Doc To GO Pediatrician Designed Infant and Toddler Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Doc To GO Pediatrician Designed Infant and Toddler Healthcare and Grooming Kit

“Pediatrician Designed, Mother Approved” To Parents and family: We are Doc-To-Go “D2G”, a Houston based company dedicated to providing parents with everything they need to have peace of mind when bringing their newborn home from the hospital. D2G was founded by Fernando Isart MD, FAAP, a board certified Pediatrician with over 20 years experience, former Chief of Pediatrics at Memorial Herman Northwest, Medical Director of Kids ‘N Teens Clinics and Medical Director of Health Check Clinics and Labs. The Newborn and Toddler Kit is the best, most comprehensive and practical Kit on the market. The compact, durable, flexible, squishable red kit may not win “style points” but who cares what the kit looks like when your baby is sick. 1)The contents of our kit are used on a daily basis in all four of Dr. Isart’s clinics, something our competition cannot say. 2) The kit has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. After 20 + years of late night calls from frantic parents, we at Doc To Go know that a bright penlight, a washable nasal aspirator that can hold suction and strong tongue depressor are worth their weight in gold for mouth/nose/throat/ear inspections, or that sterile latex gloves and non-sting antiseptics are a MUST when taking care of the umbilical cord bump on your newborn. 1 Digital Thermometer 1 Pair of Safety Scissors 1 “What to do in case of emergencies” trifold quick reference 1 Pair of Tweezers 1 Retractable tape measure 2 Washable Tongue depressors 1 Nasal Aspirator (EASY TO WASH, not the cheap, single piece blue aspirator) 1 LED Penlight used for examination 1 Wood brush and comb 1 Medicine dropper 7 Alcohol Prep Pads 7 Non Sting Antiseptic wipes 7 Disposable Vinyl Gloves 7 BZK Swabs 7 STERILE Gauz Prep Pads 1 roll of tape 70 cotton tipped applicators 1 Providone swabstick 15 band aids

Main features

  • All In One Kit for your baby or child, Everything you need and nothing you don’t…
  • Developed by a Pediatrician with over 20 years experience and multiple practices
  • Used every day in Pediatric Clincs
  • Soft sided container can be packed, thrown, dropped, squished and squeezed without breaking.
  • High Quality Contents: Nasal Aspirator, Nail Clippers, LCD Thermometer, Wood Comb/Brush, Metal Penlight

Verified reviews


Not Needed

As a first time mom I bought everything possible PLUS more. This is one of those purchases. I think you are better off buying the essential, at better quailty individually. The thermometer included is cheap and does not work after two uses. I ended up buying a rectal thermometer that works great. The kit did come with a pair of nail clippers that are designed for babies and work great but other than that it’s not very useful.

Melody Umpire, AR

No great quality

Wish you could order the book in one language to save space in the pack. The book is heavy and bulky. The contents are not very high quality, but based on the price it is not surprising.

Silvia Three Oaks, MI

Another unnecessary baby “kit,” but it’s okay

Baby is 9 months old, and the only things we have used from this kit are the hair brush, and baby nail clippers, which did pop apart at one point, but we were able to put them back together. Everything else included is stuff I already had around my house: q-tips, band-aids, alcohol wipes, gauze, measuring tape, bulb syringe, etc. It did come with a thermometer, but we got the vics rectal and that’s the one I use. Also the book was originally in another language and translated badly, very strange. Baby’s first year week by week is a better reference book. Probably the carrying case/organizer for all this stuff is what you’re really buying.

Alta Sandborn, IN

As described

Good kit, has everything I should need for most situations. The tongue depressors are nice and the quality seems pretty decent overall except for the thermometer, that seems cheap. For the price it is worth it. Bought it and threw it in the stroller and will forget about it till I need it.

Saundra Brownsdale, MN

Good enough, not great – not bad.

This will work, however I was surprised with the cheap feeling material, and lack of battery in the thermometer. However, the first-aid kit fits easily in a diaper bag, with room to spare for a few additional items. The book that came with it is really good – we were very happy with that.

Cecilia Campbellsburg, KY

Very Handy

This is a handy kit to have around. It’s nice to be able to keep all the little odds and ends together in a nice zip-up kit. It’s really portable, too, so it’s easy to toss into a diaper bag if you’re on the road.

Kelly Lyndell, PA