Disney Cars Folding Potty Seat

Disney Cars Folding Potty Seat

This Ginsey home solution Disney Cars travel potty seat make you ready to take your potty training out in the world. You don’t have to be worried about the reaction your little one is going to have the first time you try to use a rest room. This wonderful new portable potty seat will allow you take the seat along for the ride. Its seat folds for easy and discrete carrying in a diaper bag or large purse. This comes with a zip lock bag for storage. Its seat flips open and stays locked for stability. The small pads along the bottom keep from scratching your toilet seat. When folded, the seat measures approx. 7″ x 6″. It is designed for round toilets. This is a great idea for the mom or dad on the go, when your kid has to go. It is much more hygienic than letting your child sit on a public toilet seat.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Soft, comfortable and durable
  • Easy to clean, fold, pack and go
  • Fits standard and elongated toilets
  • Take your potty training out in the world
  • Comes with a zip lock bag for storage

Verified reviews


not strong enough

I put it on the toilet and the overhang lip in the front does not hang over enough. If it did, I think it would help keep it in place better. However, the cushions on the underneath (wish they would show you that on the product images) are just that, a cushion. It has nothing to do with actually helping hold the potty seat in place, as it slides around all too easily. It snapped open well and I felt it was good, but once I sat my 16month old 21lb girl on it, I better understand the reviews others are giving. Although it’s snapped together pretty solidly, when I put my daughter on it, she seat really sunk in toward the toilet water a bit, enough to worry me too much to keep it. I can see where people might say it pinches because although it’s not supposed to bend anymore in that direction, it does, and could possibly pinch. My main issues with the seat though are that it:1 – had nothing to click it/stick it on the seat to keep it in place2 – sinks down under the weight of my 21 lb girl3 – I can see my own hands getting unsanitary from touching the seat to open and close it after being on the toiletI think it’s a great idea, but not a well developed/made product to do the job it’s supposed to do.

Bridgett Sherrill, NY

Not too sturdy but works great!

Not as sturdy as I had thought it would be. Works great though for potty training on the go!

Manuela Bear Mountain, NY

it is average

it slides up and down the seat but overall it is an okay product, for emergency use when there’s no seat cover at use

Vanessa Princeton, NC

Love this seat

We’ve had this seat for 2 years. It’s been all over New England and the tri-state area as well as up and down the southeast coast and PR. I’m shocked at the negative reviews. This seat is a life saver. We travel a lot by plane and car. Today is the first time it actually fell in the toilet and it was more a result of my child accidentally kicking it into the toilet. I’m so skeeved that I decided to buy a new one. For $10 it’s worth it. This seat has kept my child germ-free and happy for 2 years. At one point he wanted to use it on every toilet that wasn’t home including friend’s and relative’s houses.

Lakesha Washington, IL

Solved our problem!

I bought this for my daughter a few weeks ago, we’re in the midst of potty training. I didn’t know what to do about the *huge* public toilet seats, and I found this potty seat. It folds up small and into a little zip-top baggie that fits well into a medium-large purse or diaper bag. I’m definitely going to buy one of these for my son when he’s potty training!

Joanne Shaktoolik, AK

Great for travel and on-the-go during initial potty training

My kids are little, which means I dread taking them potty in public restrooms. Their little tooshies fall into the toilet and they have to hold onto the seat. Blech.I bought the princess folding seat for my daughter 2 1/2 years ago to use while on vacation. It worked just fine for a week’s vacation, and much more portable than non-folding potty seats. Obviously not all toilets are the same shape/size, so these folding seats will not fit just right on every toilet, and I don’t think they’re as long as they should be.Just bought the Cars one for my son who is starting to potty train (just turned 2). Because we’re out and about a lot, it’s nice to have a small potty seat to bring with us just in case. We’ll also be bringing this seat to Italy with us in a couple of months.

Imelda Dayton, MN

Poorly designed.

We should have listened to all the negative reviews. Seems like a great idea. Biggest problem is that is slides all over and our son was terrified he was going to fall, into the toilet! He pleaded with me to get the one we have at home. We purchased this for traveling. Since we are visiting my mom, I went to the store and bought one and we will just leave it there. We will use the Kalencomm 2 in 1 Potette Plus we also purchased, but is larger.

Rhea Amigo, WV