Diono Stroller Strap, Black

Diono Stroller Strap, Black

Diono Stroller Strap You can always use an extra hand, so free both of yours with the Diono Stroller Strap. Universal attachment makes the strap versatile and easy to use. Perfect for lightweight buggies and other baby equipment.

Main features

  • Convenient carry strap leaves your hands free when carrying strollers or other baby equipment
  • Easy to use strap just slips around stroller and its portable
  • Padded carry straps

Verified reviews


It’s just ok

Bought this to help carry my quinny buzz stroller, and it probably works well for a regular umbrella stroller, but for this one, I just can’t find the right position to put the straps so that it carries it well on balance. Looks like it would work for other people though.

Tricia Silverton, CO

Excellent Product

We use this strap for our Britax b-agile when traveling. It’s a MUST for the non-umbrella stroller. It would actually work on a umbrella stroller as well, if you needed it. The shoulder pad is very comfortable and thick. The strap buckles are easy to use. I love it!

Francesca Spring Hill, TN


But not without discomfort. The shoulder pad is all but worthless, and you can feel the strap clearly through the pad. All that being said, I cannot manage without it! Hauling a twin stroller, with twin toddlers is a Job, and this makes that job a Lot easier.

Marcella Johnstown, OH

does the job

I have gone through so many strollers and most of the light ones like maclaren comes with a strap. Diono is a great company and they have other gadgets! I bought this for my uppababy (i know i am crazy) to test it out since it is only $8.00. Wow it really helped out especially when I need to take it down the stairs. I recommend this for any stroller!

Allene Westborough, MA

Perfect for the airport

When we didn’t want to push our active 2 year old around, this was great for gate checking the umbrella stroller at the airport.

Chelsey Bloomfield, KY