Diaper Sprayer for Toilet – Diaper Washer Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers

Diaper Sprayer for Toilet – Diaper Washer Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers

This Chrome Diaper Sprayer offers quick clean up of messy diapers. Simply attach the diaper sprayer to your toilet and rinse messy diapers off over the toilet and not in your sink or washing machine. Most cloth diapering parents find their trusty diaper sprayer a must-have item. Fully Adjustable Pressure Valve: No “poop splatter” when you pull the trigger. 360-Degree Turning Spray Head: Avoids a twisting hose. Comes Completely Assembled: No plumber needed with the included. Step-by-step color instructions and washer options that fit most toilets. Easy Install Bracket: You decide where to hang the sprayer on the wall.

Main features

  • Cloth Diaper Sprayer, takes the stick out of dirty diapers until wash day.
  • Only takes minutes to install but well worth every second!
  • Simply hook up the diaper sprayer to the back of your toilet
  • Includes wall mount to keep sprayer up high from toddlers when not in use
  • Styles vary and may not include T-valve.

Verified reviews


Not enough parts

I bought this rather than the cloth diaper brand name sprayers because of its price. All this sprayer comes with is a toilet mount. It was made of cheap plastic and in order to even use it I had to by a $10 adapter at the home improvement to split my toilet line. While I was doing that I also purchased a sink sprayer that is much better quality for less money. I returned this sprayer. In general I would say save your money, skip buying the diaper spraying systems and by a splitter and sink sprayer.

Mari Cape Coral, FL

Works great

This sprayer works great and cost far less than the name brand sprayers on the market. I highly recommend it!

Luann Rich Hill, MO

Great sprayer!

Love this product. Mostly because it is so much cheaper than it’s competitors and works just like they do. The installation instructions were great, even warned about over tightening which can cause a leak (which my husband ignored and sure enough, the connection started leaking).The only complaint that I have is that the nozzle holder, that is supposed to mount to a wall and hold the nozzle end, isn’t sized very well for the nozzle. If the nozzle just rests in it, it doesn’t actually hold it tight so it’s very easy to get knocked out. You can push it further in to the holder, which does hold better, but it still doesn’t hold tight and its easy to knock out. I just mounted this back almost behind the toilet to prevent knocking this thing out of it’s holder on a daily basis.

Caryn Magnolia, MN

Must have for cloth diapering moms

This product is great. I wish I would have bought it sooner. It would have saved me hours of washing diapers in the toilet the old fashioned way. Now my hands stay clean and all I have to do is quickly spray off the mess directly into the toilet.My husband did have to shut off the water valve at the street to keep the toilet from running/leaking while he was installing the sprayer. This has nothing to do with the sprayer’s quality – just an FYI for the installer.

Kristy Mouth Of Wilson, VA


This thing was a waste of my money. This is nothing more than a kitchen sprayer! And it doesn’t even come with all the parts needed to set it up. I could have purchased this at Home Depot for cheaper! We ended up buying a Black and Decker Dog Sprayer instead. It has a nice long hose and a trigger so you don’t get water everywhere. It has lots of water pressure behind it and we spray with hot water.

Verna Waubun, MN

This is such an utter waste of money

I should have heeded all the other reviews. As I was buying this I KNEW it was going to be a bust and yet for some unfathomable reason I continued with my purchase. This is such an utter waste of money. Please save yourself the time frustration and money and trust me when I say do not buy this product!

Dionne Parryville, PA

Additional purchase required…

In retrospect – I should’ve gone to the hardware store and bought the items needed for A LOT CHEAPER. I would recommend you do the same. BUT if you go this route – you need to measure up the valves and get an adapter for your toilet. No additional parts or instructions came with it. I was pretty proud to have done it w/o my husband 🙂 Make sure you talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about at the hardware store though. The water pressure is INTENSE! I recommend purchasing the Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield!!!! Especially with this hose bc of the pressure. It has made cleaning diapers so much easier and faster.

Vilma New Auburn, WI

This one lasted!

The bum genius sprayer broke for no apparent reason after about a year. It just flat out stopped working. This one doesn’t look as nice but it works great and has better water pressure. If you are using cloth diapers, this is a must!

