Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat, Dune

Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat, Dune

The RadianR100 is a highly versatile car seat that could be the only seat you’ll ever need. It comfortably seats rear-facing children from 5-40 pounds, forward-facing children from 20-65 pounds in 5-point harness, then converts to a booster for children up to 100 pounds Built for strength and safety, the RadianR100 has a steel alloy frame, reinforced sidewalls, SafeStop energy absorbing harness, thick EPS foam panels for side impact protection and our unique Superlatch system for easy installation. The RadianR100 is NCAP crash tested, the industry benchmark for verifying child seat performance in severe accident conditions, and rated for latch use with a child up to 65 pounds The R100 sits low on a vehicle seat for easy child boarding and with expandable sides and a longer seat bottom there plenty of room and comfort for your growing child. Option to add up to 4 cup holders (sold separately). It also folds flat for travel and storage, has a 10 year life, and offers amazing safety, comfort and convenience your child won’t outgrow.

Main features

  • Rear facing 5 to 40 pounds
  • Forward facing 20-65 pounds (up to 57″) in 5 positions harness
  • Booster to 100 pounds
  • Steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sides
  • 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions for custom fit

Verified reviews


not for babies

Okay so this looks like a great sturdy seat for toddlers and up. We bought it for our third child and we have a small backseat (BMW) –this was the ONLY option for three across. We have owned Britax, evenflo, graco, you name it. I have an evenflo in our suv which we love and our one year old is still rear-facing. BUT… despite the installation going okay and the seat being super sturdy the top is so long that there is no way I can keep him rear-facing. It hits the front seat so that a passenger has to be dangerously close to the air-bag. SO, I installed it forward facing. Our son liked it, but there is no side protection at all so imagine your one year old being in a higher version of the backseat. Exzctly–it’s like an actual Car Seat with a harness. So, while I imagine this would have been good for our other children (now 5 and 7 and not in these types of seats anymore) it is just not right for our one year old. There is no head support, no support anywhere. It irks me that this is for infants on up. How would an infant possibly sit in this????Please consider this before buying this as a seat for anyone less than 2 or years old.UPDATE: Baby is now 18 months old and we started using this seat forward facing. Please don’t start writing negative comments about this as it’s literally the only seat that will fit our car three across and I have to keep my other kids safe too!We did use the Snugride 40 but the problem was that it lies the baby down too far and he wanted to sit up. So, that worked for a few months. I love this seat now. I think it’s very sturdy, great for older babies and comfortable. Have used it a few weeks now and baby is very happy in it and doesn’t complain.

