Disney Inflatable Spout Cover – Princess Theme – 100% Safe Vinyl, BPA Free – Fits Over Most Spouts – Cushioned Protection – Easy Flow – For Travel or Home Use

Disney Inflatable Spout Cover – Princess Theme – 100% Safe Vinyl, BPA Free – Fits Over Most Spouts – Cushioned Protection – Easy Flow – For Travel or Home Use

We know how pivotal your child’s safety is. With all the slippery surfaces in a bathroom, it’s only reasonable to protect your child. Our inflatable spout cover slips snuggly over most spouts, including sinks and bathtubs, and protects infants against bumps. Perfect for your little girl, our inflatable spout cover comes in a fun pink and features all of your daughter’s favorite Disney princesses. Plus, The Disney Inflatable Spout Cover is designed so that it doesn’t restrict water from coming through, nor does water get caught on the inside and form mold. It even has a slit on top for spouts that have pull knobs.

Main features

  • Cutout allows water to flow through from the faucet
  • Inflated to provide cushioned protection
  • Fits easily over most standard spouts
  • Water flows out of the bottom of guard opening
  • Cutout allows natural flow of water from the faucet as well as provides access to diverter
  • Great for travel
  • 100% vinyl

Verified reviews


eems to be more expensive than the product.

eems to be more expensive than the product. Halsuitneun item is correct, but to protect the child head, I listen to the wind, if not go to the fire, the product seems to be more expensive compared to.

Laurel Broaddus, TX

Perfect spout cover!

I searched for a spout cover that was soft, cute, easy to put on and take off, and allowed access to the shower pull. This inflatable spout cover does all those things, and it was inexpensive! Plus, my son loves seeing Lightning McQueen in his bath!

Kelli Nelson, MO

works well.

had this for awhile now and only had to put in air it it once when I first got it. cover nicely and helps protect my 5 year old from getting hurt and will help my 8 month old also when he is able to sit by himself in the tub.

Ginger Orangeburg, SC

spout cover, inflatable.

works great! i always have this on in my son’s shower/bathtub. he loves cars so he likes how it looks. it stays on well and so far we have used it for a few months and its just like new. as my son is 20 months old he can be hard on things and he often tries to tug on the cover and pull it off the spout. it is doing well holding up to his roughness! i don’t worry about him hitting his head on the spout as this has a nice amount of inflation (much better than other designs i have seen).

Karina Hyannis, NE

It leaks, doesn’t stay on the spout

It doesn’t stay inflated for more than a few hours, it’s easily pulled off by one year old…Plastic smells really bad..

Valarie Booth, WV

Make sure you have a shower divert

It’s nice and cushion-y but we don’t have a shower divert on our spout so it doesn’t stay put. My 9 month old can easily remove it and if I push it all the way to the wall, while on the spout, the water flow is halfway covered. It’s a good, cheap product but not perfect for us.

Britney Richburg, NY

Ok but not as good as others

We’ve tried a few spout covers and this one is not the best, though it is ok. The end bumper part is larger than the others we have tried, which in theory should be a good thing — except that the tube-shaped part that covers the spout is too long and loose for our spout, so the weight of the extra long end bumper part causes it to fall off. Based on measurements alone, it seems like it should fit, but something about the curves of the spout and the shape of this cover didn’t work. We liked the Safety 1st inflatable spout cover much better in terms of fit. It’s a little smaller/tighter and lighter weight.

Betty Henryville, IN

Ch-Ching! This works perfectly and my son loves it!

My son is 22 months and this works perfectly for bath time. Fits on easily, allows for easy access to the shower pull up on the faucet, and it’s easy to move to adjust where the water flows into the tub. I recommend!

Robyn Melrose, OH

Love this!

This fits perfectly over my tub faucet without obstructing the water flow from the tap and I love that I can still pull the shower pull without difficulty. Now I don’t have to worry about my baby bonking his head.

Lynne Deer Park, NY

Great for Cars fans

This is really nice and big, so it definitely protects heads from bumping into the spout. It’s easy to put on also.

Chandra East Nassau, NY

Better than I thought

I like this product. It fits better than I thought it would, and the plastic is thick and fairly stiff after you inflate it. It does the job, and it matches the inflatable tub we have. 🙂

Mabel Lynch, KY


Fits perfectly on our faucet, holds air VERY WELL, AND it actually helps with back-splashing water. We love that my daughter likes it, and it matches the princess inflating tub we got her perfectly!

Chandra Taylors Falls, MN