Diaper Dude Messenger I Bag – Plaid

Diaper Dude Messenger I Bag – Plaid

Dads can tote baby around town and keep their masculinity well in tact thanks to the Diaper Dude Diaper Bag – Navy Plaid. Sporty and functional, this messenger style bag is constructed of heavy-duty polyester in a handsome plaid pattern and is accented with black zippers. It’s ergonomic, across-the-chest design is super comfy for dads (or moms!) and the wide, adjustable strap has a padded panel that clips open and closed for easy on-and-off. Plus, the backside is padded for extra comfort against the carrier’s body. The three exterior zippered pockets on the front are perfect for keeping wipes, bibs, and more within easy reach, and there are two elasticized slots on the back. An elasticized bottle pocket keeps baby’s lunch in easy reach. A large inner compartment with a special pouch for diaper zips securely closed, and the included changing pad slips right inside. This diaper bag also features a removable, on-strap cell phone pouch, and an interior key clip. strong>About Diaper Dude Diaper Dude bags were designed by a dad for dads. Chris Pegula, the father of 3 and the creator of Diaper Dude, was tired of carrying around a flowery diaper bag. He wanted a bag and accessories that were cool, hip, and functional. With Diaper Dude products, you can carry everything you need and look good at the same time Durable polyester stands up to everyday use. Comfy, ergonomic, across-the-chest design. Wide strap is padded and clips open and closed. 3 exterior zippered pockets. 2 large elasticized slots on back. Measures 16W x 14H inches.

Main features

  • Durable polyester stands up to everyday use
  • Comfy, ergonomic, across-the-chest design
  • Wide strap is padded and clips open and closed
  • 3 exterior zippered pockets
  • 2 large elasticized slots on back

Verified reviews


If only it were larger

I liked the idea of having a messenger-style diaper bag as opposed to the more prevalent tote-styles. The Diaper Dude bag is ok, but there are a few items that would make it better for my needs.My biggest wish is that the main compartment were larger. It’s fairly small and when we put in all the things we’d like to carry, the bag gets stuffed and becomes somewhat misshapen to the point where it lays awkward on my hip and back. I tend to carry portable wipes, 4-5 diapers, 1-2 change of clothes, a hat, a blanket, a sippy cup, a snack trap, a couple of toys, my cell phone and keys. Because I can’t find a place for everything, the main inside compartment is a mishmash of unorganized items.The cell phone holder does a fine job holding my LG flip phone. A bigger phone however wouldn’t fit, but $15 for a Timbuk2 cell phone case would solve that. Also, the elasticized bottle pocket is pretty snug so getting a bottle in and out is kinda tough. On the other hand, the bottle doesn’t fall out accidentally.Additionally, the dirty diaper pocket in the large compartment should probably have a zipper to keep the smell out of the other items in the bag and avoid cross contamination. The hooks for keys and pacifiers would probably only hold keys. The pacifiers being sold these days aren’t on a ring and are much too big to be hooked onto the bag. The included changing pad is padded nicely though.Overall, it’s a decent bag, especially at Amazon.com prices. Someone in our play group has complimented me twice on the bag so I may just give it away to them or keep it as a backup bag. I recently ordered a DadGear messenger diaper bag for nearly the same price and am hoping that it holds all my items better.

Sallie Graysville, AL


Good idea but never used it. I got this for my husband but he never used it. I tried once but it didn’t really hold a lot. It’s okay but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Donna Ojai, CA

husband loves it, and it fits a ton of stuff

Besides the 3 pockets up front, inside the big pocket, there is an insluated attachment for bottles and ice packs. It can even fit 2 bottles in the attachment. Behind, there is another big pocket (where we keep the changing pad that it comes with) and a small pockets for little extra whatevers. There is also a pocket on the side for my water bottle. I love the clips for my keys and pacifier, there are 2 clips! I also love the cell phone pouch. The big pocket is big enough for receiving blankets, clothes, toys, etc. It was always full when she was a newborn and now I have extra space as she gets bigger, so I could use this for 2 kids someday if needed. We have been using this bag for 10 months and I have washed it a few times, very durable! My husband loves it and doesn’t mind carrying it around.

Silvia Mooringsport, LA

Way too small, waste of money

This diaper bag is cute. That’s all there is to say for it! I got it for my first baby and could only use it if I had a second bag to put all the baby stuff in that wouldn’t fit in the diaper dude. the front zip pockets are tiny, as are all the compartments. I spent 60 bucks on this and now I use a reusable grocery bag that cost $2 because it’s so much better! If I had that $60 back I’d go buy a nice normal Graco diaper bag like all my friends have. Grrr.

Manuela Savonburg, KS

Durable and just awesome

We’ve had ours for over 2 years now. I got it because I love the skull and crossbones look (nice pirate theme there) and I figured my husband wouldn’t feel silly carrying this, unlike the many “girlie” diaper bags out there.It is very sturdy. We’ve taken it everywhere. It’s waterproof. The compartments are great for organizing. I suspect it will live long enough to be given away to someone who needs it when our kids are potty trained. Over 2 years later (and we’re rough on it) and the bag is still in excellent condition.Can’t say enough good things about this bag.

