Disney Inflatable Safety Bathtub Bumpers, Pixar Cars

Disney Inflatable Safety Bathtub Bumpers, Pixar Cars

Inflatable Safety Bathtub Bumpers provide an air cushioned environment while you bath your little one. The bumpers, covered with your favorite Disney characters, are the perfect solution to cover hard tub surfaces. The inflatable bumpers fit most standard size bathtubs.

Main features

  • Set includes comforter, bumper, and fitted sheet
  • Bumper keeps child’s head from banging against the furniture
  • 100% cotton pique
  • Made in USA
  • Set includes comforter, bumper, and fitted sheet

Verified reviews



The plastic seems a bit cheap and doesn’t really stick onto the side of the bathtub. Would not recommend this.

Pansy Cogan Station, PA

perfect for young one

Used these in the tub to transition from baby bathtub to bu tub. We weren’t worried about daughter hitting head on side of tub while playing, when she was just learning to sit up. Sometimes suctions would come off, but bumpers still stayed on the sides of the tub and worked. Just what we needed.

Annmarie Lettsworth, LA

Not sure what they were suposed to do.

It really seems to provide little protection as to the places she’s likely to hit her head are not the sides of the tub, but the lip. It looks cute and stays in place just fine (as long as you wet the sucition cups before applying them). The cups tend to curl up when they dry which I thought would be a problem, but never has been. She likes to point to princesses and I tell her stories about them as we bathe. Working out just fine.

Molly Vernon, VT

so cute and such a great transition piece

great, daughter loves them. we bought these to replace the matching tub when she grew out of it. would be a 5 stare if the suction cups were stronger. they work pretty well, but come off more easily than I like.

Luella Spiceland, IN

Couldnt’ get it to work

We dont use it anymore. I couldnt’ get it to stick to the tub wall. When it did it would fall… it didn’t cover the full tub and i have a standard bathtub. All in all, not a great use of my money 🙁 I would not recommend this to anyone.

Minnie Rew, PA

This thing is so great!

We have twin girls and always give them baths together.. but as they got older it was getting harder and harder because they would slip around in the tub.. We purchased a bath mat, and this product and its awesome! Now we don’t have to worry about them hitting their head, or face planting on the edge of the tub if they accidentally slip. Plus they like to touch it and look at the princesses. Its very helpful.

Marie Rainsville, NM

Bathtub Bumpers

My son had outgrown both his infant tub and his inflatable ducky tub, but wasn’t quite ready for the tub without any added protection from bumping his head. These do the trick! They suction cups do have a little trouble sticking, but this could just be the shape of my tub. In some previous reviews some people had mentioned that the bumpers raise up above the water level, of course this happens – they’re filled with air and a few suction cups aren’t going to keep them from floating. This hasn’t kept the bumpers from doing they’re job for me though. My son has gone to fall over many times in the tub and where he normally would have hit his head in the tub, he bumps softly on these instead. I would definitely buy these again.

Catalina Herndon, KY

Didn’t serve its purpose

didn’t fit our bath tub well and suction kept coming off. Didn’t really protect my toddler from bumping her head. Just another thing to take space out of the bath tub.Will not buy again

Alyssa Pontiac, MI

Not so sure.

I bought these bumper pads so my baby wouldn’t hit his head in the tub. They are very cute, I love Pooh Bear and have the matching tub matt. But my problem is the suction cups. As with most of the baby stuff I have with suction cups, I can’t get them to stay on. So when the tub fills up with water the bumpers start to float. Not very practical. I wouldn’t waste my money on these again.

Nina Kenney, TX

Not made well

We loved these while they were in the tub, but they can get moldy if you don’t pull them up and let them air out once in a while. Well, the first time I tried to remove them from the sides of the tub, one of the suction cups ripped right out of the side, so of course it won’t inflate with a gaping hole in the side. I’ll return them, but am really bummed. We all really liked those bumpers.

Krista Sturgeon Lake, MN

Cute and Protective

My daughter loves this. She’s normally scared of the big tub but once I put this I, she’s been loving the water.

Elaine Macksburg, IA