Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub – Make Bath Time Safe – Red

Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub – Make Bath Time Safe – Red

It’s time for your child to look forward to bath time! Featuring all of his or her favorite Disney Cars characters, this feisty red Inflatable Bathtub features a laundry list of innovative and helpful features, including compartments for bathing accessories, suction cups for hang drying, a water temperature display, a supportive back and headrest, and a ribbed base to provide extra weight support. It deflates easily for storage or travel, making it ideal for both at home and on-the-go use. Best of all, our Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub is 100% BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and metal free and is optimal for maintaining your child’s health and safety.

Main features

  • INTUITIVE DESIGN: Our Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub includes a laundry list of innovative and helpful features, including compartments for bathing accessories, suction cups for hang drying, a water temperature display, a supportive back and headrest, and a ribbed base to provide extra weight support.
  • FUN FRIENDS: It’s time for your child to look forward to bath time! Featuring all of his or her favorite Disney Cars characters, this feisty red Inflatable Bathtub is sure to brighten up both your bathroom and your little one’s face. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be an annoying chore anymore!
  • PORTABLE, EASY USE: This inflatable bathtub deflates easily for storage or travel, making it ideal for both at home and on-the-go use. For use instructions, read the included instruction sheet.
  • SAFE, EASY CLEAN: Like all Ginsey products, our Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub is 100% BPA, PVC, phthalate, and metal free, making it optimal for maintaining your child’s health and safety. To clean, simply wipe down with mild soap and a damp cloth.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) Disney Cars Inflatable Bathtub and (1) instruction sheet.
  • Deflates easily for storage or travel
  • Compartments are perfect for bathing accessories
  • Hook to easily hang dry
  • Wash with mild soap and water

Verified reviews


great tub…but no drain!!

My 17 month old daughter likes it, and it appears well made…but there is NO DRAIN! I’ve never had a blow up infant tub without a drain! So after I rinse the soap off my daughter, I have to take her OUT of the soapy tub, dump the water, and rinse the soap off her. Very disappointed in this tub.

Christine Forestdale, MA

Returned it

Plastic odor was so strong that can’t possibly be non-toxic to little ones, I returned it immediately upon opening the package.

Sonya Canterbury, NH

NO GO- way to slippery, dangerous, NO drain, inside too short!

I do NOT like this tub!!!!! It gets 2 points for cute, but -3 for having NO drain, being TOO slippery, and too short on the inside. The duck tub is better, we got this car tub to replace a holey duck. I didn’t realize it didn’t come with a drain, which is really fantastic if your baby/toddler pulls a maneuver that causes a need for emptying the tub quickly for safety reasons. I feel it’s a potential safety risk, more than other tubs. What a disappointment, it’s otherwise really cute and the pockets are fun. It’s also a lot harder to inflate than the duck tub.

Marianne Lumberton, NC

I had to inflate this MANUALLY…no drainage…go figure…

Let me start by saying I was more excited over this inflatable bath tub than my DD. Love the Disney princesses and overall theme. Fits perfectly into my bath tub. I’d still rate it 2 Stars simply because it’s incredibly hard to inflate and nowhere was it stated that I need to get a certain air pump to get it to work. All the regular pumps I have at home didn’t fit into any of the 4 valves. Yes, 4 valves! And I finally gave up. I was on the verge of returning it…then I thought about inflating it manually like I would with a balloon. Only this thing is no balloon – it takes up so much more AIR and EFFORTS before it would inflate nicely…looking all plumped up. I was huffing and puffing when it was all done.Another design flaw is the drainage – don’t expect one. Nada. I’m joking right? NO. I’d have to turn this whole thing upside down to get the water out and frankly, it requires Herculean strength. Or maybe I just didn’t have my lunch yet. Whatever…it shouldn’t be so hard. Especially bath time, which shoud be relaxing.Would I get another one or recommend a friend to get it? Answer is NO.

Elinor Vernon Center, NY

Expected a non-slip surface

I love this tub. My super active 9 month old loves to play in the tub. I did expect the area where he sits to be non-slip, but it’s not. Sometimes when he’s moving around his bum slips and he ends up with his head in the water. Since I never, ever leave him alone, he’s not in any danger and I pull him up immediately. This product would be greatly improved, and receive all 5 stars from me, if the area where the baby was placed was given some sort of non-slip treatment.

Mollie Toledo, OH

Too small!

I was so excited to get this tub. I wanted something before I transitioned my 12 month son to the big tub. This is actually smaller than his infant tub. The box says it can be used up to 24 months, but the package insert says it is for use up to 25 lbs, maximum. My son is slightly above average, but weighs 22.5 lbs at 12 months. We’d maybe get a few more months of use out of this. It is also much more shallow than the picture shows. It is much more shallow than our safety first infant tub.

Essie Clinton, MN

Absolutely darling

This little girlie bathtub is cute as can be and my grand daughter loves it. She is 22 months and just fits but feels secure and can’t wait until bath time. The product appears to be made quite well for the price. We’ve used it daily for about 3 months.

