Diaper Safari One Size Diaper Cover – Peapod

Diaper Safari One Size Diaper Cover – Peapod


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It works, but it isn’t perfect

I have a 31 pound 2.5 year old and a 14.5 pound 3 month old who both wear this cover over prefolds. It’s a bit of a stretch to fit my 2 year old, and pretty big (though not necessarily too big) on my 3 month old. I like that it has the flaps to hold the diaper/insert in place, and that it has hip snaps. Also, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap like, say, an econobum cover. I really wish it had double gussets, crossover snaps, and came in cute prints. The colors I have (green, purple, and pink) are nice though. For the price, it’s pretty nice.

Bridgette Sledge, MS


This is a great, quality-made diaper cover, as it has plenty of snaps and can be adjusted to a very small size. The best feature it has are the front and back insert pockets which absolutely sold me on this item. My only hang-up was that it is a lighter color (or at least mine is) than what is shown in the description, but besides that this is an excellent product for the price. If it works great when I try it then I will definitely buy more.

Alba Omega, OK

Perfect Cloth Diaper Cover

This is my favorite diaper cover for my 2 year old. He is 36 inches tall and 38 pounds and these still fit him. They are nice and stretchy to give a great fit. If you use a trim insert, they are extremely trim because they stretch to fit so nicely. I have never had a leak. The flaps keep the insert nice and secure. The price can’t be beat, and I love that they are available on Amazon.

Nadia Brandeis, CA

Best diaper cover out there!!!

These are the 5th brand of diaper cover I’ve tried on our son and they are by far my FAVORITE!! (Have also tried Flip, Thirsties, Bummis & GroVia). They have back and front flaps that secure the insert/prefold perfectly into place– have not had it slip or move around on him like other covers have done. The side snap panel extends further than our other covers too- helps me get the fit just right on him (with room to grow). They also come in some of the cutest colors and are a GREAT price!! Get one to try- you won’t be disappointed 😉

Alexandria Kearsarge, NH


I own quite a few diaper covers but the Diaper Safari covers are my favorite. The colors are bright. They haven’t yet to stain! The strech is very giving. They’re soft, more like cloth than the plastic feel of other brands. They have three snaps for each side that makes them very secure. They don’t leak or leave red marks.I can’t say enough good things about these covers! I love them!!

Socorro Elmdale, KS

good buy

I like this diaper cover! Love the snaps and sizing. Haven’t experienced any leaks thus far. Fits well and washes well!

Britney Arlington, IL

Good adjust-ability and good concept with the flaps, but could use improvement

I have a number of covers of different brands and there are things I like and dislike about each, so I think any new parent wanting to cloth diaper should try several different kinds before spending too much on many covers of one brand they may ultimately hate. That being said, here are my thoughts on this cover.I love the adjust-ability of this diaper. It does not gap in the back or leak in the legs and doesn’t leave indentations at the elastic around my baby’s waist either. Moving up a size in snaps has not been a problem with this cover and there has never been a period where one set of snaps was too tight but the next left room for leaks. The thing I do not like about this diaper is the very thing I thought I would like most — the flaps designed to hold the inserts in place. Because this is made with the outer side of the fabric facing in against baby’s bum this diaper cannot be reused if baby poops or has a very wet diaper as it gets wet or soiled almost as badly as the insert. With other covers I can change the liner or insert 3-4 times before changing the cover, but with this cover I am lucky to use it for 2 changes. Maybe this won’t be the case once my baby goes up a couple sizes.If I could redesign this diaper I would probably leave the flaps because they do keep the inserts in place very well, but make them about half as long to as to stay cleaner longer. For the price the cover is a good buy, but don’t expect to be able to use this cover for more than a couple changes before tossing it into the laundry bag.

Mandy East Prospect, PA

Try an Econobum cover instead

The price for this is what initially drove me to try it out. It’s alright, but there’s definitely better covers for a similar price. The material is really flimsy and the gussets end up soiled half the time. I would recommend an Econobum cover over this one. The Econobum is also a lightweight one size cover, but for three extra bucks you also get 3 prefolds and you can use it all day without it getting soiled or wet. I wouldn’t try this one for an outing or overnight use, but it’s okay during the daytime.