Madelyn Pismo Beach, CA

Solid Car Seat with Fantastic Latch System

Diono RadianR100 is a great car seat for those who are looking for a car seat that will grow with your child from 5 to 100 lbs. We own the Diono RadianRXT, DionoR100, and the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, and would have to say that the Diono is our favorite car seat for traveling purposes, but our second favorite car seat for everyday use (mainly because the kids like the Graco cup holders and armrests – more on that below). There are many things about this car seat that we love:1. It’s easy to set up and install. While I did need the instruction manual to figure many of the various parts and how to fully assemble the seat, the instructions were clear and the seat took no longer than 15 minutes for me to get set up in house, then another 15 minutes to get it installed into our cars. I did not include the unpacking time for the car seat from the box – that’s just silly.2. The Superlatch system is brilliant. With the Graco latch system, you have to shove your fingers into the seat in order to feel the latch system bar, then youhave to push down on the clip to install the latch system, and then potentially pinch your fingers because the clip. When you remove the clip, you have to shove your fingers back into the seat, feel around the evil finger pinching clip, squeeze the clip and potentially pinch your fingers again! With the Superlatch, you just shove the candy bar shaped bar onto the latch in the car until you hear a click. To remove, you push a button the top of the Superlatch, then pull out. This is awesome of epic proportions.3. The Dionos are amazingly slim. You really could fit three of these seats in the backseat of your car. We have a 2009 Honda Odyssey and a 2006 Honda Accord and three of these seats would fit in the back if we really wanted to. We chose to install the R100 in our Accord along with the RXT, and there’s enough room for both our kids to sit back there with our papillon dog in the middle.4. While we got this car seat a little late for this purpose, the Diono allows for backward facing infants. It comes with head and side supports, as well as a large plastic piece to install under the car seat so it’s inclined back for an infant to lie down in. This is great for parents who want to buy one car seat, and one car seat only to use for their child. This may be a con for some parents, as many parents like having the infant car seats to easily remove a sleeping baby from the car without having to unbelt them and potentially waking them up.5. The thing we love about the Diono Series the most is the convenience of the Diono when traveling by airplane. This car seat actually folds down compactly, has areas on the back for all the components to clip to, has the instructional manual literally tied to the seat, and comes with backpack style straps. My husband or I can carry it through an airport as easily as another piece of luggage, as it’s not as cumbersome to lug around as conventional car seats. It’s thin and folds down low enough to go through x-ray machines, and not terribly difficult to set up in airline seats. This is probably the best thing about the seat.That said, here are the aspects of the seat that we didn’t particularly like.1. Set up of the seat is not very intuitive. The Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 is much more intuitive to figure out. I could easily remember how to break down the seat and assemble it without having to consult with the instructional manual. With the Diono RadianR100, I always have to refer to the manual in order to break down and stow the many pieces. I’m guessing this is because it does break down much more compactly than the Graco, as well as has all those different clips to stow the straps for traveling. The instruction manual also does not store well into the seat as the Graco – it is simply shoved behind the fabric of the car seat. If not put in well, you can feel the manual through the fabric.2. The cup holder is poorly designed. There is a single tube of plastic that is keeping the cup holder stuck in the armrest flap of the car seat. My kids can pull out the cup holder, as it doesn’t really stay in very well. We decided to not even use it with our car seat.3. The fabric of the RadianR100 is not as comfortable as the Graco 3-in-1. The fabric and cushioning is thin in comparison, and we were able to feel some of the hidden straps underneath the fabric. We have not had to wash the car seat fabric just yet and I will update my review with the condition of the fabric after a few washes, if it can be removed easily.4. The armrests are practically nonexistent. If it wasn’t mentioned in the manual, I would have guessed that there were no armrests on this car seat. My kids didn’t think there were armrests on the seats, either.In comparison to the Diono RXT, the RXT is a slightly better purchase, but not by much. The fabric in comparison, is much better than the R100. It not only feels better, but it looks a lot nicer than the R100. The RXT also comes with the additional cup holder, a shoulder carrying strap, the infant head and side positioners, as well as head side impact cushions. The structure of the R100 and RXT is pretty much the same, although the RXT does support 20 lbs more than the R100. How much this makes a difference really depends on the weigh and height of your child, as well as the car seat laws in your state. I really don’t think many kids will be riding in a car seat up to 120 lbs…I could be wrong, though.In comparison to the Graco Nautilus, R100 is much more compact, but is more difficult to assemble/break down for cleaning. My kids think the Graco fabric and cushioning is more comfortable, and like the cup holder and arm rests better on the Graco. However, they do like that fact that the R100 is easier to get into by themselves, simply because of the lack of armrests. The R100 fits much better than the Gracos in compact cars.All in all, I think that the Diono R100 is a fantastic car seat. It feels solid, looks great, and is comfortable for our kids. Highly recommended!