Gwendolyn Sealy, TX

Took the fun out of tubby time! =(

My daughter is almost 8 months and I thought this would be perfect for her. She may love the freedom but it made bath time so much harder for me. I know that you need to stay alert while bathing your child but I was exhausted and frustrated by the time we got out. She was all over the place and it made washing & rinsing much harder. And not having a drain made me uncomfortable because by the time we were done, the tub is almost totally full. The directions say only an inch of water but that’s impossible. I will use this occasionally so she can play but on a day to day basis I have to go back to the "baby" tub for now.The positives are that it is made well and very cute. And I think one day I will love it but she’s just too young and/or too fidgety right now.

Bonnie Fairmount, IL

It was so convenient

This little tub worked great on our family cruise. We had no bathtub, only a shower in our stateroom and this little tub was perfect, she loved it. The pockets were also handy because we had no ledge to put the shower gel/shampoo for her. I liked the soft bottom for her little bottom.

Nichole Sigel, IL

Absolutely Love This Tub

I travel a lot with my daughter and wanted to have a bath wherever we were. This was perfect. Great size so I know she will grow with it and the quality is wonderful. The plastic is strong and not at all flimsy. I like the suction hook at the back to the bottom of the tub..so it stops it from sliding in the bath and I can use it to hang on the shower as storage after..Very easy to inflate..Even by mouth..She loves it just as much as her at home tub..and the Pooh print is a plus! 🙂

Jeanie Mansfield, TX

rub a dub..dub…baby loves her tub

As baby has grown..There have been a series of bathing containers . Infant first bath in small plastic tub… 1 month to 4 month bathroom basin … 5 months to 10 months baby bathtub over kitchen sink…Finally a cute baby tub that sits safely in bathtub. Very roomy for baby to splash and play with bath toys..Easy to reach baby for bathing ..Easy to remove baby after bath..AND it is so cute. I really like the hanging hook option…very handy for drying and storing. Perfect for travel.

Shawna Albright, WV

Great, lightweight bathtub

It’s a cute looking bathtub, but the reason i bought it was to have something to give my baby daughter a bath in, that could also be cleaned and stored eaily. We only have a shower, and have limited storage at our place. This bathtub does the job admirably. I dont bother to deflate it ever, but it is light, easy enough to drain by simply tipping it into the shower, easy enough to clean by using our showerhead, as simple to dry as just leaning it against the shower wall, and simple enough to store in the corner of the bedroom behind her changing table. For less than $20, i dont see how you could do much better, and quite frankly, i dont see the need for anything more costly either. It was exactly what i needed it to be and everything i expected.Enjoy!

Dora Ridgeville, IN

Wasn’t for us

The temperature feature didn’t work, my daughter slipped all over and she hated it. If baby’s not happy, no body’s happy.

Jeanne Honoraville, AL

Works good for now

Really like this tub for my 7 month old. Its perfect for her right now. However, she doesn’t have much leg room to grow so I am not sure how a 1 year old would fit in here with the pillow blown up, it would be very snug. But as a second tub after her infant tub its perfect for now. And you can’t beat the price, even if she only uses it for 3 or 4 months!

Beryl Fayette, IA

Amazing for trips

This tub was so great on our trip. My daughter 7 months loves her bath time since birth and this was great for our Dominican Republic trip. Although we stayed in a 5 star resort I did not feel comfortable bathing her in the tub and this was the perfect solution since it was easy to travel with but still functioned like her tub at home were she could happily play and relax before going to bed. We ended up leaving it at the resort because we literally could not fit a needle in our bag on the way home but for the price we payed it totally was worth it even for 1 weeks use. I will be purchasing again for future trips or just for overnight stays and grandparents.

Minerva Hillsboro, KY

Great tub for kids under 1

We had one of those plastic tubs you put on your counter for our son and used it till he was able to sit up on his own and then we transitioned to this one. We love it and it is the perfect fit for our tub. We leave it inflated and just spray the bottom of it with some mold and mildew cleaner and wash it off so that it doesn’t collect it from the tub and let it dry on.Our son sits comfortably in it and it is big enough for him, now at 10 months, and a few of his toys. the front toy/shampoo holder is great because I can rest the baby shampoo bottle and water cup in there as well and he likes to put his toys in there and then grab them out. After a few months of using it every other night, I have only had to re-inflate it once to make it firm again. The quality is great and hasn’t ripped or poked in hole in it either.

Shauna Ameagle, WV

Disney Inflatable Bathtub, Princess

I bought this for my daughter when she was about 12 months or so. She loved the color. The "cup holders?" are great. She kept the toys she didn’t want to float around there. It’s pretty nice and soft. The bottom also blows up, so it keeps soft for the baby to sit on. Overall it is a good product for the little ones, it looks nice, it functions well. Would buy again if needed it.

