Disney Pooh Table Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Placemats , 50-Count

Disney Pooh Table Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Placemats , 50-Count

Protect your baby from germs on restaurant tables. Babies toss normal placemats to the floor, forcing them to eat “finger foods” right off of tabletops containing germs and cleaning chemicals. Table Topper cleverly “sticks in place” with adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for your infant during the entire meal. Educational and entertaining designs keep your baby occupied so you can eat too. Feed your baby food, not germs.

Main features

  • 50 disposable placemats
  • Sticks in Place with adhesive strips
  • Ideal for restaurants
  • Protects children from germs on table surfaces

Verified reviews



We used to worry about our LO dropping food on the table and picking it up to eat when we went out to eat. No matter how much I pre-wiped the tables, I always worried about gunk that could have been there before. Enter these placemats. They have stickers on all four edges that stick very well (we have stuck them on wood, plastic, granite, vinyl…) and they cover a pretty good amount of area. What’s great is we can give our LO a plate or bowl and not have to worry about if she spills a bit on the table and wants to pick it up and put it in her mouth. These pack really easy so we always leave about 4-5 in our diaper bag so we are always ready. These are great!

Berta Emporia, VA

Good placemats but a hassle to use sometimes

These are useful when going out. However, the plastic strips covering the adhesives are a pain to handle after removing them. They could have also used a single long strip instead of 4 of them. Setting up a placemat takes a long time. I have started to wipe tables instead of using them recently because of the hassle.

Shawna Grant, AL

Nice quality, stay in place

I really like these placemats. They are so wonderful to stick in the diaper bag and use when we are eating out. The reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 though is that they can be tricky to remove the backing from- it’s 4 strips along each edge and each has to be removed individually. But overall they work well, stay in place and have a cute picture of Tigger and Pooh and a search for item game- though it’s the same for each placemat- my son still likes them!

Josie East Kingston, NH

Disappointed with the photo here

The quality of the product is great and it stays on properly. However, I’m giving 2 stars as I expected to receive various design of Winnie the Pooh like the photo shown but ending up getting one design for all 50 counts.

Debbie Star Tannery, VA

Good product, want variety

I really like these table top covers. They have stayed in place and are great for knowing that the surface my son is eating off of is clean. Mine also had sticky on all 4 sides which other reviewers have said theirs did not. One hit I have is to put the bottom one under the table so it is harder for your child to pick it off:).I was very disappointed that all 50 place mats in this pack were the same design. I would have really enjoyed some variety. Lucky for me my son is too young to know that all of his place mats have the same searching game.

Janice Selden, NY

Best invention ever for babies who dine out

This is the perfect accessory if you take baby out for dinner. No more worries about food falling off the plate or baby turning the entire plate upside down. Food can be placed on a sanitary surface with no worries of how clean the surface is. The placemats stick in place so you don’t have to worry about it moving. We use two of them whenever we eat out to make sure that the entire surface is covered. In addition, the mats are cute. If I had to make one complaint, it would be that all the mats are identical; it would be nice if they were slightly different.

Katheryn Orient, IA

Great for going out or travel!

These are very compact and lightweight to stick in the diaper bag and travel with. They stick easily to any restaurant table we’ve tried, and stay put pretty well. They have a sticky strip all the way along the top and bottom edges, stay put, yet come up easily to dispose of. My son isn’t trustworthy with plates yet, so it’s nice to know I’m putting his food down on something clean, not just the wiped-down-with-water table.

Goldie Kirkland, IL

Great product

Have used these mats for a while now (had sesame street ones before) and really like them. They stay stuck well but can leave a sticky mark at adhesive edges on the table. Our daughter likes the colors and pictures as well.

Emma Leetsdale, PA

Cute & contain mess, but not biodegradeable

These were the first table-toppers I purchased and I loved that they helped contain messes and also kept my little one from eating food off of a table. But, I soon encountered a better solutions… there are other table toppers that are biodegradeable (the Pooh ones are plastic). The other brand also is mostly black and white, and my my older kiddo enjoys coloring on them. Overall these type of products are great for early self feeders, but I prefer the ones that will biodegrade.

Charity Pomona, MO

I love these!

I’ve used these for all 5 of my kids. NONE of them would use a reusable placemat at a restaurant – they would just throw it on the floor. I love that my kids have a clean surface for their food when we go out to eat. These are great quality and stay stuck tight.

Melanie Athens, MI

Useful even if not perfect

I received two different designs & the version with adhesive on all four sides. I (& my kids) like the designs the characters are featured prominently & the colors are very bright. One design has a picture search that is pretty much pointless, it’s so easy that my 9mth old can point them out when asked. But still both designs keep them entertained, 9mth old batting at the characters & 3yr old makes up stories about what they’re doing, while giving them a clean eating space. My major compliant is the adhesive seems to be weaker on these 4 sided designs then the 2 sided ones I had before. Even my 3yr old had to work at getting the two sided ones up but these undo at the slightest provocation.

Aline Wray, CO

Never leave home without them!

I LOVE these placemats. I always keep 3-4 in my purse at all times. We go out to eat frequently and these are a lifesaver in a restaurant. They’re also great when you’re a guest in somebody else’s home and don’t want to make a mess on their table. So far, I haven’t had any problems with my son being able to pull them off the table.

Bridget Saint Paul, IN

Sticks well, entertains, clean eating surface

My 17 month old daughter loves these table toppers. She points to all the characters and says “utts dat?”. We have been using them for as long as she’s been able to sit up in a high chair at a restaurant.This particular one has all 4 sides that are sticky. (I’ve purchased some others not knowing they only had 2 sides that stuck, which didn’t last long!) So these do stay down fairly well. My daughter is notorious for pulling them off the table, but these take her a while longer.I also wrap the bottom around the table and stick it underneath and it works great! Especially when they’re a little younger and like to mouth the table (ew!).We constantly get compliments on them and of course, restaurants love them – less mess for them to wipe up!If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would, the only reason being that I wish these were biodegradable like the Baby Einstein ones.I also recommend the Infantino 2-in-1 high chair/cart cover with microban!! I have it in the purple shade. Love it!

Hillary Koleen, IN