Deloris Carmi, IL

You get what you pay for…

This definitely isn’t a great buy. I don’t hate it, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. The sprayer leaks, not by the connection to the toilet, but at the handle. Obviously, I wash my hands after changing a diaper anyways, but I could do without getting soaked from the handle anyway.

Dawn Ellaville, GA

Easy to install… works great! 🙂

This thing is awesome. It was fairly easy to install (my father in law did it for us). We just had to get a part from home depot and attach it to the water supply. Took less than 5 minutes.

Erica Swansea, MA

Cheap Parts

I purchased this sprayer at a cloth diaper store and not on Amazon. I got it home and installed it, but the fittings leaked. I was able to fix one of the fittings with plumbers tape, but the other fitting was leaking at the crimp in the metal (that you cannot tighten). This is definetely a waste of money, and I am hoping that I get my money back.I wish I would have read the other reviews before buying…

Consuelo Clay, AL


Sure, the price is great but it doesn’t come with the parts you need to install it, nor does it come with ANY directions, not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure it out. I would either have to drive to the store to get another part (I live in the country so it’s atleast a 20 minute drive) or order it online and wait a few days for it to arrive. Style may vary is right!!! Don’t waste your money or time.

Sue Ellenburg, NY

Must-have for cloth diapering

This sprayer is cheaper than many others, but does the job. We did not have any trouble with the install; we did view a video or two online before getting started. I know some reviews mentioned missing parts; ours had everything we needed for install, including the wall mount.The sprayer has good water pressure. We use it every day for hosing down the baby’s cloth diapers before putting them in the wash, and rinsing out the plastic pot after our potty training toddler.UPDATE: After 14 months of use, the shut off valve began leaking like a faucet whenever the sprayer is in use. It is just sitting hooked up, but unused, right now while I try to figure out what to do. I am still trying to find out how to contact the seller about getting a replacement part. I may end up just going to Home Depot and asking them if they have something. I am really disappointed! This has been one of the best purchases we made for our cloth diapering journey and I just wish it had lasted longer. I initially gave it 5 stars but reduced it to three due to poor longevity.SECOND UPDATE: After a little bit of a runaround by Amazon/the seller, I contacted the manufacturer, who promptly sent a replacement sprayer for the one that was leaking. We are back to 5 stars for great customer service and having it up and running once again.

Mamie Valier, MT

A must have for cloth diapers

This diaper sprayer is really great quality- I was expecting something that appeared more cheaply made due to the lower price than most of the other sprayers I looked at. My husband was able to easily install this without any leaking. The spray is adjustable, which is great! Be warned that if you leave it turned all the way up, it is VERY powerful!I do wish that it included a different way to mount it- it just comes with screws. A way to mount it to the toilet would’ve made it absolutely perfect.

Dixie Cragford, AL

Amazing water pressure

I got this sprayer to clean cloth diapers and wipes and was pleased with how the water pressure blasts off anything in the diapers — even something hardened on. I’ve had it about a month so far. It was easy to install, works well, and doesn’t leak. I’d recommend it.

Laurie Sprague, NE

Missing necessary parts!

Please ignore the photos that show multiple parts. The only thing that comes with this is the white sprayer and the hose. The connectors and adapters you need in order for the sprayer to work properly just aren’t there. If you hook this up as/is, you won’t be able to flush your toilet! Save yourself the aggravation and spend a few extra dollars for a sprayer that contains all the parts!

Casey Montreal, MO

Everything I Could’ve Hoped

Every time I use this sprayer, I can’t help but think, “Where has this been the past 15 months? Why did I wait?”. As far as I’m concerned, the sprayer is now a crucial part of our cloth diapering regimen. It works so well! Depending on how hard you press, the pressure changes, so that’s handy. It’s easy enough to install, and there is a valve at the source that you can switch off the water if you’re afraid older kids want to take a shower with it (awesome, unless they find the valve). If it breaks like some reviewers say, I’ll update… but I’m loving it at the moment.

Tami Leupp, AZ

Styles May Vary is right!

