Disney Pooh – Mobile

Disney Pooh – Mobile

Colorful Pooh characters crafted in bright velour fabric will bring days of sunshine to your nursery. Enjoy as your little one will drift off to sleep while listening to the soothing lullaby. Exclusive Fitz hardware system included is designed to fit any standard crib and most convertible cribs, or may be mounted to the wall. Crib mount for infants 0-5 months, wall mount for toddlers up to 18 months.

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My son really loves this – he becomes instantly mesmerised when I turnit on. I agree that the music could play just a little longer but, otherwise, he really loves it.

Terra Atoka, OK

Very interesting for babies!

I love this mobile. The contrast in colors are fantastic and is just what babies are interested in looking at. My son loves looking at the characters and would often stop him from crying when I turn it on.The song plays long enough, although I sometimes have to crank it a 2nd time before my son falls asleep. And there is also a mechanism to stop the mobile if needed for those nights when the baby falls asleep fast.

Gale Tompkinsville, KY


I really like the way this mobile looks on my son’s crib. He can see more than just the underside of Pooh and his buddies, which is more than I can say for many of the mobiles out there. With this mobile, he can see a variety of colors and faces. In the center is a bee with a baby safe mirror so that my son can see his own reflection. It is a wind-up, which is a bit annoying. My biggest complaint is with assembly. After I FINALLY got the mobile and all its components out of the very extensive packaging, I found that that the ONLY way it will fit together is when you put the big, round, screw-on anchor in on the crib side instead of on the outside of the crib. We even took it apart and tried to get it to work the other way, but it doesn’t. So my son’s bumper sticks out quite a bit because of this.

Amie Fort Mohave, AZ

The first time my son saw this, he fell in love!

My son was about 2 months old when I took him from the basinett and put him in the crib. He instantly fell in love with his mobile. In my opinion, the music plays just long enough. If it plays TOO long, then it will just keep him up. Also, by the time it is done, I am in my bedroom and ready to set up the monitor. I like to hear him, not the mobile… know what I mean? I especially like the little bumble bee in the middle with the reflective surface. It gives it the added touch some other mobiles miss.Another great feature – you can attach this to the wall if needed. I don’t know if I will ever take advantage of this feature, but I like knowing I have that option!I give this a definite two thumbs up!

Connie Paradise, UT

Terrific Mobile!

My daughter loves this mobile. She’s still in the bassinet, but in the middle of the night or just when she’s cranky, I can put her in the crib, turn on the mobile, and she stops crying. She is just so enticed by winnie the pooh and all the characters. She really enjoys herself!Great product!

Candace Fairbury, NE

My son loves this mobile!

Well, I looked for Pooh mobiles which would go with the 123 ABC bedding set and this one fit the bill. The characters all face down so he can see more than just their bellies! And the reflective surface on the bottom of the bee in the middle has been a real attention getter! The music lasts a while once you wind it up and it has been great for keeping him entertained in his crib while I run to get a load of clothes to put away or run to the bathroom. It sings that “winnie the pooh” song….and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Also, I was able to put it together myself and I don’t think of myself as technically savy.The only drawback to the mobile is that the big bulb you use to attach it to the crib is pretty big and has to go on the inside of the crib, which I was worried about being a safety hazard. Really, all it has done is create a bump in the bumper, but my son actually likes it to cuddle next to.He is almost 4 months old now and we use it all the time. I doubt that I will attach it to the wall when he gets bigger, but it has that feature. I know that we will have to remove it once he figures out how to get up on hands and knees which shouldn’t be too much longer, but I think we got our use out of this mobile.

Keisha Adel, OR