Diono Monterey High Back Booster with Adjustable Headrest, Bloom

Diono Monterey High Back Booster with Adjustable Headrest, Bloom

Overprotective in all the right ways, the Diono Monterey is a full-featured, expandable high-back booster seat designed to fit growing children 40 pounds to 120 pounds. The adjustable head rest and deep, aluminum reinforced sides are lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for side impact protection and the reinforced seat bottom provides extra lap belt safety. This significantly strengthens the Monterey and provides superior defense against crash forces. A simple-to-use dial on the back adjusts the width of the seat to fit a child’s shoulders up to 20″ wide. The 11-position headrest gives ultimate flexibility and adjusts up to 6. 5″ in height with one hand for an easy, precise fit. As a fixed-position booster, integrated LATCH connectors and front adjusters allow for a safe and secure installation in seconds (LATCH use is optional) and keeps the seat in position when not in use. The seat bottom has extra length for leg support and features thick AirTek foam and tapered sides for total comfort. Retractable, dual cup holders are extra-deep and angled to keep drinks upright. Monterey can also be used as a backless booster and packs flat for travel and storage.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Fits children 40-120 pounds
  • Extra-deep aluminum reinforced side walls and EPS foam for maximum side impact protection
  • Customizable seating, with adjustable width for shoulders, adjustable height for head support, retractable cup holders

Verified reviews


My son loves it!

Ever since my son saw the tangerine Monterey, he wanted it. I was waiting for it to hit the price point I was willing to pay, and once it did, I ordered it without hesitation. I knew about the possibility of having to contact Diono for a new headrest, but since I have had no issues with them before, I wasn’t concerned.With that said, this booster is great! We replaced my son’s Britax parkwaySG with it, and he says it is much more comfortable. The belt fit is great, and we’ve had no issues with the belt guides (likely because the DOM is 03/13, so we got a newer one). I’m also happy that I no longer have to worry about buckling in the booster when not in use, thanks to it being LATCHable. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Sharron New Britain, CT

Fantastic fitting chair for 2010 Toyota Sienna

This fits our Toyota’s captain’s chairs (behind driver) like a glove. I swear it’s almost like the Monterey was designed with my Toyota in mind. With that said, the fabric is durable feeling and the cushioning is rather nice. My daughter loves it. The cup holders that hide within the chair are easy for her to manage and as well actually putting the cup holder within distance of her 6-year old arms. Her previous high back booster had a cup holder she could never reach!On a humorous side note, my favorite part of this chair is it smells just like a new car. That makes our 4 year old, well used Sienna smell pleasantly like the first day we bought it!

Rosemarie Sumterville, FL

Great but arm rests could be better.

My daughter really loves this carseat. I like that is is a 2 in 1 seat so she can use it for years. The only issue for me is the arm rests are a bit short and don’t adjust if you don’t want them down. So it makes it a bit hard for my daughter to buckle herself sometimes.

Dollie Ludlow, MA

Diono Monterey compared with Graco Nautilus

We have been using theGraco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, Matrixfor both our kids since they became old/big enough to have a front facing seat. We removed the harness and started using it as a high back booster when my son turned five, and despite almost a year of practice he just couldn’t reach around the giant arm rests to buckle himself in. When we traded our SUV for a Hyundai Elantra the problem was even worse, the low profile female end of the seatbelt was almost hidden under the base of the Nautilus. I loved the Nautilus but it was time to try something new, and theDiono Monterey Booster Seat, Tangerineis perfect for us! I have uploaded the measurements I got from Diono as a customer image, it shows all the dimensions of the seat.What I love about the Monterey:-metal frame like the Nautilus-big safe “wings” to protect his head and shoulders in the event of a side impact, and they expand so he won’t be squashed when he’s bigger-the low seat base is just a half inch more narrow than the Nautilus base, this made all the difference I needed to fit in my Elantra-my son (and my 3 year old daughter who just HAD to try it out) can easily buckle and unbuckle themselves-the car seatbelt threads easily through the top guide and doesn’t come out when I don’t want it to-when I turn around and look at my 3 year old in her Nautilus and my 6 year old in his Monterey the BOTH look safe :)————————————-Editing to add that I still love this seat, in fact I am so pleased with it I just ordered a second one in Green. Unfortunately the one I received is a full year old and so had the old seatbelt guides. I immediately called Diono and spoke to a nice lady and she clarified that if the seat works in our car it is perfectly safe to use, and if it does not she would take my address and send us a new headrest. Lucky for us the old guides work fine with the seatbelts in my husband’s Prius, but I still was somewhat annoyed. I had thought the green was a new color for 2013, I guess not.

Robert Midlothian, TX

Great seat but shoulder belt guides are terrible

I used to have one of those cheapo Graco full length boosters but after seeing my son slide around and almost tip over a few times when I made a turn, I realized I really needed a booster with the LATCH system. When the booster slides, I could see a very real chance that the child can get strangled by the seat belt too. Plus the Graco falls apart everytime you move it. So I did a lot of research and decided on this Diono. When it arrived it was impressive, the heft and weight of this booster is like a Britax car seat, the fabric was nice, the steel reinforced sides are amazing and the seat doesn’t budge a bit, and the LATCH very easy to install.HOWEVER – we have had this a month and now I’m considering returning it. Why? The shoulder strap guide on the upper part of the car seat doesn’t work well at all. Even after a month, my 5 almost 6 year old still has trouble getting it to thread properly so that the seat belt retracts snugly against his body. I’m constanly having to make sure that his seat belt is snug against his body and chest and not loose. The seat belt often gets twisted or caught or stuck in the shoulder guide so that it has a lot of slack in it. My fear is that during one of those hectic days, I may forget to check the slack in his seat belt and off we go with a loose seat belt. Although the Graco booster was cheaply made, the shoulder seat belt guide never impeded the belt and it was easy for my child to do.Now after doing even more research I’m convinced that I need to buy a booster with a 5 point harness system and a LATCH – basically a large carseat. My son can use a harness easily and it seems to be much safer in a crash than using an adult seat belt and struggling with threading it. Now ordering a Recaro Prosport so will see how this one works out. Thank goodness for Amazon’s free returns!