Hattie Colo, IA

Flying with the RadianR100

This is a review of the Diono Radian R100 Convertible car seat. We used it for our trip to Oregon and Washington. The seat is relatively heavy (steel frame with aluminum), but is very narrow and the seat bottom can fold when not installed. The seat back has clearly marked storage slots for the Top Tether, Latch clips, Top Tether loop strap, and forward facing extender strap. The removable rear facing wedge base locks into the folded seat also when not in use. For forward facing the seat bottom can be adjusted for two height/angles. The LATCH buckles/strap are attached to the seat with a piece of webbing to prevent loss. Standard type 5 point harness (middle chest clip, bottom buckle) with nice removable shoulder/neck pads, but the crotch/buckle pad is thin. Height adjustment is the older style “feed through” slots and the crotch buckle has two positions, both are very easy to feed and change. The folding/locking mechanism is two big steel vault style bolts that are released using a latch on either side of the base. You do have to make sure that the base “arms” fold into the slots cut in the fabric of the seat and that you have slack in the shoulder straps.AIRPLANE/AIRPORT Use: We had a reserved seat for our toddler son, and used this on the airplane forward facing. For transporting it through the airport I used theGo-Go Babyz Car Seat Luggage Strap, Orange, One Size, and yes we did have him in the seat attached to a Samsonite Hardshell carry-on rolling case. I put a long piece of “double” sided Velcro on the Rear facing wedge so I could quickly attach it to the luggage carry handle securely. We used the seat on the MD-88/DC-9, 767 and 737. It fit down the aisle, the carry-on was actually wider. If you decide to use something like the Go-Go Babyz Car Seat Luggage strap, practice with it at home, I did, you will be thankful at the TSA checkpoints and in the confines of the airplane. The seat has velcro openings in the seatback (so the seat can fold) but these openings also allow you to easily feed the seat belt trough the back. If you need a belt extender as an attendant for one. Sometimes you might not “need” one but it may place the buckle off to the side instead of poking your child in the back in the middle of the seat. I found it very easy to secure the seat in a plane after the first try, if you can practice by using the single lap belt in your car back seat.Plane Hint#1 Debarking. If you have someone to help, release the child, detach and fold the seat. Turn the seat around so you can attach the back with yourGo-Go Babyz Car Seat Luggage Strap, Orange, One Sizeto the rolling carryon. Get your carryon down and place it in the seat, with the car seat leaning against the plane seatback you don’t have to worry about it falling over while you feed the straps through. It is easier to do this in the seat than to try and do it in the aisle. Also if using the car seat luggage strap, lean the luggage back (toward the seat) to give some slack for the top tether to hook down and over. I velcroed or rubberbanded all loose straps after figuring lengths.Plane Hint #2. Yes they sell “shoulder straps” for this seat, you can also just use the Top Tether just clip it to on the the steel bars. At around 25 pounds I wouldn’t want to carry it this way for very long but if you need to get out of the plane to the gate area, or if your rolling carry on was gate checked it would work.CAR USE: Hint #1 for LATCH installation place the seat in the car seat, tip the seat on its side. Drop the latch buckle through the appropriate slot (they are very clearly marked). Slowly tip the seat back up and pull the buckle through. Let gravity help you, as there are several “openings” inside the tunnels that catch the buckles if you try and shove it through. (the plastic in the openings is also sharp, I know)LATCH Hint #2 Because the buckles are tethered to the seat they can basically only be “fed” one way.The steel “Y” connector for the shoulder straps does cause resistance in some installs when you pull to tighten the shoulder straps and it binds between the plastic of the seat base and fabric of the cars’ seat. I have no idea where some reviews of this seat have problems attaching it, the slots are clearly marked and the seat base has rubber runners for extra grip. I mounted the seat in a Minivan captains chair, in the middle of a newer Crown Victoria, and a Nissan Sentra. It takes a little lean on the seat to get it rock solid but what seat doesn’t. Little man didn’t know what to do with all the view area he had compared to his Britax Advocate that he usually rides in. This seat is not a plush seat, we bought it for use on this trip and to go in the “Grandma” car.For shorter children (like mine) I tied a piece of cord across the top to attach bottles toys etc. There are two red steel flat loops at the top that are used when the seat is in “Booster ” mode, this is what I attached the cord to. The seat does have small thin loops for their brand cup-holders but you cannot fold the seat with them attached. Someone with a bit of creativity could use these loops for soft mesh/fabric cupholders that would crush when folded.And yes, I just got back from the trip, 10 days of use, 4 flights.

Marla Harpersfield, NY

Hard to fit

We tried this in a number of cars rear facing and find it doesn’t work well. It moves around a lot even with the wedge. It may be an issue of leather seats. It leans back so much that in some cars the front seats couldn’t be all the way back and the driver definitely senses the top of it near their head (not too safe). If shorter, it is in your site line when looking over your shoulder.It works better in SUVs space-wise. My friend loves hers so I wanted to try it.Base is small so moves more than seats with a bigger base.When I spoke to the manufacturer they indicated there wasn’t much difference between the R100 and R120 for a child that was already 22lbs, but still rear facing.

