Disney Pooh Floor Topper Disposable Mess Mats, 5-Count

Disney Pooh Floor Topper Disposable Mess Mats, 5-Count

Protect floor surfaces wherever your child eats or plays. These adorable mess mats are made of lightweight plastic and hold up well under pressure, but they are also disposable. Reuse them, or toss them away with the mess. Grat for Grandma’s houe, playgroup… anywhere on the go.

Main features

  • 5 disposable floor mats
  • 38″ x 38″
  • 5 in a pack
  • disposable, toss it away with the mess

Verified reviews


Too thin

I really didnt like it. I think it is way too thin and the material quality its poor. The graphics are nice, tough. Ok if you plan to change the mat every week or so.

Lucia Fort Recovery, OH

A sanity saver.

I used these when my daughter was still in high chairs at the stage when all she wanted to do was see food drop on the floor. Since they are plastic, I could wipe up small messes, so they are reusable; but I’d throw them out when they got ratty or messes were unbearable. I’d take them to restaurants and the wait staff so appreciated our thoughtfulness, we’d have them come up to thank us for thinking of them. I only wish they were slightly larger, because the high chair took up a good chunk of the middle and then there wasn’t much room left over on the sides. My daughter was sometimes able to get foods outside that perimeter. At least most of it was caught.I have found other uses for Floor Topper as my children have grown, like groundcover for painting and crafts. I also place them under the hamster cage to catch debris and protect my desk.Floor Toppers are thicker than plastic bags and cheap plastic tablecloths, so they stay unfolded and flat on the ground and not all bunched up. I still have a few from when my children were toddlers and I pull them out every now and again, because they can be so useful.

Katina Parrish, AL

Saved us from some embarassing moments

I always carry one of these in my diaper bag as you never know … and thank goodness cause I have used them more than I thought I would. I leave one at my parents house which I clean and reuse as not to have to make a mess in their house. I use them when we go to fancy restaurants, friends house, etc .. I have even used them at public parks where the ground was a bit too filthly.definitely recommend ..**Would be nice if they had the same feature of the stickers on the bottom to stick to the surface as their table toppers

Monika Harrison, ID

Restaurants love these!

I’m embarrassed to admit that we’ve left quite a few restaurants with totally filthy floors prior to discovering this product. We were the couple that would have to leave a double tip because our son decided to leave 2/3rds of his meal on the floor underneath his high chair. Ever since I got these, I’ve been acknowledged by every restaurant’s wait staff about how awesome and considerate we are. We place it underneath the chair, and it captures most of the stuff that’s inevitably dropped. I do wish they were round vs rectangular to capture more around the chair, but I’m pretty happy overall. They are a bit pricey, but I figure the savings in tip money is worth it!

Clarissa Rose, OK

Exactly what I wanted

My 11 month old just started finger foods and throwing food so I bought these to save our wood floor. Fits nice under the highchair and I switch it out every week.

Kasey Milan, IL

Easy clean up!

This product works great and helps cut down cleaning time… I only wish more came in the package!! The one drawback is that the child needs to be careful when getting in or out of the chair because it’s slippery… but if you have a child that uses a high chair, then it’s obviously a non issue. It saves the floor for sure, and makes clean up a breeze… could be even larger, but this size is easily manageable:)… restaurants need to invest in this- ha!!

Amanda Marlboro, VT

Wait-staff love these too

Whenever I use one of these mats in a restaurant, I get compliments from the wait-staff. It makes me feel better about going out to eat with my messy baby.

Olivia Motley, MN

Not worth purchasing

Very flimsy and didnt do the job

Earline Vesper, WI

Great for on the go and at home too

My parents and other people we visit appreciate this disposable floor topper when we visit during mealtimes. I also found it handy to use at home. At home, I don’t dispose of it after each use since that would be wasteful and expensive over time. Instead I just wipe it down and only throw it away once it starts looking worn or gets too messy to clean up. It’s helpful for keeping the food particles from getting trapped in the little crevices of our hardwood dining room floor.

Susie Amenia, ND

floor topper

Protects the wood floor from baby’s messes. I’ve been able to get several uses from one topper as it lasts a long time for us. We can easily clean up small messes and use the topper again.

Socorro Gap, PA