Shelley Palmyra, NY

Looked better in pictures than in real life

Quality of materials is sub par. It looks very cheap in person – kind of like freebie ($15 max value). Zippers are hard to move. Didn’t feel durable at all -> returned it.

Roxanne Azalia, MI

Great for Dads

I bought this as mine and my husbands diaper bag. I wanted to get something that he would be ok with carrying around… but as it turned out he rarely carried it since we mostly went places while he was working. I thought that it did the job, but I still had trouble getting everything to fit and stay organized there. It would have been nice if there were more pockets and compartments on the inside, otherwise everything was just dumped into the same area. Since I realized that it was mine, instead of ours, I ended up going with a more stylish Coach diaper bag that could later serve as a giant purse. If we ever have another baby the Diaper Dude will be a spare bag that will stay in my husbands car.

Leticia Corning, IA

Great bag! My husband loves it.

This is a great bag. Good quality construction and my husband loves not having to carry something with ribbons and bows 🙂

Dolly Delia, KS

man bag

I bought this bag because i don’t like the typical fru-fru bags out there for mom’s, but my husband also loves this bag! He calls it his man bag. It’s the only diaper bag he’ll actually wear. It’s great looking too. It holds bottles, wipes, diapers, and a change of clothing. If you need to carry more-blankets, etc. you might need a larger bag, but this is good for everyday essentials.

Leticia Arvada, WY

Great bag!

I love this diaper bag. After trying alot of different styles and sizes, we finally got one that works. This bag is great. The front pockets make it easy to organize and get to things quickly. Love the built in stroller clips, they just need to be a bit bigger. The only compliant about this bag, is I wish it could be a bit bigger inside. Other than that, it is a wonderful bag.

Dorothy Evart, MI

Wonderfull item, love it.

This is the best diaper bag I’ve seen, I’ve had a carter’s one that was WAY too small, then I bought a larger bag and it still wasn’t good enough, the best thing about this one is the pockets, the main issue I’ve had with other bags was that I have to dig in and get everything out to find anything, with this one, I have the pampers and wipes in one pocket, the food pouches and spoon in another with the bibs, and my sun glassed with my cell phone in one, and in the back a change of clothes for the baby, and inside his toys and my sutff, and I use the cell phone pocket for the nad sanitizer as I have an iPhone and it won’t fit. It’s wonderful, and my husband LOVES carrying it, it looks masculine enough, and can be easily carried without getting int he way while juggling the baby or car seat or anything else.

Jenifer Tell City, IN

Perfect for Daddy

This is a cute diaper bag for dad that will not make him feel like he is carrying a diaper bag!

Heidi Allenhurst, NJ

Think of your Honey

My husband didn’t care that much about what baby gear I bought, as long as I made a reasonable effort to be cost-effective. But when I told him about this bag he was -dare I say- excited when it arrived. I could tell he really appreciated the thought when I got him a “man bag.” And I like it, too, it’s nice and neutral. I love the fact that it’s a messenger bag because totes are always sliding off my small shoulders.

Lynda Santa Monica, CA

Nice bag for the non-girly (gray with orange trim)

I’ve had this bag for almost 4 years. I’m a girl, not a dude, but that’s okay.I guess this bag is not huge–I’ve never had another one to compare to–but I have enough room to fit my wallet, camera, phone, keys (interior pocket), more keys (clipped on one of the clips), a bottle (in the special bottle pocket), a wet bag, diapers, wipes container, drinking glasses, plates, a spare pair of toddler pants, and a couple snack cups, with some room left over to shove in a toddler jacket or two if needed. Not bad.I think I had to put it through the washing machine once due to spilled milk, or maybe I just hand washed it. Either way, it cleaned up fine. In fact, it looks about the same as when I got it. I haven’t used it every day, but I have used it a good number of days and it has held up.

Carmen Hemlock, IN

Good bag

So far we really like this bag. The only thing I don’t care for is that the bag is really loud. There is some sort of material under the lining that makes the bag sound like you are crumpling papers every time you move.

Clara Woodstock, OH

Spot On

A fun, well-made, and very practical product. So great to have something different, instead of the same old staid patterns and colors. Very happy with the purchase.

Bettye Afton, OK

Cool look, small size

I bought this bag for my husband and he loves it, but it is really small. Granted, we have twins, but even if we had one baby this bag can really only hold a few essentials like diapers, wipes, and a couple of other small items. We both have a bag we use when we only have one baby with us. My bag is at least 3 times the size of his and I have even used it when carrying stuff for 2 babies. My husband really only used this bag when they were newborns and didn’t need so much. Now he uses one of our other bags. It’s a cool looking bag, and definitely great for a guy (or woman), but holds very little.

Alicia Ellington, CT

Very functional

I ordered this bag as a gift for a coworker and her husband. This particular product was on their baby registry through Amazon. I received it and was so happy at how much it looked like the picture and the description of the product was spot on. My coworker and her husband were both very excited about it. Thank you!

Liliana Cherry Valley, MA

Purchase for my son.

