Diono Travel Pal Car Storage

Diono Travel Pal Car Storage

Diono’s Travel Pal is designed to keep books and toys neat and organized. It has a deep cargo bin for toys and lots of pockets for smaller things, too. It has insulated drink holders and the entire cargo area is waterproof – just in case. Travel Pal fits between two car seats, and is big enough to hold everything for both children.

Main features

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  • Deep cargo bin holds lots of lose items
  • Waterproof to protect upholstery
  • Insulated drink holders

Verified reviews


Good to put activity stuff in and sippy cups

We have this little travel box near her car seat and it’s great! Has a flap that you can secure in to the seat Holds two sippy cups and a bunch of books and other stuff. It doesn’t take up a bunch of room so that people can sit in the other part of the seat. I like it.

Ophelia Denver, KY

Awesome organizer!

I was so tired of toys being littered across the backseat of our car. This is great because I can just toss everything right in. I had looked at back of the seat organizers too, but this requires so much less effort and is perfect for us! I am going to order a second one for our other car soon.

Bridget Independence, KY

Great Toy Storage for Honda CR-V

I put this car storage on the floor in the back seat area of my Honda CR-V. I use it to hold my two year old daughter’s toys and books. Currently, it has 5 books, toy phone, three small animals, toy tablet, and a pair of sunglasses in one of the side pockets. It is a great tool to keep the car clean from having toys/books spread all over the floor and underneath the seats. I would highly recommend.

Marianne Linwood, MA

Handy car organizer

I think this is going to work perfectly in my car, which is currently a disaster area with toys and fruit snack wrappers and snack containers all over the place.The one thing I don’t like is how smelly this was as soon as I took it out of the box. It’s a really awful smell and we’re currently airing the thing out, hoping it’ll go away.

Nicole Belleview, FL

Great Organizer

I love being able to keep all of my daughter’s things organized and accessible in the back seat next to her car seat. She’s figured out how to take her water bottle out and put it back in the holders. Well made and durable.

Priscilla Stollings, WV

Diono Travel Pal

I wanted something to keep on the floor of the rear seat of my SUV to keep bottles of water in so they didn’t roll around. This has worked out well and stays in place.

Gay Mantador, ND

Great storage

Have it in between two car seats. I like that my son can reach it to grab his own toys, etc.

Annette Skamokawa, WA

Liked it

We have it between two car seats – one is rear facing and the other fwd facing. The picture made it look a bit bigger than it actually is, but nonetheless, my FF child can reach for his cup without any problems. We keep an extra blanket in there, travel pillow and a couple of toys. We are satisfied with it.

Debra Channing, MI

Works great for keeping the car neat

Works great for our needs, which is to keep the space between 3 carseats orderly. I pretty much keep a couple spare diapers, a package of wipes, and some toys in it. My daughter can reach over and grab her toys, but its far enough away from the baby. We don’t really use the cupholders, they aren’t that convenient. Overall I think this is a good option, otherwise we were just keeping a bunch of junk on the seat that would slide off every time you braked, or on the floor.

Bobby Mendocino, CA

Keeps car clean…and who couldn’t use a few more cup holders?

I saw this in my friends car and knew it was something that would solve my problem, Kids stuff everywhere in my backseat. It’s been wonderful and now everything they need is within arms reach. The extra cup holders are a nice bonus!

Dora Saint Stephens Church, VA

Help your kids help themselves!!!

This caddy is a must for kids in the third row! I knew I would not be able to hand things to my girls once we moved them to the third row and this caddy keeps all their essentials within their reach! It is a lifesaver in the car! Holds plenty of snacks and activities with room to spare!

Glenna Alamance, NC

Excellent car organizer

I love this organizer it holds all my son’s toys, games, tablet you name it also holds two bottles or cups on the front, love that it can be held using the seat belt from the middle seat through the velcro tabs on the back to keep it in place. if you need to tidy up your car this is it, it is constructed with a very good quality material, great for road trips.

Anna Denair, CA