Hope Hillsboro, TN

If they stand up in it they can easily fall

Its super cute and nice to have but i stopped useing it because my daughter wouldnt stop standing in it and a few times she did and if i didnt catch her she would have fell diving out, and even came super close to hitting the water nosel. So be very careful it can be slippery

Roslyn Guntersville, AL

Perfect for our shower

We have a small shower stall. It fits in the corner of our bathroom and has the sliding doors. The doors open up at the corner, so SMALL shower. Our dtr grew out of the infant tub so we bought this hoping it would fit in our small tub. She LOVES this tub!! It fits perfectly in our tiny shower and she loves to splash around in it.

Jocelyn Rockdale, TX

The Best

We were getting frustrated with our other baby tub because it was great for newborns with the net and all, but not so great for as they get bigger it was too HARD. This tub on the other hand is AMAZING, comfy, fun and great for travel. Not much more to say, it’s just awesome!!!

Erna Advance, IN

Just love it!

I bought this for my twin Grand Babies, wish I purchase them earlier. I would recommend any new parents to have one, it is safe & babies have lots of fun.

Fanny Round Hill, VA

Cars Tub

This is the perfect tub for your little man. It’s inflatable. A huge space saver and can bring with you when traveling. Has sections to hold bath supplies and has a thermometer on the bottom. Also has a pillow and a hook to hang up/

Dolly Macon, NC

Great size, but mold is quickly an issue

This works great for saving water in the huge bathtub. The cup holders are nice and its a good size. But the blow up back cushion is kind of silly, and just holds in water to grow mold. Mold and mildew will cause this tub to go in the trash quickly, bummer!

Lucinda Flippin, AR

comfortable tud but no drain 🙁

My 18months old son is comfortable in it. It’s less expensive to fill up this tub with the California Baby bubble bath aromatherapy then fill up my tub :)The only con is since it’s inflatable it’s hard to have a drain put somewhere on this tub.Other then that I’m happy with my purchase.

Christie Ellendale, MN

Awesome inflatable tub

Bought this to use with out 9 month old son. The old plastic one we had wasn’t working very well anymore. He would cry in his old one because it was uncomfortable. This one is great. He is comfortable in it, loves to be in it too. The only problem we have found is that is slips in it easily. Not that we don’t keep a constant eye on him anyway in the tub but you really have to be right there incase he slips and goes into the water face first now. We don’t use the front pockets though because as you will know yourself if you have a little one they enjoy grabbing anything other than their own bath toys. What ever bright person though it would be convenient for parents to have these on the front in babies line of sight must not have ever bathed a baby before. For these reasons I give it a 4 star.

Brittany Bethany, CT

Thank God for this tub…

My son outgrew his Fisher Price Whale of a Tub at around 6 months. We started to bathe him in our tub and at first he was ok..but within a few days, he HATED it. He’d scream and cry bloody murder until bath time was over. We decided to try this tub because he’s slightly accident prone and he loves Winnie the Pooh. What a difference it made. He LOVES bath time now, and it keeps him nice and safe. My only complaint is that I have to top off the inflation every few uses but it’s worth the 30 second inconvenience. Buy this tub!

Juliet Earleton, FL

Cute tube!

I originally purchased this tub with the intentions of deflating it after every use to save room. Not gonna happen. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to inflate but for me that is too long. I did find a nice nook in baby’s room to stash this in and after using it for about 2 months have only had to air it up once, and only a bit. My daughter loves this tub! The bottom of it has a little section to inflate so that she is not sitting on a hard surface. She is 32" and 22 lbs, one year old and fits perfect in it, room to grow. It does not have a drain, though this is not a huge issue. Just dump it over, duh. Just figured I would mention it because another review was really upset by this. And it seems to be fairly durable. A few times I didn’t put it away immediately and her and her cousin decided to climb in and out of it and drag it all around the living room, no harm no foul. I wouldn’t make a habit of that though.

Katheryn Lawai, HI


baby likes this bath very much, i bought it when he was 7-8 months old. He is 10 now. I still use other bath more, just waiting, when he will be more stable with sitting.. he is sitting very well, he will walk soon, but this bath is still not very safe. I coudn’t find info where it says how old baby should be..I think it’s for toddlers, not infants.So we will wait until he can’t fit in this anymore: THE BEST BATH EVER ->http://www.amazon.com/The-First-Years-Infant-Toddler/dp/B000067EH7/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid;=1363967362&sr;=8-2&keywords;=baby+bath

Cecile Murphy, ID

Cute simple bathtub

Very cute. Like the cupholder/toy "basket" that is built in to the end of the tub. Was easy to blow up.

Peggy Middlefield, MA

Best tub so far!

My 11 month old daughter loves this tub. After a previous one deflated from a hole we bought this and I like even more than my first. She likes to lay back and lounge during bath time and I don’t have to worry about flimsy sides.

Robin Grandview, WA