Diaper Dekor XL Refill – 3 Pack

Diaper Dekor XL Refill – 3 Pack

Diaper Dekor XL Refill – 3 Pack Easiest Refill to Change. Changing the Diaper Dekor XL refill is quick and easy. Just pull out the refill cartridge, slip a refill over and replace the cartridge in the pail. Pull down the refill, tie a knot and you are done! Recommended Age: For use with the Diaper Dekor XL Pail Features:Each refill holds about 590 newborn diapers or 350 large diapers. 3 Pack

Main features

  • These refills will fit all Dékor XL size pails only and are not interchangeable between sizes.
  • Convenient and economical, the Diaper Dékor XL refills are easy to use and offer great capacit holding up to 400 diapers per refill.
  • Three Pack Value Size
  • The size refill you need is determined by the size of the pail. This can be determined by viewing the label on the inside of the door of your pail.
  • Lightly scented

Verified reviews


Great bags – unclear listing of product!

While I absolutely love my Diaper Dekor XL – this listing is extremely confusing. I took “Diaper Dekor Refills 2 pack – Dekor XL 3 pack” to mean that I should expect to receive two, three packs of the bags (six refill bags total). In fact, I only received ONE pack of 3. I contacted the seller, and they have been helpful in remedying the situation. But keep in mind – when you select this seller over others on amazon – what you are receiving is only three refill bags!

Eddie Minidoka, ID

Tin Can

This tin can is the best container for my back porch. I keep my cats food in the can so that no rodents get into her food. I line the can with a plastic bag.

Allison Weyers Cave, VA

Does the job

A little pricey but at least the bags last forever. You cut off what you need and pull out a new section… so far I’ve used one bag fill for 7 weeks with my newborn and still have plenty left.

Victoria Gary, WV

Refills for any brand are overpriced

These bags dont hide the scent any more than a kitchen trash bag would – but the convenience of the proprietary design is nice.

Leslie Longmire, WA

great product, great pail, SO EASY to use !

Whoever invented this I hope is filthy rich and sitting on a beach in Tahiti and sipping on some 40 year old rum. This Dekor pail and it’s refills are so easy to use and VERY effective in combating any smell. Our nursery has NO smell whatsoever.

Jannie Milton, DE

works well

I works well in the Dekor XL pail to contain the odors. It’s great to not have to open the bag when you remove it.

Beverley Yeoman, IN

Long term user!

I think buying the Dekor XL Pail and liners were the best investment I made after my child was born. Four years later and still going strong. Easy to clean, very little mess if you fold diapers up after use and changing the bags out is very simple. You can load up a lot of diapers if you don’t like traveling to the dumpster often. Fits well inside my mid-size bathroom.

Sallie Mount Victoria, MD