Disney Cars Step Stool

Disney Cars Step Stool

Whether it’s going to the bathroom or just sneaking into the cupboards, our Disney Cars Step Stool has just enough boost to help your child out in all of his or her endeavors. It employs a stiff, gripping rubber on both the top and bottom, allowing your child to stay planted firmly on top while the stool stays cemented to the ground. Weighing only 1 lbs, the Disney Cars Step Stool is a fantastic lightweight solution that fosters exploration and independence in your child, and Lightning McQueen is always ready to give your child a hand!

Main features

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our Disney Cars Step Stool is made out of hard, sturdy plastic that can hold up to 200 lbs. Unlike other stools, whose cheap plastic breaks and cracks under even the most trivial stress, our step stool will have no problem handling your child and whatever mayhem he or she decides to throw at it!
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE AND FEET: What good is a step stool if your child is constantly losing his or her balance and falling off? Our Disney Cars Step Stool employs a stiff, gripping rubber on both the top and bottom, allowing your child to stay planted on top while the stool stays firmly on the ground.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND NO HASSLE: Weighing only 1 lbs, the Disney Cars Step Stool is a fantastic lightweight solution that fosters exploration and independence in your child. The physical design was made specifically with young hands in mind, allowing your bombastic bundle of energy to carry the Disney Cars Step Stool around and investigate all the tall corners of the world!
  • FUN CHARACTERS: The only thing more fun than the Disney Cars Step Stool’s vibrant red color is the inclusion of speedster Lightning McQueen. Your child’s favorite car can race everywhere with him or her, ready to give a boost when needed!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes 1 Disney Cars Step Stool. Product Dimensions: 14 in x 10 in x 5.2 in. Weight: 1 lbs.

Verified reviews


Meets expectations

Kids like it and it works. Anything with McQueen makes my son happy and it was a good price so I recommend it

Deanna Columbia, SC

Great product

We use this step stool on hardwood floors and it works great. If there’s any weight on top of it, it never slips.

Christy Agua Dulce, TX


I have never bought a little stool before, but my son still can’t reach the sink when he steps on this stool (he’s 2.5 yrs old). However, he likes the design and it’s lightweight so he carries it to other places and step up onto our bed with it and just finds it fun to have around. It’s vibrant red so he’s able to spot where it is at all times.

Geneva East Hampton, NY


I love it. It is not very bulky. But at the same time it takes a lot of weight, it’s cute and light!

Bridgett Norwood, NJ

Son loves this

My 2 year old son uses this to use the bathroom, I put them right under our toilets ..which are high toilets. He loves it and thinks he’s a big boy because he can stand up and use the potty like daddy.

Leila Calhoun, GA

Princess step stool for the potty

Purchased this for my 2 year old for the big potty and its very sturdy and very non slip on any surface. This goes with her little girl seat for the potty that we purchased at home depot. The brand is bemis and its the next step potty where it has two seats one regular sized one and one little sized one perfect for my 2 year old. she can now use the big potty on her own. Of course with my supervision but if I can’t run to help her quickly she goes and waits for me. And that’s a big help.

Lolita High Shoals, GA

great step stool, cute for Cars lovers

my son uses this step stool in the bathroom to get off the toilet. it is a nice small size and sturdy. my son really likes the Cars design on it. i wish it was a tiny bit taller, but its not a big deal.

Pearlie Latham, MO

Durable and cute

The stool is short but it’s durable and has a nice rubber top so they don’t slip, even if they get a little pee on it 🙂

Florence Saint Paul Park, MN

Perfect size

Perfect size for my toddler to reach the sink in the bathroom. He also likes the design and it feels very stable. Highly recommend.

Alice Centerville, LA

GReat step stool

We have 3 of these, most for more than a yr. They have held up great. They are a great step still for my daughters to reach the bathroom sink. The are non-slip on the bottom & top so both the stool & little feet don’t slip!

Pansy Tensed, ID

Short but Nice

Be sure to check the measurements of this stool. It’s not as tall as I expected, my daughter can’t reach the toilet or the sink on it, she’s 36 inches. Other than that, for the price this is a great stool.