The bag is cute and well made. It is definitely made to be an extra bag or one for a short trip out. It is not very large.

Lindsey Marmora, NJ

Just OK

I am not a girlie girl so I thought this bag would be a nice fit for me. I know this is made for men and that is apparent for sure when a buxom broad tries to wear it across the chest like it is designed. I like the style, but it is nowhere near large enough, especially if you have two young ones in diapers. If I bottle fed instead of breast feeding, there is no way I would have room for bottles and formula. I give it a 4 for style, but a 2 for functionality so overall, it is only a 3 star at best.

Willie Jamestown, OH

Very nice diaper bag for men and women who have a horror of pastels

This bag is so roomy, and the compartments help keep multiple things organized and handy! The navy blue nylon fabric wipes clean and looks good with the orange trim. Strap was comfortable for my husband.

Sarah Robbins, NC

Simple bag for both parents to use

Great diaper bag – love the pockets and that this bag is a simple design that Dad isn’t embarrassed to carry around.

Nona Kyle, SD

Comfy for carrying, doesn’t slip off shoulder, not as much space as I’d like.

Things seem a tight fit this bag. Also we wish it had a slightly different layout. However we are happy with the comfort and the fact that it doesn’t slip off your shoulder when carrying it. Its good for a quick jaunt out but if you are everything and the kitchen sink people you’ll need a different bag.

Francisca Bull Shoals, AR

Not bad, could be better.

I’ve had this bag (navy) for 1 1/2 years now and it’s not too shabby. My thoughts on it…PROs:
• messenger style
• husband is willing to wear it around
• It holds what you need
• durable (doesn’t have a single tear on it)
• machne washableCONs:
• not enough room (I usually pack ourSkip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit, Wave Dot, one extra baby cloth, bottle, keys, phone, diaper wipes, burp cloth, one toy, pacifier, small first aid kit)… I can’t seem to find things in the bag, and when I want to get to one item, sometimes it requires taking out everything else.
• Phone case – not for every phone – so I had to stick it in one of the pockets – which means one less thing for the baby
• keys – I don’t like them dangling all over the place on the outside of the bag – it’s distracting and gets in teh way (but may be that’s a personal preference)
• hard to find items – inside is black, so everything kind of camouflages itself – wish it were a brighter color – or simple white? to help find items easilyThis isn’t a bad bag for quick outings or for guys who like to keep things nice and simple, but for longer days out I need a bigger bag – ifIi take this bag out for longer outings, that means I’ll need additional bags to carry the rest of what I need (extra diapers, wipes, blankets, baby food, etc…).We’re expecting our second baby soon, and my first will still be in diapers during that time… so this bag is not intended for those with more than one baby. Still in search of a bag that is comfortable, but can hold what I need.

Ester Isabela, PR

Great Bag!

I bought this bag for my husband to use when he takes my daughter out without me- cause my bag is rather girly. He’s a tall guy, and this bag fits him very well. It has enough room for all of my daughter’s items. My husband really likes this bag.

Suzanne Saint Joseph, MO

Kinda small, but functional

This is a really cute diaper bag. My husband loves it and there’s plenty of compartments for storage. My only complaint is that it’s a little small for the price.

Lauri Rudolph, OH

Like it!

Recommended. Maybe a bit small if you want to pack too many things but worked for me. I packed 10 diapers, one bag of wipe, two shirts, one pant, socks, 3 baby jar food, two bottles, three small toys, diaper rash cream and a few other items comfortably .

Wanda Boelus, NE

Manly, but lacks essential space

Pros:The messenger-bag style is masculine and doesn’t scream baby; can be carried across the chestHas carabiner rings to attach keys (as well as to attach the bag to a stroller) and a cell-phone pouchComes with a decent changing matCons:Has no insulated pouch to keep milk/food cold or warmHas an inside pouch/pocket section that is odd and not useful to store anythingThe large center pocket isn’t that roomyWe are not the type of parents that carry everything under the sun just in case; in spite of that, we still found that the zipper bulges at the seams when all our necessities are packed, and we had to buy a separate cooler for formula.This diaper bag seems more like a ploy for the self-conscious daddy.

Alma Concepcion, TX

Perfect diaper bag!

We’ve had this bag for two years. I love it. The pockets in the front are big enough to hold diapers and/or a soft sided wipe container. We have meds and creams in one front pocket, diapers in the other, and snacks in another. Inside we have wipes, a towel, a bib, a change of clothes, and the changing pad that came with it, and a toy. If it were any bigger, we’d lose stuff in there. The back pocket is super easy to stuff things in while on the go. The strap is long enough to just hang the bag on our Bob stroller. it’s comfortable and still looks brand new despite being dragged around a lot. I’m so happy we got it!

Alyssa Sherrard, IL

it’s a very good neutral diaper bag that I can share with my …

Conceptually, it’s a very good neutral diaper bag that I can share with my husband. But I find it’s too bulky to carry and I often opt to just use the diaper clutch from SkipHop instead.There are quite a few compartments inside that part is really good, but I haven’t really used it much.

Anita Navarre, FL