Leola Brodhead, KY

Diaper Cover

I love these. They are able to fit my new newborn granddaughter with just a few snaps. They are going to fit her for some time. I love the colors..

Emma Wabaningo, MI

My favorite cover

This was the cheapest cover I bought and also my favorite. The quality doesn’t feel any less than the others so no reason to pay more. The thing I like best is that it has an extra layer of fabric inside over the snaps. The other covers I have(rumparooz, blueberry, and econobum) all dig in and leave indents on his belly, but the extra fabric protects his skin. I use it over flats and it is pretty slim and seems comfortable, and I think it is softer than the others. Some other brands have double leg gussets, but I haven’t noticed any difference between the two as far as leaks, but these seem a lot more comfortable and less bulky. I would buy more of this brand in the future.

Margret Prior Lake, MN

Really good cover

I give this four stars because I haven’t used any other brand of covers to compare it to. The color is great and it holds in messes. I have since purchased more of this brand.

Billie Josephine, TX

Best diaper cover of the 4 we have tried

This is the favorite one of the ones we have tried and is the first choice when we need a cover. After using it for 3 months, it still looks like it is in perfect condition (unlike another popular brand). A feature that I like about this one is that it is not covered with snaps. When I am sleepy and it is the middle of the night or when Mini-Me is extra squirmy, less snaps is a better option. The color on this is a rich, butterscotch-pudding color (to my eyes).I would happily buy more of these and certainly would recommend this product.Tip: For us, when we are using either flats or prefolds, we have found it easier to place the folded-up-normally cloth diaper in this cover and just twist it over once in the middle (at the crotch level). I tried several different folds and my husband did a variety also–we both use this method most of the time. It is fast, easy, and this cover gives us no leaks. We even cover a couple of AIO’s that SHOULD be leakproof with this.

Joyce North Oxford, MA

Great value

This is great cover, esp for the price. Love the color, and it feels soft. The only complaint are the leg holes, they’re a little big. No leaks yet!! A little hard to snap on/off, but that’s almost a plus. When she’s a toddler, I’m sure she will try to undo it. Good elastic. We bought 3 to try and would buy another.

Paulette Ruby, LA

Decent for the price

I love diaper safari customer service. They are wonderful! These diapers are great for the cost that you pay. They are pretty thin and stretchy, and the elastic in the legs isn’t as tight as other brands we have tried. But the snaps are very strong and they are worth the money we paid for them for sure! Great for starting a cloth diaper stash if you don’t have very much cash to spend (like we did).

Jody Augusta, WI

Not my favorite – Update, I like them!

It seems to hold in the leaks, and the fabric is soft. However my baby gets red and irritated after wearing them.Update: These don’t seem to be the culprit of my baby’s rash. I have used them daily since without issue. They fit really well and hold in leaks for the most part. The fabric is nice still after many washes. They don’t have leg gussets, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Darlene Saint Stephens, AL

Great quality

The cover is thick without feeling bulky at all. One of my favorite covers so far to use with our fitteds, and the black is very sleek under his clothes. Really love this cover!

Lesley Williamson, NY

#1 Diaper Cover BY FAR

These are the best diaper covers I own and I own a lot of different brands. These are colorful, don’t leak, fit great, last a long time, and are super affordable. You can use them like an AI2 by sticking an insert or a tri-folded prefold in the folds on the inside. They are my absolute favorite and everyone who does cloth diapering should have at least 6 of these in their stash.

Christy Milford, IA

Not bad for the price

I have tried a few different diaper covers so I’m comparing these to the Flip, Blueberries, and Thirsties. The Flip are definitely my favorite, then Thirsties, then these, and Blueberries last (some of those snaps don’t stay together). These are a little bigger than the other diapers, and the material is more stretchy, so they might fit better when my daughter gets older. I can never seem to get the snaps right on this one. I still use it, but it’s not my first choice.

Libby Avoca, AR

Excellent and Economical

These are very good diaper covers and are a great deal. The quality is excellent – they are soft, leak proof, and the snap closures are great. We’ve been cloth diapering for over a year now and this is the best deal on diaper covers (we paid $9 each for these) next to Econobums which we also love.

Mavis Swannanoa, NC