Pamala Killduff, IA

It makes 3 carseats in a row possible!! (Ford Escape)

I made this purchase as my second child outgrew the infant carseat in her 8th month. I had family (grandma and 1 yr old cousin) coming to visit and wanted to be able to ride all 5 of us in one vehicle during their stay. We were able to fit all three carseats in the back just by having one of the Diono RadianR100 Convertible seats (used in the narrow middle seat)!! It saved us gas to run a second vehicle and made outtings simpler by all riding together. IF we have a third of our own, we will definitely being getting another Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat. It installed effortlessly and it is apparent that it’s high quality, from the fabric to the frame and the straps and buckles. Nothing about it is ‘cheap’. And we won’t have to buy a bigger vehicle to accommodate the kids carseats 🙂

Luz Schoharie, NY

Very safe and super compact!

We got this seat with the desire to be able to put three car seats along the back row of our Honda Odyssey. So far, we are super impressed! I ended up buying two, one for my 3 year old and the other to use as rear facing for my newborn daughter. The seats are VERY heavy, but that shows how well built and safe they are. Although they are thin, both my kids find them very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. The harness is also very secure, but not fiddly.The only down side I can think of is that because the seats are pretty tall, when it is rear facing the seat can take a lot of room and if you don’t have a whole lot of space between the back seat and front seats, it can hit the seat in front..we ended up having to put our daughters in the middle of the row otherwise the driver or front passenger wouldn’t have any leg room. It won’t be a problem once she can sit up more straight and we will use the Diono Radian Angle Adjuster.I am so happy with this purchase that I kinda wish I would have gotten another one for my 4 year old, who is just in a booster seat from the local baby store.

Lorie Isonville, KY

Love how narrow it is.

I have some experience with car seats. I can compare the Diono Radian to a Britax Marathon, a Graco Nautilus, and one of Graco’s infant seats. It is definitely the narrowest making it much more comfortable for other passengers. We also found the Britax would not fit, rear facing, in the back seat of a mid-sized car. The Diono Radian does. It fits right up to the backs of the front seat, but it does fit.The hardest part of installation is deciding how you want to do it. We decided on using the car’s seatbelts. When we make it forward facing next year, we will probably use the latch system. Once the decision was made, installation was pretty easy. The fabric on the seat is nice. She has already spilled water on it, but there were no rings left. We also love how easy it is to adjust the straps, not only to loosen but also to tighten. I don’t find that to be very easy on the Graco Nautilus. I also wasn’t able to install that one by myself.Using this with a pretty tiny one year old, we should see many years of use. I’m glad getting her in and out of it is easier than other car seats we have tried.

Mina Helmsburg, IN

Great seat for airplane travel

We got this seat in order to take a plane trip this Thanksgiving. I couldn’t bear to have my 1 year old crawling around on me as a lap infant for 5 hours – not to mention the fact that traveling that way is unsafe for him. I spent a little time before the trip with the user manual, learning how all the latches and straps worked. It was pretty simple to use but there are a few straps that would require another look at the manual to remind me how to use. I was disappointed it did not come with a strap to carry it. It is a very heavy seat – 25 pounds, I think. My husband volunteered to carry it but I think it’s too heavy to carry with a shoulder strap. I went to REI and bought some carabiner clips and a back pack strap set up for $25. It worked really well. I didn’t like that I had to spend more money to be able to carry the seat though. Portability is its main selling feature and to not provide back pack straps seemed silly to me. It was easy to install in both the airplane and rental car. Do ask for a seat belt extender upon boarding the plane in order to make installation really simple.

