekor but bags can sometimes be difficult

I like our Dekor Diaper pail a lot. It keeps the smell in pretty well and is big. However, these bags can sometimes be tricky. I’ve had the knot come undone and old dirty diapers spill all over the floor. I’ve also had it unwind on the inside of the pail and I had to go back in and redo the whole thing. But we’ll continue to buy because like I said, the pail works pretty well.

Noreen Stopover, KY

does its job!

works perfectly in the diaper dekor plus. usually lasts me two-three weeks per refill. baby has about 6 diapers a day.does not keep out poop smell of babies that have started solids, but works well for newborn poop.

Belinda Tortilla Flat, AZ


what can I say about these? They do what they’re supposed to… hold diapers. they’re refill bags. what more can I say?

Rachel Willard, NC

Doesn’t smell!

We’ve been using the diaper dekor plus for about two years now, and it’s great. The bags are easy to change, and b/c of the design I can empty the diaper pail as often as I feel I need to, without wasting an entire bag. However, I rarely find I need to empty it before it’s full, since the only time you get whiff of it is when it’s open to throw another diaper out. And even then, it’s not bad. The bags are sturdy and don’t rip despite the weight they sometimes get to before being emptied, or the various other things (sometimes pointy and sharp-ish) that get thrown in there.

Tia Elizabethtown, KY

Trash can

Love this trash can. Keeps the dirty diaper smell out of the baby’s room and contained in the can. Very easy to operate. Changing the bag is easy and refilling with new refill is easy.

Brooke Stanton, MO

Love our decor

These refills work great, not a complaint here! We buy these over the green biodegradable ones because they lock the smell in much better. Buy with confidence.

Graciela Pisgah Forest, NC

Recommend this diaper pail

We really enjoy the dekor plus, especially as it’s less expensive than the genie. However, once my 20 mos old started on full time solids/around 12 mos, we still moved it to the garage as it was no longer odorless. I know other people also just use white trash bags for the same effect, though I enjoy being able to custom cut the bags to however many diapers are actually in there. Overall, recommend the Dekor plus

Nita Kendrick, ID