Disney Cars Soft Potty Seat – Black/Red

Disney Cars Soft Potty Seat – Black/Red

This Ginsey home solutions Disney Cars Soft Potty seat features some favorite characters. Its seat is softly padded for comfort and warmth. This includes easy grip handles and removable cushion for easy cleaning. It requires adult supervision. This is soft, comfortable, durable and fits regular and elongated toilets.

Main features

  • Soft, comfortable and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits regular and elongated toilets
  • Features favorite characters
  • Ginsey home solutions products

Verified reviews


Simply awful

My daughter liked the seat she had (Primo Ducka) but really wanted a seat with handles for pooping. This little seat seemed to fit the bill and was cheap enough that I didn’t mind buying another seat.Yes, it “fits” elongated toilets. But there is nothing to keep it from sliding around on the longer toilet seat underneath it – no clamps, no pegs, no rubber feet, nothing! Every time my daughter tried to sit down, the seat would slide 4 inches backwards – landing her on the pee guard. If I start with the little seat as far back as possible, it’s too far for her to get on without help (she’s nearly 3!) and once on, her feet don’t touch her fairly tall step stool. It needs to be at the front of the toilet seat but it won’t stay there. So I have to be with her to hold it in place so she can climb on. Not a problem if you are starting out – you need to be with your child – but this is a problem if your child knows how to use the potty and wants to express her independence and “do it herself”.Once she is sitting with the seat in the proper place, the biggest complaint starts. This thing collects pee. The little pee guard is pointless. From what I’ve seen pee guards are needed by some kids, not by others – regardless of sex. My daughter needs one – a decent one. This one just deflects her pee all over the seat, the floor, her pants, her shoes. In short, a drippy, nasty mess that has to be cleaned every time it is used with extra laundry. I shudder to think of the muck that is accumulating in the foam under the vinyl.She wanted one with handles. Fine. I’ve added two simple drawer pull knobs to our Primo Ducka potty seat. She’s pleased. This piece of junk went in the trash.

Deborah South Sterling, PA

Cars potty seat

I got this for grandbabies getting potty trained. So far, so good. I like that it fits regular & elongated seats.

Alexandria Delano, TN

He Loves It!

Our boy is now 2 years and 9 months old and is finally going through toilet training. Everyone is relieved, even him. In any case, my wife got him a Fisher-Price Ducky potty for his room and a “Cars” seat which fits onto our bathroom toilet seat. She chose the “Cars” theme because he loves the movie and has a bunch of “Cars” toys. She picked the seat up at the local Babies R Us store.We’ve had few problems with the seat. It slides around a bit on our elongate toilet seat, but this has not been a major problem. He quickly adapted to to the seat and loves to sit on it. After a few tries, he learned how to use the little pee shield. He adapted to using the handles rather quickly. When he’s completed his task, he loves to reach back and flush the toilet. He almost always laughs or smiles at the noise of the swirling water. One problem we have with the seat is the combined height of the toilet plus the seat. He struggles to get up onto it and off of it when through. As such, I have to be there to place him on and off. Well, he’s a fast growing boy and will adjust, I’m sure. The seat was inexpensive and we’ve had few problems.Gary Peterson

Helga Mongo, IN

Not bad for our toddler boy

You can read the other potty seat reviews I’ve written – we haven’t had much luck with some fancier, more expensive potty seats – this was purchased as a spur of the moment, I can’t stand the horrible munchkin deluxe seat, that replaced the awful summer infant three in one, which in retrospect was better than the munchkin product – but still useless.I wonder if some of what works and what doesn’t depends on the child, how the kid sits, etc.We have a standard (not elongated) toilet seat. This does move around on it. It does not seem totally secure. The pee guard IS very low. My son tends to sit further back on the seat, so he can use a hand to aim his pecker down while urinating (his baby sitter has ingrained this procedure on him). We have added a “lean forward” element. The kid never looks comfortable while going potty. On the other seats, pee sprayed everywhere (mainly out between the inner plastic guard and the adult seat/bowl – soaking the adult toilet seat and leaving pee running down the outside of the bowl). The difference that I see with this seat, it is smaller, lower and sort of sits in the middle of the standard adult seat, whereas the others were larger and higher and overlapped the adult seat more – changing the positioning of the inside plastic lip that should deflect the pee and keep it in the bowl.We have two bathrooms, in the other bathroom we have the pricier cars seat (it had a sound element that failed fairly quikcly) and it has a higher pee guard. That seat pretty much never leaks – but urine tends to collect in the pee guard and under the seat. It has to be cleaned constantly and is stinky despite my wiping it down after each use and cleaning regularly with bleach. The munchkin deluxe didn’t have any crevices on the seat to clean, but the guard was always soaked in pee, which meant lots of wiping down after each use – in addition to cleaning the entire toilet and floor.Thus far, the cheaper cars seat has worked and has not leaked – but if I revise this opinion I will be sure to change the review. I rank it about the same as the more expensive cars seat. These are the best two we have tried for our toddler boy thus far.I would also like to add, for what it is worth, part of the reason I grabbed this seat when I was out – I have seen the exact same seat at my son’s sitter’s house – but with a sesame street theme. My sitter has four boys in different stages of toilet training and one toddler girl – and she uses this seat. I always wondered why she had such a cheapo looking seat – but now I understand – it’s about what works and what requires the least clean-up. So yeah, I’m a fan.

Adrienne Amidon, ND

Great for Potty Training!

I ordered the Pooh one of this potty and my 18 month old daughter loves it. She would refuse to sit on a little potty, so I needed something for a regular toilet and this worked out perfectly. I love the handles that are there for her to hold on to so she feels more stable sitting up there. I think this is the perfect seat to potty train with. I will be traveling soon, and I was hoping to bring this on the plane with me, but it’s a little too bulky for me to bring on the plane so I ordered a little traveling potty as well. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because it doesn’t fit our toilet just right(but we also live overseas in Europe so that just may be the reason why), and because the potty doesn’t look like the picture at all. The picture shows trees and all that on the potty, but the one I received has Pooh and the other character on it. It doesn’t bother me at all that it doesn’t look like the picture, I like the one I received much better, but I just feel like they should have a picture of what the potty looks like on here instead of something different.

Katharine Richburg, NY