Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Sectioned Plate, Colors May Vary

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Sectioned Plate, Colors May Vary

Looking for a great plate? This one has favorite Disney characters for kid appeal, plus parent-friendly features. It’s break resistant, lightweight, and dishwasher/microwave safe, with different sections to keep food separate (no broccoli in my mac and cheese, please!). Colors may vary

Main features

  • Plate is sectioned to keep food separate
  • Disney characters make it a kid favorite
  • Break resistant and lightweight
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe; BPA Free; Phthalate Free
  • Colors may vary

Verified reviews


Cute and ok

My son likes that it has Mickey on it. The ear compartments are really small. The colors and printing faded in the dishwasher.

Miranda Jewell, KS

A hit

My 2 y.o. daughter loves this plate.She was so excited when she saw it. The picture is clear, vivid and cute.

Christian Buras, LA

Nice plate, don’t expect to use the ear sections for sides

I read reviews on this plate before buying it and read that the ear sections were quite small. I decided to get it anyway because my son loves Mickey. He loves to just carry this plate around. We’ve used the plate many times now. The quality seems good. We haven’t used it in the microwave or dishwasher because the reviews I read warned about the decals bubbling up.

Dionne Wallace, ID

Durable plate

A must for any child who loves Mickey Mouse. I bought this for our son a few months ago, it has held up well and our 2-year old loves it!

Wilda Pearlington, MS

works okay

I like the plate, however my Son loves it!!! As other people have said the ears are too small. I have washed the plate by hand, so I have not had any problems with the paint peeling off. Good plate, son loves it!

Candace Catskill, NY

better than most, not perfect

As molded plastics go, this one is less worrisome about chemical leaching. The tray compartments are great, and the right size. Design and shape is fine. Washes okay in the dishwasher as recommended. But after a few months the plastic is peeling off the face of the plate. Disappointing it won’t last longer. We have 6 plates and only use this in the rotation 1-2 times per week, so it should definitely last longer than it has.

Leila Glenolden, PA

Not Microwave Safe as Stated in Description

After using this plate with our toddler about 3 months and lightly microwaving his food in it, the plastic has bubbled over time. It is now at the point that small pieces of plastic are sticking to his food. We threw it out last night (a 3 month plate).

Gracie Ladd, IL

Compartments are good but plastic isnt

I wish it was made of a better quality material. The plastic is peeling off. It is cute, but I couldnt use it after a month.

Verna Alapaha, GA

Works on bottom rack

My daughter likes this plate. We wash it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher & it holds up just fine, which is a plus for me. One thing that I don’t like about this type of plate is that the sections are too small for a sandwich, so it’s kinda difficult to make a sandwich on the plate w/it bending over humps.

Concepcion Elmira, NY