Ursula Truro, IA

very low stool… not great for a two year old!

we are potty training and I thought it would be a good idea to get my son a stool so he can wash his hands with me when he was done using his potty. The price was good on this and he loves cars so I didnt think anything of it and purchased it.It is a fine stool and is sturdy and grips the ground nicely with the rubber edging on the bottom.what I dont like about it is how low the stool is. My son (who is two) still cannot reach the sink. I should have read how tall it was and thought about it some more. It is suitable for older children like 4 or 5 and not for a toddler.it is lightweight which is also nice and my son has dragged it all around the house to give him some added height and new exploration for trouble!

Zelda Home, KS

cute step-stool

cute little step stool its a little short for a 2 yr old to get on toliet by himself unless you have a shorter bowel colors are virbant

Karyn Harveyville, KS


Son loves cars, this does the job, very strong, I even use it sometimes "129 lb" Highly recommended for kids

Alice Carmine, TX

Sturdy Stool

My son has been using this for quite a while now and it has remained in good condition – no cracks or fading. I’ve stood and sat on it a number of times myself, too. It’s lightweight and easy to reposition but I’ve had no problems with it sliding during use.

Bonnie Sedalia, IN


Bought for 18 month old to use to get into race car bed. He loves it. Easy to use and he can carry around easily.

Erika Antioch, TN

Great price, durable

Perfect for bathroom sink and durable. Great price and super lightweight–toddler can pick it up and move it around too–so be careful incase you don’t want him reaching other areas!

Etta Dixfield, ME

Very nice

Love love love this my kids are loving this they can reach everything now. It’s very well made sturdy and they love cars. I will recommend it.

Rachelle Kimball, NE

Just the right size

Purchased this for my 20 month old to help to the potty. Great size and easy to get up and down and carry around the house. Fast Shipping and Great price.

Verna Vincent, IA


This product is cute, durable, just what we needed. We use it for my toddler brushing her teeth at the sink.

Katrina North Granville, NY

Nice step stool. I wish it was a tad bit taller.

Sturdy and great design. My little one uses this on a daily basis. I wish it could be a little higher though. Maybe one more inch or inch and a half as that would allow access to the sink. It all depends on your child’s height though. For potty training age, my little one was ahead of the curve, so shorter than most. He couldn’t reach the sink with this.

Jill Deweyville, UT

Great product

My son loves it. He can washes his hands and climb up on the toilet by himself now. I would recommend this product.

Francine Union Grove, AL

Foot stool

It’s cute, it’s gender neutral, it’s a footstool. It arrived on time and just the way I expected. What else could you want?!

Dessie Garwood, NJ

YES! YES! This is perfect for toddler

Not too high and not too low. Easy for child to carry. Perfect height for toddler to use at sink or potty. He loves it.

Juana Roosevelt, WA

Very cute and works well

My 2 1/2 year old can’t use this to reach the sink yet, but he loves the design and it has a good grip on the tile. I’m sure we will be using it for some time. Of course it will be more useful as my child grows. You might check the height your child needs before buying.

Allie Monroe Bridge, MA

It’s a steal for the price!

I bought this for my son, so he could reach the bathroom sink on his own and I was so happy when I received it. I thought it would’ve been made out of that cheap flimsy type of plastic, but it’s not at all. It’s thick, durable hard plastic and it even has rubber on the bottom to prevent sliding…so awesome!!!

Erna Cannon Ball, ND


This product is great for the price. Its a perfect height for my little 3 yr old. So glad I purchased it.

Estela Farner, TN

Great stool for your McQueen lover

I have owned this for almost 2yrs now and its still like new! great product would highly recommend. The design has not fadded or changed at all and I clean it regularly.

Kristen Call, TX

Great Stool

My 6 year old daughter of course loves the Disney Princesses and this stool is the perfect height for her to use in the bathroom to wash her hands and brush her teeth.

Kerry Meadow Grove, NE

Love it

Great stool for kids to learn how to wash hand,my son use it in front of his indoor trampoline and he loves it

Darlene Jackman, ME