Jennie New Boston, TX

Great for a Honda Pilot 2007 But Have Some Concerns

I’m giving this 3 stars although I truly believe that it deserves 3 1/2. The reason why I chose to give this 3 1/2 stars because although it truly is the ONLY carseat that can fit 3 across (believe me, I’ve looked for one since I found out I was pregnant), it is very heavy, does not have a lot of support for babies (my 11 month old looks slouched and leans to the right), and the most disturbing for me is that in rear-facing mode in order to tighten the seat belt I have to pull the straps from the back and then use the tightening strap from the front.I spoke to customer service regarding the fact that I have to pull the straps from the back and she said that it was perfectly normal. This is the first time I have ever needed to pull the strap from the back in order to tighten a seat belt. I have 2 older children and then my 11 month old and have had a Britax, Graco, Chicco, and finally this Diono between them and this was a first for me and really concerned me. She mentioned that you have to "pull, pull, pull" in order to tighten the strap. I did that, but it didn’t work. She also mentioned that it could be because its rearfacing and the angle that at the angle I was pulling in was not correct because with Diono carseats you have to pull down to tighten the straps. She said to try it out forward facing, which I honestly have not done because it is fairly heavy and is in between 2 Clek boosters that are latched in and with my daughter not being anywhere close to forward facing I guess I’m too lazy to try it out. She did say that I could call back if it still didn’t work. She also offered free of charge to send me a support pad for my daughter and I do appreciate that! Thank you, Annette!Pros:Really does fit 3 across – for me Passenger side Clek Booster, Middle- Diono, Driver Side Clek BoosterSoft materialLooks SleekGREAT customer serviceCons:Heavy, although you can travel with it I doubt you would because it is so heavy it would kill your back. I have my older Britax that I will take with the Go-Go Babyz Travelmate (so amazing!)Straps need to be pulled from the back while Rear-facingBaby is slouched. If I could go back I’d spend a little more and get the RXT with the headwings. I am thinking of just biting the bullet and buying that. I’m waiting for the support pad and if it seems like it doesn’t help will go ahead and buy the RXT and sell my Diono on craigslist.In conclusion, I’m still glad I bought it. There would be no way I could get three kids in one row on my Honda Pilot 2007 without having to buy a new car. If I could go back, I’d buy the RXT. I hope this helps!

Adeline Robesonia, PA

Great seat

This seat looks amazing, fabric is easy clean & is compact. It is pretty easy to install, although removing the seat rear facing is a little challenging.

Brittney Farmersville, IL

A “Tank” of a car seat!

Originally I must say when it comes to looks I wouldn’t have picked this car seat. I like lots of cushion for my babies (the safe kind that comes with the car seat, of course) and this just doesn’t have much of anything. BUT having said that, from the moment you lift the box for this seat you can feel how insanely heavy it is compared to all other car seats. I suspect if you were carrying this around the airport that would get old REALLY fast, but for someone who is just putting it in the car and leaving it there, I like it. It makes me feel like this is seat is better and more secure than others that are on the market. I have found that installing this seat forward facing is very easy but installing it rear facing is really rough for me especially (I am currently pregnant). I like the latch hooks, they are easy to hook on/off and seem better than older style latch hooks. The reason why we bought this car seat was because it was in our price range and we needed a radian so that we could fit three across in a sedan. This seat is PERFECT for that purpose. I drive a 2012 Dodge Avenger which is an average sized sedan and I can fit this seat forward facing behind the passengers seat, a combi coccoro in the middle and a graco turbo booster behind the drivers side. I really recommend this seat for fitting 3 across!

Kayla Smithland, KY

Best Car Seat EVER!!!

This is by far our favorite of many car seats we have purchased including Britax Roundabout and Britax Marathon. We even bought a second one for our other car. We have used it exclusively forward facing so I cannot comment on rear facing or infant use, but it has been amazing for our now 3 year old and has worked great as a booster when I end up driving around older kids. Slim design, has held up well to substantial use. Would be pretty damn heavy to take traveling on an airplane, which we have not attempted. I have washed and dried the cover, which was a little more complicated to remove and replace than some other car seats I have used but certainly doable on an occasional basis. No complaints and after about 18 months of use, looks like new and love it more every day…

Sophie Buchanan, ND

This seat is going to change car seats forever!

