Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal System

Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal System

A clean nursery is a happy nursery! Keep your nursery smelling fresh by controlling odors and germs with the Diaper Genie Essentials. We know babies and parents and we’ve applied what we know to our Diaper Genie Essentials Design. The Diaper Genie Essentials Pail prevents odors unlike an ordinary pail and plastic bag. Take a look at its various features, all of which help keep odors and germs out of your nursery and makes our diaper pail a great option for you. What’s that smell? With Diaper Genie on the job, it’s not your nursery. Odor is no match for the Diaper Genie Essential’s AIR-TITE system. Rest assured that every time you drop a baby diaper into the pail, the Push-N-Lock clamp helps seals in odors. Look Ma! One hand! Easy One-handed operation Diapering would be much easier if we had three hands, but the next best thing is Diaper Genie Essentials. Its one-handed design makes it incredibly easy to use. Just lift the lid and toss the dirty diaper away. You’ve got backup. 7-layer Refill Bags Because the Diaper Genie Essentials holds up to 34 newborn diapers at a time, while the Diaper Genie Refill holds up to 100 newborn diapers, Moms can focus their time on baby instead of making multiple trips to the trash bin. And Odor Lock refill features 7 layers that work together to help lock in diaper odors.

Main features

  • Patented AIR-TITE system with Push-N-Lock clamp helps prevent odors from escaping
  • Easy to use one-hand design
  • Diaper pail holds up to 34 newborn diapers
  • Diaper Genie Refill starter refill holds up to 100 newborn diapers
  • 7-layer refill with barrier technology seals in odor and germs.

Verified reviews


Not for Us

At first, I was really excited about our Diaper Genie. But, after doing more research, I found that I was none too pleased with the high cost of the refill bags. I ended up just giving it away because I can’t justify paying that much for a bag.

Kenya Merion Station, PA

Nice to look at but doesn’t takes a lot of diapers.

I love my twins but very please I don’t have to smell their poopy all day long thanks to my new diaper genie. However, even if it looks tall, it doesn’t takes lots of diapers. Might be okay for one baby but with twins, have to empty it very often…like almost every day! Besides I never got the 100 starter refill…

Mamie Redmond, UT

I like the other Diaper Genie better

I’ve tried a few – I like the Diaper Genie Elite better because it has a pedal so you can open it with your foot and the diapers drop in and go down much easier. With this version I have to push the diapers in which can get messy.

Maxine Guanica, PR

Very mixed feelings about this item…

I know I may be flamed for saying this, because it seems like most other reviewers gave this a mediocre-to-good review. If you ask me, this diaper genie is just a glorified trash can. There is no difference between this and your usual step-lid kitchen trash can. It seems to sell on the premise of “keeping odors out.” Well two things: it does keep the odor out but so does a step-lid kitchen trash can. Second, when you open the pail to throw in another diaper, the odor from the previous diaper wafts out. So it is no magical device at all. I did my research, contacted some people — it turns out that their much older model created “sausage links” which seals in the odor much better. Sadly, this newer model does not do that at all. Thirdly — you have to buy the refill bags, which truly adds up. If I had been wiser, I would have bought a simpler step-lid kitchen trash can and save a WHOLE lot of money by buying the regular trash can liners.Update 6/16/2014: I ended up buying a different trash can and it works beautifully:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BO76WY/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc;=1You still need to purchase the liners made for this trash can, but it’s a whole lot, lot, lot cheaper. I am saving quite a bit by going this route (their liners are 60 count for $12, where as the Diaper Pail liners are about $5 just for ONE liner!).

Georgette Lazbuddie, TX

No smell or wasted bags

I was using a different diaper pail brand that made the whole bathroom stink of poopy diapers, and required specific bags that were too big for the pail, so almost 40% of the bag went unused. This Diaper Genie – though an older model – is the best one on the market for containing smell. Also, you tie off and cut the bags (with the safety cutting tool cleverly located in the pail) so there’s no wasted bag at all.

Alisha Wahkiacus, WA

You don’t meet to buy the bags!

This works okay. Keeps the smell down. It does require you to push the diaper through a plastic flap. This can be very gross. To be honest, I would not buy this again, but would opt for a regular kitchen trash can.But mostly I wanted to write because use people, it is _not_ necessary to buy their fancy bag cartridge. You can rig it up to take regular old kitchen bags with the same odor control.

Cara Fargo, ND

Even better than the elite

While I wish this was as tall as the elite, I vastly prefer this. The mechanism snaps shut much tighter, and has fewer mechanical failures. I can’t count the number of times I had to unjam the foot pedal with the elite or do other gross maintenance, and it retains the smell better. While it can get gross if you have a super messy diaper, if you’re just trying to shove everything out of sight as fast as possible you’re going to have problems no matter what system you use.The replacement of rings is also better, as theres a much stronger collar holding them in place. If they could use this mechanism with the elite size, I’d buy that in a heartbeat, as my only frustration is having to bend do to reach the lid.

Lakisha Mifflintown, PA

must have

I own two, one for the litter box and one for the diapers. Convenient, no stink, no mess. The diaper one fills up faster than we’d like, and the refills aren’t cheap. But still such an awesome product I give it 5 stars. Hope in the future they will make biodegradable refills…

Myrtle Saint Paul, MN

No more dirty diaper smells in the baby’s room!

Wow, I love this! No smelly dirty diapers anymore and it is so easy to use! Changing the bags are easy too! This is definitely one of the better purchases I’ve made?

Patsy Trout Run, PA

Great Design, but you pay for the bags.

The design of the system is great. The room always smells fresh. I do not have to worry about nasty smells. Yet, this trash can makes its money selling you bags. The bags add up. So that is the one cavet with this purchase.

Marisol Bryant Pond, ME

Great for 2nd changing area

I like to have these for diapers. I have the large one upstairs in the babys room but since we spend a good chunck of time downstairs, I wanted something next to the pack and play that has fhe changing station. I got this little one and for me its worked out great. Its half the size and I use it all the time.Note its different than the larger version in that it does not have a foot pedal to open top, you use your hand to open but thats ok. Its been working out great

Lorna Gardiner, OR


What is all the hype about this pail? It’s awful. It’s hard to dispose a dirty diaper in this pail. There is no foot pedal to help lift the top, and you have to press the diaper down into the pail really hard to dispose of it. Anyone who has changed a messy diaper knows how difficult (and gross) that can be. I recommend the Diaper Dekor Plus. I had that one first, and even though the hinge on the top broke, it’s still better than this design. I’m returning this and ordering another Diaper Dekor Plus.

Alexandra Madison, ME

Great bargain, holds the smell!

Does the job and a great bargain! We purchased this diaper pail based on the consumer reviews online and opted to get the essentials over the more expensive diaper genie elite. This diaper pail contains the smell very well (there is definitely a smell to the diapers that we notice if we open the diaper bag). The diaper bags are also very easy to change and we can buy the replacements for cheap through amazon mom. The only con is that you have to touch the pail and force the diaper into the top but that is why it works so well and we swab our hands with alcohol gel after every diaper change anyway so not a big deal. I’ve recommended this and bought this for many friends

Denise Jessup, PA

Easy to use and looks great!

We received two of these and have one in our master-bath and another in the babies nursery.I was a little worried that these may look tacky as I had not seen the diaper genie in person but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and modern they look.Assembly was very easy and the foot pedal makes using the diaper genie a breeze.I’ll be recommending this to my friends with babies on the way for sure!

Denise Marietta, MS

great pail

last time i had the one with the foot petal to open but this one is still simple and easy to use. love it

Corina Verona, KY