Diaper Dude Diaper Bag Black Pinstripe Messenger II bag

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag Black Pinstripe Messenger II bag

A diaper bag that dad won’t shy away from! Specially designed for hip dads (and moms!), this cool sack has sporty messenger styling and lots of handy features for on-the-go parents. Built-in stroller straps and padded changing pad included.

Main features

  • Fabric/Polyester
  • Durable polyester stands up to everyday use.

Verified reviews


Material frays and rips easily

After the zipper on my $40 diaper bag from Target broke after a whole year of daily use, I thought I’d go ahead and spend a little more for my next bag. I love the Diaper Dude styles and versatility. Unfortunately, they made this particular bag (Messenger II) out of a material that rips and frays easily. The material ripped the first time I put a regular-sized sippy cup in the side pocket designed for such items. I hoped it was just a fluke. The customer service department was wonderful and sent me a new bag quickly but the new one did the same thing within the first couple of weeks. I didn’t bother asking for an additional bag. It continues to rip and fray in many areas and I’ve only had it a couple of months. Great use of space and pockets and great design but needs a more durable material.

Monica East Poland, ME

Nice “man’s” diaper bag

My wife and I had been looking at several diaper bags at several name brand stores, but did see anything that we liked. Either they were too expensive, or too feminine. The diaper dude messenger bag is perfect for parents who want something functional, but not overly flashy in design. There are two main compartments (front and back) with two velcro dividers in each. Each divider can hold about six diapers (probably more, but I didn’t like the bulkiness), for a total of 24 diapers! The three front pouches are perfect for holding diaper wipes, toys, snacks, and bottles. The interior is lined in bright orange which helps to find small, loose items.The cell phone pocket that came with the bag is on the small size, and will probably fit most non-smart phones. However, if you are an android/iphone/blackberry user, the pocket will be pretty much useless. The nice thing is that the pocket/holster can be removed.

Joni Kulpmont, PA

Falling apart

I purchased this for my husband for fathers day when I was pregnant. It was put in the closet till one day I started using it to see if it would hold more then my current diaper bag.. It was comparable but,I kept using it (btw, all diaper bags are awkwardly small!!)A few weeks in, The fabric on the thing is completely ripped apart at the seem .. the inside seam in the diaper pocket is completely frayed so it gets caught in the zipper constantly.For almost $100 I am so dissatisfied after a few weeks oft use. It’s a POS in my opinion. They are selling a black bag marketed towards Dads. It’s a joke.Nt only is it crap.. The diaper pad is nice and cushy however it’s so thick and bulky you can’t fit diapers and wipes in the diaper and wipe pocket! Also needs a 2nd bottle holder on the other side. There is padding in the back where the diaper pocket is that could be used as valuable space for.. More cushy diapers!!

Lucy Wilson, MI

Great diaper bag for DADS

I think this is a great diaper bag. It would be even better if my wife would quit using it and rearranging it…I like that its very plain looking – its not very obvious that you are carrying a diaper bag (although you are probably also carrying a baby so that gives it away somewhat).The black bag is all black on the outside… so it doesn’t show dirt or wear. The inside is bright orange, so it’s easy to find things in the bag.I like all the pockets. It allows me to separate all the items – bibs, diapers, wipes, extra shirt, etc. It has a bottle holder on the end. It has a cell phone holder on the strap, we use it to hold hand sanitizer.For the first 6-8 months we kept burp clothes in the first slot – the one that’s exposed even with the flap shut. Sometimes you need to very quickly grab a burp cloth and this allows quick access.My wife (and lots of other wife’s according to the reviews on here) doesn’t like the pockets. She would rather put everything in one big open bag. (she finally bought her own diaper bag after 15 months and it is one big open bag)So I would recommend you decide what style bag you want – if you like something with lots of pockets to keep things separated and organized, then this is the bag for you.One note – we are doing cloth diapers. Now that our daughter is older, this diaper bag does get rather full. The cloth diapers take up a lot of room. If you are looking for a bag that you could use for an all-day event this might not be big enough for all the snacks and diapers and toys and everything…. but I personally don’t want a bag that big for every day use… I like this one.