this is the car seat I’ve been looking for! super easy to intall, really smartly built and a great solution for households with multiple age children as it’s a breeze to switch from forward facing to rear, to take out and stash in trunk when necessary and to move. Nice to be able to use the baby’s seat in a pinch when picking up my toddler daughter and one of her friends.compact but so much better made than other more expensive seats I’ve had ($350 high end britax, foam head support thing snapped the first time it tried to move the bulky beast from one car to another, very disappointing!). It’s a steel frame seat and much lower profile with all the same safety ratings as much bulkier seats.About the same weight or a lb or 2 heaver, the compact design and folding seat make it easy to stow in a trunk or back of suv and still leave room for other stuff. Can snap in and out in minutes.fact that you can use it even with little infants (I was never a fan of carrying my babies around "bucket" style in the snap in seats anyway, felt like they got too hot) and they are good for 10 years makes me wonder why anyone would ever buy a different seat!

Corinne Wyoming, IL

Very pleased

I ordered this product because I wanted to be able to fit three across in my Honda Accord. I already had a Britax booster and a Britax Roundabout but the Britax baby seat just wouldn’t smush between the two, so I started looking around for something narrower. I read the reviews on this and decided to order. Amazon said it wouldn’t arrive for several weeks but it was at a sale price so I decided to go ahead anyway. Well, it arrived much , much earlier than predicted! My husband and I spent over an hour installing it and the Britax Roundabout side by side, but it was worth it. We got three seats in and they’re all rock solid! I agree with some other reviewers that the install was a little trickier than what we’re used to with Britax seats – it was the top tether that gave us problems. We couldn’t seem to tighten it. We even thought it must be a design flaw, but with a little perseverance and a lot of elbow grease we got it tight in the end. And the included seat belt lock was genius, although that too took some doing. Still, I don’t imagine we’ll be moving the seats for quite some time! We ended up having the Radian forward facing for my 3 year old daughter and put the Britax Roundabout rear facing in the middle for my arriving-any-day new baby. Overall we’re very pleased with the quality and the space-saving nature of this seat. My daughter loves it and calls it her “booster seat” even though she’s not old enough to have it on the belt-positioning booster setup, it looks a lot like her big brother’s booster so she’s happy!

Darlene Lissie, TX

Good narrow car seat if you require the space.

I have two kids and wanted a compact car seat so I can put two of them in the back row of my car and still have room for a passenger. Diono was the only company that made a car seat narrow enough to accommodate this. The safety ratings on this car seat is pretty good and the thing is solid. Don’t buy this car seat because of it’s folding feature that allows you to carry it like a backpack. This seat is way too heavy to be carried around. I also recommend not using this for rear facing since the long backrest will require the front seat to move forward a lot to allow the seat to rest properly. There’s also no cup holders or armrests if those are important to you. In general, I think the Radian is only ideal if you want to save horizontal space. Otherwise, there’s much better products out there.

Wendi Gorum, LA

Well made.

This is a beast. It is two to three times as heavy as a normal car seat. But it has a slim profile so works well when rear leg room is nil. One problem, use a towel under it, a screw on the bottom tore my leather seat a little. Be sure to check the weight rating for your vehicle’s latch connectors because this and an older child likely mean you must secure it with the seat belt.

Beatriz Angel Fire, NM

Diono Radian

We purchased this seat for my 4.5 year old daughter in hopes we could fit two car seats next to each other in the backseat. That wasn’t possible but I love this car seat anyway. It’s sturdy but fits so nicely in the backseat. My daughter who is tall for her age fits great in it.

Tamra Lodi, WI

Love it and fits in my car

I spent days looking for car seats to fit my Camry and this one fits great! I love the low profile edges easy for me to lift my kid in and out of car seat. I did buy an attachment cushion that is crash tested proof made from Diono so the seat sits back further from the front seats.

Graciela Leonardsville, NY

Great forward facing seat

We got this when we were ready to transition from the rear facing infant seat to a front facing seat. It is great. Easy to install and easy to get the child into and out of. We haven’t had to travel with it yet, but I have no doubt it will not be a problem getting it in and out and toting it around.My only complaint is that I could never use this as a rear facing seat. When it rear faces it leans so far toward the front of the car, a passenger could never ride in front of it. It might work in a van or SUV but not in any sedan style car (I have a Honda Accord).

