Disney Rapunzel 4 Piece Toddler Set, Purple

Disney Rapunzel 4 Piece Toddler Set, Purple

This 4 piece set includes comforter, pillow case, fitted sheet and top sheet with fitted ends.

Main features

  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • 12 36 mos
  • Easy care, machine wash warm with like colors, use non chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low heat, warm iron if desired

Verified reviews


No cotton!

Looks cute but description is false. All 4 pieces made of polyester and I do not like that for my child. Also, blanket is very thin 🙁

Jasmine Lyons, NY

Pretty, but not perfect…

This really is a gorgeous toddler set. The colors are bright and vibrant. The sheets, pillowcases and comforter as smooth and soft. It also seems to be holding up well. My daughter loves Rapunzel, so naturally, she loves this.Now for my complanints – and I’ll just start off by saying that these weren’t bad enough for me to send the set back. First – the flat sheet (the white one) is ugly. I’m not sure why they had such great designs for the other pieces except for this one. It has a Rapunzel picture on it, over and over, and the picture is kind of blurry, not to mention her lips look way too big for her face and the colors appear to be a bit faded. With the great quality of this set, it just kind of puzzles me why such a weird sheet was thrown in. However, the sheet is still smooth and soft.My second complaint is the comoforter, the big tags are located at the top of it, right in the middle, so they are on my child’s neck at night. Normally I try to fold the comforter over at the edge to hide them. But it’s still weird and stupidly thought out.Other than those two things it really is a great set. Just keep those things in mind.

Jennifer Fort Bidwell, CA

My daughter loves this item

Great item for a child, not to heavy and not hard to clean. My daughter hates being hot as she sleeps this was the perfect comferter she really enjoyed it. And the price wasnt so bad either 🙂

Angelina Mindoro, WI

Perfect for a Tangled-fan’s bed

My daughter was SO excited when we surprised her with this. It’s all made of good quality and I would buy it again. She has outgrown her toddler bed so I’ve packed away the sheets and comforter, but she still uses the pillow case with her new sheets.

Miranda Sour Lake, TX

Cute set!

This set is very sweet and unbelievably soft! The graphics are a little strange, i double checked the packaging that it was licensed from Disney, but it is cute. It is completely made out of polyester, but our daughter isn’t sensitive to fabrics, so it’s not an issue for us.

Ida East Brookfield, MA

Pleasantly Surprised

We had recently purchased a Minnie Mouse toddler bed set that I was rather unimpressed with since the sheets were very rough. When this set arrived I figured it would be about the same since I think it is from the same manufactuer, but since it had Rapunzel it was sure to be a hit with my daughter who falls asleep to “I Have a Dream” every night. . When this arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft everything is. I deducted a star though since the sheets are a little odd looking (Rapunzel has this weird orange trout pout) and some of the designs have discoloration but these weren’t deal breakers since I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to figure out a way to color on them at some point. I don’t think this set will make it for the long haul but I think that she’ll outgrow the bed before they fall apart. Unfortunately even the addition to Rapunzel to the bed, has yet to entice her to actually sleep in her toddler bed, but at least it makes the room look cute.

Lavonne Lebanon, IL

Much softer than I expected!

I was trying to find a cute bedset for my daughter’s room and I was disappointed in most of the toddler bedsets. They are either WAY too expensive for what they include or they feel really cheap. I decided to try this one and I was pleasantly surprised! It isn’t the highest quality out there but it has a nice soft feel to the comforter and I think it will last us into a bigger girl bed. The flat sheet is just that though.. I know on some postings it says it has fitted corners but it doesn’t.

Lilian Mineral Point, PA