Kathy Beaver Crossing, NE

Best booster out there, especially for bigger kids, no complaints!

I bought the Diono Monterey Booster seat in Shadow a few months ago (2013 model) and it is the best booster seat I’ve owned or tried. All I can figure is they must have fixed the complaints from the 2012 model because the belt path is fine on mine, no obstructions (I should note, I have the headrest raised several inches since my son is 54 inches). Someone complained about “quality issues” but my seat was very nice quality, no complaints.My 9 year old is still a year away from being 4’9″, and even then I doubt he would fit well in the 2nd row captain’s chair of my van because at 5’3″ the seatbelt doesn’t me fit well either. I could go backless booster but I’d like to give my kids side impact upper body protection as long as possible. The shadow color is nice, my boys don’t balk at using it, kind of looks space age. When asked why they have to be in boosters, I showed my boys a crash test video on youtube. They haven’t asked again and don’t complain.As your child grows, the headrest moves up and the side wings (reinforced with aluminum) expand out, so that it truly does grow with your child without leaving huge gaps of non-protection (like every other booster seat out there). The placement of the armrests is also more comfortable, my son doesn’t look as awkward or uncomfortable as he did in the Britax Parkway.Love the latch connections, secures the seat very well to the vehicle. I can’t recall if the lifespan on this seat is 9 or 10 years, but that is a huge bonus for me, since I also have a 7 and 2 year old.I believe in keeping kids in harnesses as long as possible (mine stay harnessed until 70 lbs) but when your kids are ready for boosters, buy this seat. I’ve tried the Compass Booster, Recaro Vivo (terrible for kids over 6), and the Britax Parkway and this is the best out there by far in terms of ease of use, ability to grow with your child/handle higher height and weight limits, and most importantly, superior side impact protection.

Tameka Shellman, GA

Seat belt doesn’t feed through guide correctly – unsafe.

We are really disappointed that this will not function properly. The seat belt feeds through a slot in the head rest and just will not stay in there safely. It either bunches up (preventing safe or reliable retraction) or it slips out altogether!I called Diono and they said this can be remedied with their “installation tips” but we had no luck whatsoever – sadly, it’s going back.Why can’t someone make a top-notch high-back booster for bigger kids?

Francis Sheldon, ND

Made in China, smells awful, headrest seatbeat defect.

Buyer beware: Made In China.We got this seat because my toddler loved the purple color. Without entirely unpacking the seat I could see the issue with the upper headrest seat belt attachment. I wouldn’t stay in place. The seat seem flimsy. And the smell was just overwhelmingly horrible. Not just the plastic packing bag but also the foam inside the chair smelled horrible.Before purchasing I contacted the company about the levels of bromide, lead and chlorine in the seat. Considering the toxic smell her response is puzzling. Maybe she thought I was asking only about the exterior seat fabric only.The rep said:”All Diono products (car seats, boosters and travel accessories) comply with US, European and Canadian regulations regarding toxic substances such as phthalates, bromides, bisphenol-A (BPA), cadmium and lead. Neither this process nor the fabrics we have been using have changed since 2009 when we rated very highly in terms of very low toxicity and out-gassing.Our goal was to develop a fabric that required no additional FR treatment at all. To that end, we have already started down that path. Our new RadianR series seats will feature seats in colors called ‘Storm’ and ‘Rugby’ and these seats feature our new micro-mesh velour fabric that was made without requiring any additional flame retardant treatment at all. The Storm and Rugby are not available on the Monterey but our process has not changed on the Monterey covers since we were Sunshine Kids.”My thoughts are: obviously Diono has not yet accomplished their goal of lowering the products toxicity level. And I do not know that the quality level is the same as Sunshine Kids. The 2008 Radian XT we have did not have any of these issue.I returned the seat to Amazon.

Autumn Corona, NM

Seat belt guide is flawed & NOT SAFE!

My review is entirely based on the product and not the vendor. Their customer service was superior! I also have the older model Sunshine Kids Monterey booster seat that I bought about 6 months ago and we love. I wanted a 2nd for our other car and wanted another pink one so we didn’t have the issue of which color is in which car (kids!). I couldn’t find pink though except for the newer DIONO model. The seats are almost identical, except for the seat belt guide. The guide does NOT allow the seat belt to retract freely after the child leans forward. I have no idea how this design passed safety standards. It is not safe at all. If the belt does not retract against the child’s body, what good will it do in an accident?They also changed the latch straps a bit. The older model has the two straps converging into one spot for the release to loosen them. Now they are completely separate so when you want to loosen them to move the seat, you either need to be quite skilled at maneuvering two release latches at the same time with both hands while pulling the seat forward to loosen the straps or you’re going to have some trouble. This minor issue was certainly not the deal breaker for me on this seat. I could deal with the two releases, but not the seat belt issue.I would NOT recommend this model by DIONO to anyone. Please read the other reviews. I read them and thought it really couldn’t be a problem since the older model is so wonderful. I regret that decision. I received the DIONO today and already have the return label printed to ship it back. I also ordered the older model Sunshine Kids Monterey…only in silver not pink. My 4 year old was very understanding and said the silver was okay too. What a kid!

Ines Tuscumbia, MO