Ethel Mount Morris, PA

Kept my children safe in a bad car accident

I love these car seats. I have two of my children in these, and one in a Graco infant car seat. They fit GREAT 3 in a row. They are nice and sturdy and very safe, I LOVE that the 5-point harness can be used for a long, long, long time. My 6-year-old is still in this seat and can be for a lot longer. I know that many people take their children out of a 5-point harness much younger than my son, but it is so, so worth it to keep them in as long as possible. I was in a bad car accident on the freeway this week with my three children; the car was totaled and all three children were perfectly fine and have not a scratch. These car seats (along with divine intervention) kept them safe. Love these car seats!! Will be buying them again, since you should get rid of car seats after an accident.

Stacey Manchester Center, VT

Great car seat

Very good car seat. perfect for kids transitioning from rear facing to front facing. Good quality, nice cloth. Very durable. Will take you to booster seat.

Enid Foley, MN

Great travel car seat!

We travel much, and when we have a baby. We wanted to make sure the baby can travel safe both on the airplane or in a rental car.So we found and bought this.Pros:Foldable design to reduce room.Safe and well build car seatVery easy to install with latch system.Cons:Heavy: very heavy you want to get a carrying case from Diono. It’s not very expensive item, but totally worth the price.You can check this car seat at gate so you don’t have to pay extra as a checked baggage.It fits our rental car great.Baby seems to enjoy sitting in it just fine.

Letitia Fairdale, ND

Wow! Way above standard product!

Bought these based on a review from a blog stating they are very thin and can be used in small vehicles. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality also. The plastic isn’t cheap, very sturdy and high quality metal frame, and fits perfectly with one other Diono Radian R100 and a combi corroco convertible in our 2007 Honda fit. We were able to keep our very affordable car instead having to upgrade and spend tons of money on a van or suv. Plus went to Mejer’s and found the accessories for really good prices and just as good quality as the seats.

Hazel Maryneal, TX

Out of necessity, but good

This replaced a Recaro ProRide that I really liked quite a bit. More so out of necessity since I now have to fit three kid seats across. The Recaro is just too wide to do that. So my basis of comparison is between using a Maxi-Cosi Pria 70, Recaro ProRide, and this R100.I went with the R100 when Amazon was fulfilling it at a good price with Prime. I chose this over the R120 and RXT since I did not need fancy fabric and I was leery of the RXT headwing complaints. I’ll eventually have three of these in both cars, so being frugal is going to be just as key as their narrow 17″ width.The shipping box is really small compared to the other seats I have bought. The Radians fold up which helps in this aspect, however these are pretty hefty seats.The add-on cup holder is a joke which I will probably not install. The Maxi-Cosi intergrated cup holder is much better, but that is all its got going for it. The Radian’s harness system is excellent. The buckles work like they should and has heavy duty webbing. So far I have installed it forward facing (FF) with one trip under the kid’s belt. These sit quite a bit lower than the other seats I have experience with. I will make updates as I use it a bit more.Made in ChinaIt’s plenty tight but it works:2002 Forester: Chicco KeyFit30 (RF – shoulder belt) / Radian R100 (FF – shoulder belt) / Chicco KeyFit30 (RF – shoulder belt)2012 RAV4: Chicco KeyFit30 (RF – shoulder belt) / Radian R100 (FF – latch) / Chicco KeyFit30 (RF – shoulder belt)Both cars look to have enough room to install three Radian R100s (FF)

Wilda Stephens, GA

Great Seat for Smaller Vehicles and Multiple Children

I have used Britax Marathons for years with my two girls. I love those seats, but we recently sold our Yukon for a Chevrolet Equinox. It gets much better gas mileage but is considerably smaller. There was no way to fit both our seats and another person in the back seat so we got two Radians. It is a little tight, but with both Radians in the back seat a third person or third car seat will fit. I like the fact that is converts to a booster when we are ready. I will say I have owned several car seats over the years and these were by far the hardest to install. I think this was in part to the short tether strap adjustment and the fact that our read headrests are unmoveable. We also have some generic seat protectors that we have used under all our other seats. We had to get rid of those in order to get a good fit for the seats. Both my girls are comfortable in these seats and like how low they are compared to the Britax.Overall, if you have the room, I still beleive the Britax Marathon is a better seat, but if you need space this is still a good solid seat. It does have several similar features of the Britax. I miss the ease of use for adjusting the straps on the Britax. Both my children are forward facing, so I cannot speak to the rear facing options for this seat. I would recommend this seat to anyone with more than one car seat in the car and/or who drive small and midsize vehicles.