Claudine Ireland, WV

we like it

I had ordered 3 different bags and this is the one we kept. most compartments close by zipper (which the other bags lacked) which is essential to me. going to playgrounds etc nearly every day the bag sees abuse and often falls over. without zippers my stuff would be all over the floor.the bag itself seems to be sturdy enough to last for a while.also it is quite big compared to the bag we used before, I have much more space now.

Christi Roslyn, WA

Manly and nice looking, but really too small to be a diaper bag.

I bought this bag for my husband prior to our son being born and prior to the reality check of hauling around an infant. This bag seemed perfect for his as is has that manly look and seemed to have a lot of random storage spots. However, if anyone can actually leave the house for the day with enough stuff for their infant just packed in this bag alone then I would love to know what the trick is. This bag is fine to go out for a quick errand where you are sure your baby wont need their clothes changed or more than one diaper change, however if you really plan to go out for the day there is nowhere near enough room in this, especially since this bag is made for dads so they will need a cooler bag for bottles. This bag has unfortunately spent most of it’s time hung up in the closet.

Rowena Hubbard, OR

Small, bottle holder is ripping

We found this bag way too small. Material is very bulky/padded, so when you fill up all the pockets the bag gets very wide but doesn’t hold a lot of gear. The strap padding is also awkward, never in the right place. We’ve been suffering with it but then the bottle pocket started ripping, so we upgraded to a new, bigger bag. Big bummer as it wasn’t cheap and my husband liked the look of it.

Maritza Lyndora, PA

20 months of use… then it broke.

My husband was adamant about having a diaper bag that he’d feel comfortable carrying… and he carries it 90% of the time when we’re out and about. We use this bag every single day and have definitely put it through its paces. Used as an outing bag, carrying supplies to and from daycare, travel,etc. Love the messenger bag style and the organization of the compartments. The look is great and my husband feels comfortable carrying it, as do I. Unfortunately it’s not the roomiest bag…when it’s full of a day’s worth of cloth diapers and reusable wipes plus a wet bag and change of clothes for daycare, it doesn’t always fully close. Definitely not made for cloth diaper use (the recommended compartment for diapers is a flat zippered pocket on the back…great for disposables though).Unfortunately, 20 months of use has maxed it out. The plastic "ring" holding the strap onto the bag failed and broke very suddenly. We’ll contact customer service shortly to see if they can help us but if not, we’ll be looking for another brand that is more durable. The rest of the bag just has normal wear-and-tear as you would expect from 20 months of daily use, but this seemed unusual.

Ava Unionville, MI

I am really a superdad with this!

I don’t look like the dad that used his girlfriend’s bag/purse. I have my own, male-looking bag and use it proudly.That asise, it’s very well made, the changing pad is thick (much thicker than our "girl" bag) and plenty of pocket to put my magazines or other stuff.

Benita Albion, MI

Awesome Baby Bag!

We’ve had this bag for 2 years now and it is perfect. It has plenty of storage, easy access, light, well made and best of all-it looks absolutely nothing like a diaper bag. My favorite part is the baby check list. Check it each time before you leave the house, and you will be surprised at what you almost left behind!

Geraldine Lawrence, MI

Best Dad Bag Yet!

Love this bag; it’s perfect for the modern/hip Dad looking for something a little less “maternal”. I also love the check-list on the inside flap…

Maggie South Orleans, MA

Really cool bag!

I bought this for my husband (I’ll also use it) and we really love it. It’s comfortable to wear and just the right size. It holds quite a bit but it isn’t bulky. I also really like the fun labels and the list on the inside flap. As cute as they are, it actually isn’t just for humor, it’s a nice little reminder of what you need to take and where things are in the bag. I would highly recommend this bag for both men and women who want a functional diaper bag, but without the cheap or cutesy look of most bags available.

Greta Neilton, WA

Great look

For the dad, it’s a great look. Dad wanted to have his own bag and picked this one out. Is is nice and durable, but if it wasn’t for the daddy checklist inside, you probably wouldn’t know it was meant to be a diaper bag. It’s on the small side, so not much fits in it at all. Also unless dad is committed to keeping his bag packed, he is just going to take yours anyway and this one will be a waste of money I can count the times he has used this bag on one hand. I can’t count the times he’s just grabbed mine instead "because it’s easier, it’s already packed"

Amie Rake, IA

good organization and comfortable feel

My husband loves his diaper bag, tons of pockets, good organization and comfortable feel.

Suzette Onley, VA