Diono Radian Travel Bag, Black

Diono Radian Travel Bag, Black

Travel convenience for your Radian65, Radian80 or RadianXT. Carry it over the shoulder, as a backpack or as an in-hand travel bag. It features washable waterproof fabric, wide shoulder straps for comfort, and a locking zipper. Shoulder straps remove for easy packing.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Waterproof keeps seat dry during travel
  • Rip resistant
  • Padded carry straps
  • Shoulder bag design
  • Converts to backpack

Verified reviews


Solid material choice, great product

Update: Diono sent me a new bag which fixes my only real problem with the product. There are now two strap attachment points on one side of the bag. So it now works great in shoulder bag mode. The really amazing part of this is that when talking to customer service months ago I said that if they ever fixed this problem on the bag I would like a new one. And then it just shows up last week.Original review:So first off this is a substantial bag that fits the Radian 120 like a glove. The fit on the width and height is perfect, there is a bit extra on the depth at the top but this leaves you enough room to shove the rear facing booster and a jacket in if needed.The materials are very thick with firm foam padding in select areas. Inside there are three skinny pockets that will let you stash the shoulder straps at check-in. Again this is heavy luggage fabric not gym bag fabric. After one trip with the bag as checked luggage there are no signs of wear. I expect that this bag will last as long as the seat.Now for the two problems. All the images on the packaging show two compression straps on the top sides of the bag and metal attachment points for the shoulder straps on the four corners and the middle top position. This should allow you to use two straps with the low side and high center attachment points as a backpack. Or use one strap with the two points on either side and carry it as a shoulder bag. What you actually get is a bag without the compression straps and missing one of the high side mount points. This causes the following problems.The lack of compression straps feels like it allows the top of the seat to fall away from your back in backpack mode, this makes it less comfortable to carry then a good backpack. I will say that compression straps may not help this much as the bag is a very snug fit to the seat already. And that i feel like loose straps are asking to get ripped off in airline baggage handling. So if this was the only problem I would be giving it 5 stars.But the big problem is the only set of side attachment points is on the opposite side from the grab carry handle on the bag. So once you take the bag off your shoulder you have nothing on the top side to pick the bag up except the long shoulder strap. There is a nice padded grab handle but it’s on the bottom and is sitting on the ground at this point. This is really simple and obvious problem that should have been apparent to the designers the instant they saw the first prototype.Update: I emailed Diono customer support the same comments in this review and got a prompt reply thanking me for my feedback–which they passed on to the product manager–and included his responses. He said the packaging image was incorrect and changed after the start of production. Also that the compression straps were for another use and they never appeared on a shipping bag. He also commented that changing the shoulder strap to the same side was a good idea and would be investigated for future models.They also offered to replace my bag but said the replacement would likely be the same as the one i have. I declined the offer.+1 star for great customer service.

Elisa Oneida, IL

A few flaws, but does the job

Everyone who owns a Radian knows how heavy it is. I had read several tricks to packing the Radian for a vacation, but I went ahead and purchased this bag to carry the car seat on the plane.This bag allows each part of the radian to be carried in the bag without having to pack it in additional luggage – the base for RF, the cup holder and even the locking clip (which usually stays snugly locked in the back of the seat, but tends to fall out when carrying it around an airport). It does help the folding base stay put as well.It can take a lot of practice to try and figure out the best way to slide the car seat in to the bag. By the time our trip was over (3 flights later), I had it figured out.The biggest negative to this bag is the shoulder/backpack style straps. They need to be higher up and adjustable. They do not seem to be tested on your average size mom. This puts an enormous strain on your back. It IS do-able, but it’s certainly not pleasant especially when trekking through large airports.It seems pretty sturdy if you are careful with loading the car seat. No rips or tears, but it’s still rather new.If you are traveling with a Radian, it may still be worth purchasing, but I have also heard of using a luggage cart instead. No experience there, so I can’t make a good recommendation. I’ll use my bag again because I want to make sure I get my money’s worth!

Adriana Dennis, TX

Poorly made, for what it is.

Our bag is now broken. We are using it as a cover.July 2013 – flight to Panama from US (1 connection). Arrived ok.Sept 12, 2013 – direct flight from Panama to Uruguay. Arrived ok.Sept 13, 2013 – while transporting bag to our hotel, first strap broke off. One strap is inadequate for the amount of weight, but we’re doing it anyway.Oct 7, 2013 – in airport, seam tears open. Bag now has a gash that is several inches long.So, now we’re primarily using it only as a cover. It is better than nothing, I think…but…it is about as durable as a product that would cost $8-10, at most. Not sure how to replace it since we’re still in South America. Our broken bag makes car seat transport even worse than it already was.Padding on the straps is almost non-existent, and not comfortable. Bag seams are weak. Zipper sticks sometimes. The metal on our strap broke. Did they not test some sample bags before they started selling these?I sure hope they don’t use the same manufacturer for the car seat itself!!