Selena Hilton Head Island, SC

Very sturdy carseat

When our rather tall (48″), rather heavy (50 pounds) 3-year-old had to move into a new car seat, we bought a less expensive convertible car seat. She liked the girly pattern and loved having a new “big girl” seat, but I was constantly worried about the safety of the seat. It seemed flimsy and I wasn’t sure how it would hold up in a crash (heaven forbid).I liked the specs for the Diono, so took a chance since there were no reviews at that time. When I first got the seat, I was impressed with the heft. We don’t tend to move car seats in/out of cars, or switch them between cars, so I have no concern over how heavy they are. I like that I have a five-point harness to such a high weight/height limit (65 lb or 57″ according to the specs), since it keeps her better restrained.I found the Latch easy to attach to my car. (And I’ve had other car seats with latch systems that were nearly impossible.) I also like how much narrower the seat is than the one it replaced. While there isn’t usually an adult in the back seat of our car, we were able to put the Diono Radian, a rear-facing Graco convertible seat, and an adult (in the middle).This is a well-built seat that should carry us through the 100-pound weight limit without a problem. I do wish there were other patterns/colors available, but it’s an acceptable trade-off for the stability/security of this seat.

Geneva Concord, MA

Fits 3 across in my Honda Accord :o)

I like the seat, I don’t love it. I don’t like the bottom buckle postion, it seem awkward for my son who is only 3 years old but he’s already the size of a 4 year old. He said he’s comfortable in it so I don’t question him but it just seems like it’s a bit snug and should be able to be adjusted one more notch out away from him. It also doesn’t really fit infants too well with the large foam pads on there. My other son is only 8mths but he’s small and it just barely fits him to have the pads in there for the added impact protection. I really needed the seats because I need to be able to have 3 across in my Accord and these are the only 2 that I could get to fit secure and snugly and leaving me feeling like my kids were safe buckled in. They are good secure seats but I’m sure they could be better. After all nothing is perfect. I would recommend them though because they are very sturdy seats and will last you for years unless in an accident. If you need 3 across in a smaller car then this is the way to go.

Jasmine Salvo, NC

subcompact with twins

I bought a subcompact car two weeks before learning I was pregnant – with twins. I also have an older daughter and I’m 5’10 and sit like a 6’2 man because I have long legs. I have been eating the steering wheel for a year with infant seats behind me. I’ve been searching for months for a rearfacing convertible and praying I could find anything besides this outrageously expensive seat since I need to buy six, but it turns out this is the only seat on the market that will fit rear facing three across amd only with the angle adjustors in my subcompact car. I hated installing it and I’m so broke because it was $500 fir one set amd I habe to buy at least one more sey because my husband has the same car and the same kids lol but I give 4 stars becausw I’m so thankful I didn’t have to trade in my car.

Emilia Hazard, KY

Narrow and sturdy

Narrow and sturdy carseat. Very heavy so not easy for traveling, but it’s great if you have to fit 2 or more carseats in the back of your car. Only con is that it leans way back. If y our child is old enough to sit more upright, you will need to buy the angle adjuster.

Mary Misenheimer, NC

One year and two Diono Radians later….

Pros: heavy duty construction, low profile so my 2 year old can climb in on his own, slim profile so it fits well in a compact car, easy install, has held up well so farCons: heavy is inconvenient if you have to swap it from car to car, tough to wash (definitely invest in the $8 seat protector they sell separately!!), no cup holder, not a great seat for falling asleep in if your child does that often (no head pillows on the sides), a bit pricey

Reva Boca Raton, FL