Disney Friendship Pooh Lamp Base And Shade

Disney Friendship Pooh Lamp Base And Shade

This hand painted resin lamp base decorated with Disney’s adorable Winnie the Pooh sitting and gazing at a bee. The fabric shade features a panoramic scene of Winnie Pooh and his friends. Measures 9″ x 16″, includes an on/off in line switch, an EVA protection bottom, is UL/CSA certified and is coordinates with the Disney Friendship Pooh collection. DISCLAIMER: Due to marketing or design modifications, the product may differ slightly than that shown. Photo on packaging is for styling purposes only. Elements shown many not be included in this set or product offering.

Main features

  • Energy efficient light bu pound included
  • On/off switch conveniently located on approximately 46″cord
  • Coordinates with Disney’s Friendship Pooh crib bedding collection

Verified reviews


It is OK

This was the second one I bought as the first one was broken. Both the shade was bent and the little bee light switch had one antenna missing. This is the second one I bought as I returned the first one. This one too is missing both antennas and the shade is bent in more than one place. I am not sure it can ship properly but I do love the lamp. Very cute and great light. We just have not got one yet that is completely all together.

Annabelle Smithville, MS

Perfect Pooh Lamp!

This lamp matched our son’s nursery room perfectly! We had everything else all decked out in Winnie the Pooh, we were just missing the lamp. I saw a few other reviews on this product about broken pieces and the chain being too long, but ours is just perfect. I love it 🙂

Essie Amigo, WV

Perfect Addition to my Pooh Theme

Perfectly cute. Great quality..Characters are ‘as is’..meaning Pooh looks like Pooh..etc..I’m really funny about when characters are recreated and don’t look exactly like their TV version..Bulb that comes with it is pretty bright..so if you’re looking for a soft light for the nursery for night time feedings..you’ll need to switch out the bulb to a lower wattage..

Bethany Avon Park, FL

Defectively Made

I ordered this lamp after waiting over 3 months for it to come in stock. When we received it, the little bumblebee on the pull had a broken antenna and it also hung low actually against the BACK of Winnie the Pooh’s head, and not a little higher in front of him as pictured. We sent it back thinking this was just a defective lamp. The return process was quick, easy, and hassle-free. We received a new lamp, and even though there were no broken parts this time, the bumblebee light pull still hung against the back of Winnie the Pooh’s head. I was very discouraged, as I had my heart set on this lamp for the nursery of our soon-to-arrive first baby. Instead of sending the lamp back, I was able to use some MacGyver skills (including some muscle and a twist tie) to re-arrange the lamp so that the bumblebee is now hanging in front of Winnie the Pooh’s head and is above him a little bit as pictured. This is definitely not ideal, but it seems that the whole lot must be defective, so sending it back would only mean not getting the lamp I love at all.

Cathy Norwich, OH

Not worth the hassle.

Came broken, little antennas on bee were missing and paint was chipped. The lampshade was crooked and smashed in. Blah! Sent it back.

Michael Bringhurst, IN