Alejandra Finger, TN


we now have 2 of them, they work great for traveling. fit the Radian RXT perfectly, with some room to stick in extra padding, the rear-facing attachment, and even a blanket or two! just make sure you don’t put it in backwards or upside down and you’ll have no problems with it! 🙂 we love to use them in the airport, you can carry it around on a travel dolly really easily. and the handle on it is strong and easy to use as well. highly recommend.

Kathrine Fiskdale, MA

for airline travel

I have a Radian RXT – and got this in case the seat didn’t fit the airline seats – which was not an issue – the carseat fit easily. (think the 3 across in a mini van is possible so it fit well in airline seat). the RXT didn’t really fit into this bag – I tried it at home, and thankfully didn’t need it at the airport after all – as it took me over 30 minutes to finally get it into the bag the first time, and get the zipper closed – so if I was having to do this prior to boarding it would have been an issue. (figure would have needed 15-20 minutes to get it in the next time, if the seat didn’t fit and needed to check it at the gate.)

Tina Snow Hill, MD

Great for Travel thru airport

When you travel with baby you want to protect them either on the flight or on a rental car. This is the reason we bought the Diono, this is the few car seat that actually fold in half for ease of transportation and has the protection that equal other higher price car seat.Pros:Easily portable.Price is not too expensive compare with other car seat cover.Seem very well made, but heavy ( see con)Very easy to install especially with the latch system.Cons:Heavy: very heavy. Be sure to purchase a Diono cover for this which you can buy from amazon.Diono Radian Travel Bag Black(side note) The Diono cover comes with two should straps that can be detached and used on the Diono Car seat as back pack!Heavy: did I mention heavy? you want to carry this in a protective bag and put it on a airport cart to move it, otherwise you will pull some muscles.As a side note 2: most airline will allow you to gate check this item on the airplane alone with a stroller, so you can ship this to your destination withour additional baggage fee.We decided to check this as a baggage at the airport when we return, and the bag seem to standup to the airport punishment well, there are no tear or damage to it.Overall, we are very happy with this purchase, i

Leticia Ashton, IA

Order this if you want to go to battle with a bag…

Worst bag ever. Had it for one flight no connections and the bag ripped, not to mention my back was killing me after only carrying it to check in. The fit was waaaaaaay too snug,I cut my finger on the car seat when I put it in.

Faith Royal, AR

Hard to carry

The bag material is nice and high quality and seems solid for airline check-in, etc. The issue is that it is incredibly awkward to carry. The Radian is HEAVY, and would be essentially impossible to carry on one shoulder I think. The backpack function on this is ergonomically poor, such that the straps are too long even when at their shortest length, causing the seat to pull away from my back and hang low beneath my butt. Not just heavy, but truly awkward and uncomfortable to carry. I almost want to return it, but think I will keep it for storage and in case I want to check it at the gate someday (but I will carry the bag as well to the gate and use shoulder straps directly on the seat to carry it instead).

Belinda Karnes City, TX

Snug fit means safe carseat

Tough to zip up but that’s the point — the carseat is super snug in the bag. If only it made the carseat lighter to carry! ha! I do appreciate the "backpack" style carrying option, which is really the only way to muscle it around while traveling with a toddler in a stroller (as everyone who is bringing this carseat along is). Only wish the backpack straps could tighten more, as it sagged on my back even in the tightest setting, forcing me to lean waaaay forward to manage it. Even so, a great purchase.

Lorraine Keuka Park, NY

Poor quality; cumbersome

Getting ready to return this. We used it once. We did not check it, but instead carried it with us on one flight each way. I noticed on our way back that it has a hole all the way through the fabric in the middle of the bag. I can’t imagine this happened WHILE en route, since we had the bag on us at all times. The zipper is stronger than I had anticipated, given the reviews, but the strap mounting is not very well thought out, and it is difficult to use as a backpack for the Diono Radian carseat. It did make carrying the carseat easier than if the carseat hadn’t been in anything at all, but for the price, I had hoped for a bit better construction & ease of use. (Advice for anyone who buys for the Radian: I read how it is an extremely tight fit and is difficult to zip…. FOLD the carseat first, then put it in. We had no problems this way).

Augusta New Melle, MO