I give this product 3 stars for function, but 3 stars for having a really bad item description. When I purchased this, I assumed that it came with the t-adapter that allowed attachment to my toilet. Turns out, it didn’t and I had to hunt around to find one. Now that it’s attached, it works great! I wished that it had come with the attachment part and the clip to hold it to the toilet, like I thought it would. So, buy this but beware…you might just be getting the hose and apparently not the hose shown.

Esperanza Eton, GA

Great Sprayer

This sprayer does the job. Absolutely no leaks. My husband installed it and we have NEVER had a problem with it. Powerful spray every time. An absolute must if cloth diapering.

Liza Maylene, AL

No instructions or extra parts

After reading the reviews, it seems like some people get a nice kit with instructions and some people get a crappy sprayer with nothing else. I thought I’d take a chance, and now I’m going to return this! We got just the crappy sprayer with no additional parts or instructions. We’re going to buy a sink sprayer and parts at the hardware store and make one ourselves.

Leigh Carencro, LA

The one to buy

I did a lot of research on which sprayer to buy for rinsing our cloth diapers. I admit, I was really nervous given the mixed reviews of all the options on Amazon. This sprayer is the one to buy! It was easy to install, real hardware (rather than plastic) and, most importantly, does NOT leak!*****Update 9 months later…*****This sprayer is getting more use now that my little daughter is 9 months now. We’ve experience no leaks at all and the spray is powerful enough to clean our diaper liners before sticking them in the laundry bag. Very pleased.

Kay Wind Gap, PA

Decent for the price

Product is ok. It could just be the water pressure in my house, but it doesn’t spray hard enough to get all of the stool off the diaper. I still find myself bringing them down to the kitchen at night and spraying them off into a bucket with my sink sprayer, as the pressure is much greater. Again, I’m not sure if another brand would be better or if it is just my toilet. Lastly, having the sprayer attached to the toilet, the water is constantly running. We had to attach a separate shut-off valve so I can turn the water on and off after each use of the sprayer.

Deanne Kirby, AR

Good quality, no extra parts needed, fast to hook up.

This is fantastic!!! No additional parts needed, says "Bidet" on the package, works great. Easy to hook up and sprays diapers great with our SprayPal.

Juanita Park Forest, IL

Not what I expected.

I bought this as a baby shower present for my cousin and once we got it my husband informed me that it did not come with all the pieces need to attach to the toilet right away. After reading about it before buying I had no idea. Not a great description. Ended up returning it so I can buy her a different one.

Sadie Clarence Center, NY

Works great

Perfect for cloth diapering. Installs easily and the price is great. Handles the water pressure well. We’ve had it for a few months now and there’s been no leaking or problems yet. The hose is quite durable and rigid, so the holder included (only sticky-back tape, but you could screw it to the wall with the screws included) didn’t quit cope with it.Works great.

Kate Flynn, TX


High pressure sprayer that gets the job done. It really helps me with cloth diapering messes. It’s also so much cheaper then the other main brands but does an amazing job. Really easy to install too!

Brittany Lohn, TX

Booo! Wish I had read reviews before I bought this!

It leaks. Period. Sure it was easy to set up, but as soon as my husband put it in it started leaking. So we took it off and had a plumber put it on just in case my husband did it wrong, and it leaked again. Plumber said it was no good! I really wish I had read the reviews before I bought this product! Dang! We had to take it off immediately or there would have been a huge puddle on the floor. 🙁

Mindy Talbert, KY

eh.. its OK

I got some use from this, the seller was swift but simply… it didn’t hold up. This sprayer flooded my whole bathroom, the nozzle drips constantly. wouldn’t buy again.

Carly Hosford, FL

You get what you pay for.

Works great. Doesn’t include instructions. Glad husband knew how to install it but he had to run to the hardware store to get the piece to connect it to the waterline on the toilet. Honestly it would have probably worked better just to go to Home depot in the first place and buy a sprayer for a sink— pretty much the same exact thing and about the same price..

Berta Wilkesboro, NC

Handy for cloth diapering

Ordered this in February 2013, so I’m not sure if mine was from a different batch and/or seller but I have not had any issues. My husband hooked it up and we are using it to spray off poopy cloth diapers. I turn the valve off after each use. I’m not sure how many turns are recommended when turning it on but the more turns, the more pressure. Has not leaked yet.

Elvira West Newton, PA